Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day!

I've been asking Max what comes at Christmas and in typical little boy fashion, he says, "Santa!". When I ask him what else happens he says, "Snow! And Santa is going to bring me a fire truck." He makes me laugh whenever he says "snow", kind of an evil laugh really, the "Hell will freeze over before we live any place snowy kiddo" kind of laugh. But I encourage him to want to know about snow, telling him what it's like (without any of my usual swear words) and showing him pictures.

We got home from a ridiculously long day and he mentioned "snow" again so I googled "Toronto snow" and lo and behold, "Snowmageddon!" A big snow storm in my old hometown. Now, adding "-ageddon" to something implies that it's earth shattering, universe exploding kind of news, not just the first snow storm of the year, but the word took off on Twitter and voila, a disaster in the minds of computer junkies everywhere. I'm not saying it wasn't a bad storm, but sheesh, I remember worse and we survived and there was no Will Smith jumping in the save the day.

Watching the video of the storm with Max I was having fun finding answers to all his "but why?" questions.

"Why did the car have an accident?".
"Because it was very slippery on the road and he couldn't stop."
"Like at the pool?".
"Yes Max, just like the deck of the pool. Except it's minus a bazillion degrees and when you fall you get wet and cold and the odds are you'll land on a big $%@$#5 chunk of ice and bruise your a$$ for a week".

"Why are they wearing those clothes?"
"Because it's REALLY cold Max."
"Like in the movies?"
"Yes, just like the over air conditioned movie theaters Max, exactly the same. Except your $%@$# nose could freeze off."

"Why is he putting salt on the road?"
"To make the ice go away and make the roads less slippery."
"Salt is good."
"Yes, salt is our friend. Especially on the rim of a fishbowl sized Margarita."

Let's just say I'm happy to be telling "In my day" snow stories instead of actually living them. Hopefully one day we can put Max on a plane by himself and send him to my parents house to see winter. I'll happily stay home and guard the house and make sure the beach is alright, I'll save my visits to Canada for the good ole summer time thank you very much.

Sending warm thoughts and virtual sunshine to all of you stuck in the snow and slush, may you find a fireplace, a hot toddy and someone to snuggle with tonight.


Anonymous said...

We have been experiencing very unlike Portland weather for the last week.It has snowed and or had freezing rain everyday this week There is another storm warning for the weekend.I hate it! I better be able to get to the airport on the 26th to head to Isla for two weeks.

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

I know what you mean. I am from Portland originally and everyone tells me how crazy it is right now. My kids have seen snow, played in snow and really want to see the snow. But then we went swimming in the ocean up there and we ran back to Mexico as fast we could. Now, they seem to be okay with just hearing about the snow. :)Hey if we ever get a mommy moment just to ourselves, lets hold down that beach together!!! Fishbowl in hand. :)

Sue said...

I had dinner with family on Tuesday evening, in Toronto. Drove back to St Catharines and 30 minutes later looked out the window and saw the cars all covered with snow. We JUST missed it! I got picked up at 4 am the next morning, to go to Buffalo airport, and the roads were horrible...I was glad I wasn't driving. That was enough snow for me, I'm glad to be back and just look at it in pictures. Yuck!

Heather said...

Oh how thankful I am to be in San Diego and yet I am freezing, i have no idea how i survived Montreal and Detroit winters for so long, lol! Yeah for max learning though.

Cdn Cat said...

Well my toes are still thawing after yesterdays "Snowmaggedon". I think what made the storm so bad was that it hit during the day. If it snows at night the plows are out in full force to make sure the main roads are cleared first. I had to stay at work all day because a transport truck was stuck and blocked the only exit to our parking lot. By the time it got out the roads were such a mess that I decided to wait it out at work. At least most of the crazies were all ready ditched somewhere or home when I ventured the roads. I made it all 8Kms before I finally got stuck 3 houses from home. Two of my neighbors came out and pushed me till I got enough momentum going to plough into my driveway. I have been lucky enough to spend a couple of winters in warmer climates and I did not miss the snow! So I hear ya when you say you prefer to make sure the beaches are ok. It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it Canuck!

Anonymous said...


when you get a chance, google, seattle bus accident. be sure to look till you get a side view of the bus-incredible!!!

just like in oregon, we are experiencing a very cold winter, heck, winter doesn't officially start till tomorrow. we are supposed to get a very strong windstorm tonight and up to a foot more snow-already have 6-12 inches depending on what part of town you live. school closed 3 days early for christmas break, and had been 2hours late the 2 days before that. my son and girlfriend are on their way from pullman, a 5 hour drive which i am sure will take much longer tonight. God willing they will make it through the pass without any problems. the weather is much more like toronto, or rochester, n.y. where i grew up, than what it normally is around here. i don't mind the snow for a little while, just glad i haven't had to drive in it. it's been 5 days since i've gone anywhere in my car.

teresa in lake stevens (about 45 minutes north of seattle)

Anonymous said...

I'm in Winnipeg, Manitoba and it's freezing. I really don't think I'll miss this weather. If and when I do successfully move to Mexico I'll gladly visit Canada when it's summertime because Canada is beautiful afterall, but I just don't think I was born to live in such cold temperatures! I haven't left the house all weekend! Brrr..

Anonymous said...

just read the snowmageddon article, definitely worse than our situation-cute squirrel! our windstorm never developed, at least not in my area. it is snowing but not too heavily. the kids were not on their way as i wrongly assumed since chris said they'd be leaving when his girlfriend got off work. they are supposed to come today but i seriously doubt that will happen as the pass is closed. looks like i might just have to invite a bunch of neighbors over to help me eat the foodmageddon in my fridge ;-) about to put another flan in the oven.

enjoy your nice warm weather.


Anonymous said...

the pass opened and the kids made it here safely-thank God!

snowshoed to church yesterday. haven't driven in almost a week and don't intend to till after i get back from miami. i leave in 2 days. warm weather and cuban food here i come.


CancunCanuck said...

Jackie- Ouch, I've read that Portland has been getting weird weather for them, hope it gets back to "normal" soon! Get to the airport on the 25th and you'll be fine, haha!

Rosas Clan- I do hope Max gets to experience it, I know kids love the white stuff! Margarita on the beach it is, let's do it soon.

Sue- Oh the number of times I did the Toronto-St. Catharines route for Xmas, over the Sky bridge in blizzards! (My ex husband is from St. Catharines, spent a lot of time there). Glad you are back!

Heather- San Diego is better than Detroit or Montreal for sure, lol!

Cdn Cat- Brrrrrrrrrr. Sorry you got stuck at work, much nicer to be stuck in a pub. :)

Teresa- Sounds like things are bad there, ouch! Glad the kids got through, such a stressful thing driving in the winter weather! Just keep chanting "Miami, Miami, Miami" and the snow will melt away (haha).

Chantelle- Oooooh man, Winterpeg! Much like you I hated the winter and always felt I was born in the wrong place. Come on down to Mexico, soak up some of the sun, you need it!

Anonymous said...

I will decide tomorrow if I want to stay at a hotel near the airport (ugh) Christmas night. I have a friend on Isla who had friends flying out this morning to visit her. They were on an America West flight that actually flew out of PDX this morning. That was one of the few flights that did. I am flying Alaska Airlines and they have said that their one major problem spot is PDX. Last year when there was snow predicted the night before I left on 12/27 I did spend the night at a hotel near the airport.

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