Monday, December 29, 2008

Cancun Christmas Fair

Hello all, sorry for being MIA, we've been holiday busy and crazy around here. To summarize, Christmas Eve at home just the three of us with Costco catered dinner, the 25th with bestest BritFriends for a traditional English affair, a little bit of beach and a little bit of the Cancun Christmas Fair. Max and I still have a week of vacation left, the trick will be entertaining him with no money, our pockets are empty after last week!

Here are a few photos from Max's first trip to the fair. I had to take a deep breath and relax and embrace the idea that it was not going to be the nice, safe clean event that fairs are in Canada (haha, I know, country fairs are not notoriously clean or safe, but in comparison.....). We went early to avoid the drunken crowds and were glad to be out of there before 9:00, we started to see some stumblers and roustabouts in the crowd and the police had started to arrive in force. I was disappointed that they started the fair so late, I was really hoping they would be open for the kids during the day but alas, 6:00 was opening time so managed to get a few hours in before it became a scary place.

First thing you see on arrival, all the beer tents.

Next thing (naturally) were the lovely bathrooms. Three pesos
and an order to not waste water.

Food was everywhere but not a lot of variety. Hot dogs,
hamburgers, churros, tacos and french fries. We stuck with the
churros, the flies made anything else a little less than appetizing.

Max played a couple of games but alas,
did not win the Bimbo Doll.

Nice display of cheap prizes for suckers like us.

Best part? Free rides for the kids, whoohoo!

Max on his Spidercycle

Superior, high tech safety standards.

We skipped the freak show but I had to have a photo.

Me and my baby on his first bumper car trip. My
first bumper car trip with no lap belts or shoulder restraints,
only some minor heart attacks trying to keep his face
from becoming part of the steering wheel.

All my sarcastic, cynical comments aside, we did have fun and Max wants to go back. I had one good "adult" ride, a spinny one that I loved and wanted more of but poor Hubby had his hands full with Max and didn't take any photos, dang it, I look good upside down.! It was even more thrilling knowing that the ride could fall apart at any minute! The fair is on until January 11th if any locals are up for some adventure.


Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

The pics are so cute. I love the spidercycle. And the one on the bummber car is really cute. I might be up there later in the week. I have some friends coming down from the states and they will be in Cancun a bit. We will see. If not- lets meet up soon.

Anonymous said...

i love that picture of you and max in the bumper car-it is definitely worth an enlargement-bet your parents would love it!

enjoying miami sunshine, great cuban food and time with family.

feliz ano nuevo y mucha prosperidad para el ano 2009.

teresa de lake stevens

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of you and Max ... so cute!

When my son was little he almost lost a few teeth when his chin hit the steering wheel in a bumper car ... I almost had a heart attack, too!

Happy New Year, and please keep blogging!


Heather said...

You got Costco? Am I reading that right?
Hey that fair looks very similar to the Syracuse Fair we went to this summer, I swear. I took the exact same freak show pix, didnt go in, but had to share there was one.
Free kiddies rides? WOW!!!

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