Monday, December 22, 2008

A Cancun Company Christmas Party Classic

Saturday, last day of work for two weeks and the company Christmas party all in one day? Fantastic! Made this Canuck very, very happy indeed! As per tradition, we gathered all the students in the lobby to sing Christmas carols and in keeping with my own personal tradition, I wore a tinsel crown and made myself into a dancing fool. Good times, good times. Let the holidays begin!

The company posada (Christmas party) is a blast every year, the boss always picks a great place for it and the teachers let loose and get their dancing shoes on. This year we headed out on Caribbean Carnaval's Pirate Adventure, a booze cruise to Isla Mujeres. I've done this particular cruise a few times, but this year was quite a bit different. No tourists!!! The boat was packed but it was all local companies having their posadas. The difference? The entire night in Spanish, the crew relaxed and having extra fun with local jokes and the partiers embracing the cheesiness and really getting into the silly games and races and jamming the dance floor to capacity. I have never seen EVERY chair empty and the stage so full!

Of course, it wouldn't be a company Christmas party if I didn't find myself on stage for one of the silly games. I used to think I needed to be the center of attention, but I've realized I just need to grab on to any opportunity to do "something", anything, experience any opportunity handed to me. Why sit and watch when you can get on the stage and DO? I found myself the first loser in the big race and was ready to face my punishment. I got off pretty easy compared to some, they simply asked me to walk sexily up to the pole in the middle of the stage and well, do a pole dance. Rum punch really helped me out with this one (and 20 years of dance training). I put on my strut, grabbed the pole and went for a spin. The MC screamed "Stop, stop, stop!". I slid to the ground, he pulled me up and said "Is this what they are teaching at (insert school name here)? Quiero aprendir ingles! (I want to learn English!)". The rest of the night I found myself surrounded by strangers calling me "Tubo Canuck (well, my real name but I never post that here)!" or "Maestra de Tubo!". Ummm, I guess there are worse things to be famous for than making a fool of yourself at the company Christmas party!

I didn't take too many photos this year, I was too busy having fun, but here's a couple for you.

Xmas Tree on Arriving at the Island
(a little different than the trees back in Canada)

I Want to Sing and Dance!
(the pirates put on a great show)

Our Fearless Capitan

A Sea of Dancers Kicking it With Pirates

I've also got a video to share with you, the punishment of one of the other losers in the competition. Very traditional indeed (and I'm glad it wasn't me). Enjoy!

And that's it, a fun time was had by all. I rolled home around four a.m. and somehow found myself without a hangover on Sunday!! I had actually planned to write the whole day off, I'm way out of drinking practice, but I made it up and out of bed and got my butt to the beach yesterday. But that's another post.....ta ta for now!


K.W. Michigan said...

Sounds like you had a BLAST and it was well deserved! Now I really need to see those beach pictures. Thanks to Wayne for today's post, I feel a little warmer. Damn SNOW and COLD. I'm sure Max would love building a snowman.
Merry Christmas to you, Max and hubby.

Anonymous said...

glad to see you had such a great time. bet that guy loved the spankings-wonder if his butt was sore the next day.

our weather continues to wreak havoc with travel plans. i am thinking, miami, miami, miami as you suggested. also took a suggestion that you made to jackie. i am going to spend tomorrow night in a hotel near the airport as we are supposed to have freezing rain on wed. we've done this many times before but only when we had early flights. i don't leave till 1:20 on wed. but have a feeling the roads will be impossible. so thanks for making that suggestion.

i hope you, max and hubby have a wonderful christmas and may the new year be filled with happiness and good health.

Feliz Navidad y un prospero ano nuevo.



Heather said...

Nothing to cure a hang over then the beach! Great pixs and looks like fun by all!

Frankly Ronda said...

My kind of party!

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