Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"New" Beach, Punta Bete

Our usual Sunday routine is to get up, have some coffee, give some breakfast to da kid and decide which beach we're going to head to. Normally it's a "Puerto Morelos or Isla Blanca" discussion, but this past Sunday I was desperate to investigate some place we had never been before. After some simple Googling, I set my mind to Punta Bete, hidden away between Puerto Morelos and Playa del Carmen. There are no signs announcing this beach, we knew we would need our eagle eyes to catch the entrance, but we finally managed to spot our turnoff and down the rickety road we went. A few back and forths and turnarounds later we finally found the public beach access beside the fancy schmancy "Azul Fives" hotel. We knew there were beach clubs back there somewhere, and just wandered down the beach past the hoity toity tourists until we found "Los Piños", a rustic little place where we could pitch our umbrella and settle in.

Now, I am a "glass half full" kind of girl and Hubby is the exact opposite. The first words out of his mouth were "Esta fea, no?" ("It's ugly, eh?"). Hmrph, no respect for the goddess of the sea and beach. It may not have been the best spot compared to some we've been to this year, but it was clean and the water was blue and I thought it was a lovely place for the day. The waves were more intense than I expected and the shore was rocky, not exactly a swimming spot, Max didn't even go in the water. Hubby made it in with his snorkelling gear, but it was so rough the water was really turbulent and he said he couldn't seen anything for the silt. I made it up to about my knees before the waves and the rocky bottom chased me out. Los Piños may have been a public beach club, but it was certainly more expensive than most local places, 120 pesos for a small ceviche is robbery and they wanted 200 pesos for us to sit under a palapa to eat. (Can I say "hrmph" again?)

Anywho, we managed to suffer these horrible tragedies (yes, that is sarcasm, it wasn't THAT bad) and enjoyed our day. I saw more than my fair share of thong-clad bottoms, yo, big macho dude, if you are going to wear a teeny thong, DO NOT BEND OVER to collect shells in front of my face, I don't need to know you that well (I'll spare you that picture). I don't know if we would go back to that particular spot, combine the waves, the rocks and the very "special" tourists from the hotels and it doesn't add up to the beauty of other beaches we've visited this year. (I honestly saw a woman snap her fingers at the beach waiter to come and turn her chair a few degrees, what is with people, she was younger than I am and certainly capable of turning her own damned chair!)

Anywho, on that happy note, ahem, here are some pics of Punta Bete, Quintana Roo....

The one place I saw people managing to get
past the rocks for a swim

The seaweed covered rocks all along the shore.
Quite pretty actually, the seaweed was soft to the touch
but looked like it was alive, fun stuff (though slippery!)

Tidal Wave!!!! Run for your life!!
(I really like this pic, I can feel it moving)

Fancy Schmancy Hotel Guests
(yes, he is wearing a white speedo, designer shades, has coiffed hair
and he brought his own easel. Ahem, I'm all for art
but this guy made me giggle and roll my eyes a little)

The less than fancy Los Piños Beach Club
(200 pesos just to site on those plastic chairs? Pshaw!)

Gymnastics on the Beach
(Max can defy gravity when he really puts his mind to it)

Hubby's world turned upside down and all
he can do is bury his head in the sand

A pretty beachy vista

I took a little 360 video for you (I'm trying to collect 360's of all our beach visits, you can see some of them on my youtube page). It's near the end of the day and the waves have subsided, they were much stronger earlier. (If you look closely, you can see a nice little thongy butt in there somewhere!)

There you have it, our new discovery though it's probably the last time we will visit there. I think I'm becoming a bit of a beach snob, though I prefer the term "aficionado". I feel like I am back in the wine tasting rooms of my past, "Nice aroma, good legs, but a little rough on the finish". I've got to develop my beach rating system, categories to include cleanliness, swimmability (is that a word?), view, feel of the sand, density of people, proximity to decent bathrooms and facilities and overall vibe. Hmmmm, maybe there's a book in there somewhere.....Nah, I'm far too lazy and would just go to the beach instead of working on it.


Susan Lechuga said...

Great pics mama. I long for beach right now. Can I fly down to you? Even the ugly beach is beautiful compared to the fails we have around here. So glad to hear from you. Miss ya mama

Jonna said...

The tourists there HAD to be European and/or gay. I'm reading this thinking "thongs?" "speedos?" - it's got to be one or both. The cowboys from Saskatchewan and Texas don't wear those things.

Have you tried the beach near Cheymuyil? I think the first turn past it, I do think they charge for parking but call it public access.

Anonymous said...

I could actually HEAR J's voice in my head when I read "esta fea, no?"

Clear as a bell!

ElleCancun said...

I love that I can sorta consider you my own personal travel advisor!! LOL

Too funny!!! Sometimes it's great to stick with "Good ol' Faitful", but you need a change every once in awhile!!!!!

Great pics!!

K.W. Michigan said...

Great pics amiga Gracias .. but next time .. take a pic of the guy bending over in the thong!!

Heather said...

I swear you and I are related somehow. I spent today searching the internet to pick which beach to take the kids too. How funny!

CancunCanuck said...

My3Ros- Come on down, the weather is beautiful! Hope you are having a fab holiday with la familia!

Jonna- I would have assumed European or South American too, but the biggest thong bomb was from a Mexican man, zoiks! Arty dude just had to be European though, his coif was spectacular. We'll have to look for Cheymuyil, thanks for the tip, always looking for a new spot!

Melissa- LOL, it is definitely a Hubby expression, isn't it? Miss you mucho, hope you are livin' large and having fun. New Year's Eve won't be the same without you.

On Mexican Time- Happy to be the local travel advisor, lol! I love my good ole reliable beaches but as you say, you gotta shake things up once in a while, there are so many great places to visit in Quintana Roo!

K.W.- Glad you like the pics! And oh, I got some pics of thong man, but I couldn't bring myself to raise the camera for the bent over shot!

Heather- Funny, we do share our love of the beach don't we? I am adopted, perhaps we are family somewhere along the way, teehee. Have a great new year hon!

Holly said...

fancy schmancy hotel guests. wow, I think I snorted coffee out my nose! is he for real?!!

Ken said...

So a guy in a white speedo. Big deal. That girl laying in the chaisse louge is wearing even less. Don't tell me, she can because she's a woman. Got news for you, most of you ladies should not be wearing two-piece suits and should stick with long baggy trunks. Of course, you women want double standards. I suppose having two x chromosomes makes you hypocrites. You can laugh at men but sure can't take it when it is the other way around.

CancunCanuck said...

Ken- Where did I criticize his body? Where did I say that men shouldn't wear Speedos? I simply said that the whole picture, from the white speedo to the easel to his coiffed hair to his attitude made me giggle. It was the whole package, his entire demeamour that made me smile, not simply his beach attire. And "giggle" is not critical either, I wasn't pointing and laughing, I thought it was cute and it made me smile and "giggle". Your comment that some women should not wear bathing suits is more offensive, all bodies are beautiful no matter what size they are, men and women, so I believe your comment was a bit of an overreaction.

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