Friday, January 2, 2009

Canadians Shot In Cabo

Once again the Canadian media has some Mexican meat to chew on as reports of two Canadian men shot in Cabo San Lucas spread like wildfire. Local Cabo San Lucas newspaper "Tribuna de Los Cabos" reports that the two men were in "Mermaids", a popular strip club when they were struck down by gun fire. Witnesses claim that the men were sitting with an American tourist when they were suddenly and without warning attacked by two unknown men. The men suffered non-fatal wounds and are in stable condition in the local hospital.

This event has stirred the Canadian media to use phrases like "wave of violence against Canadians". In the last two years five Canadians have been killed in Mexico under suspicious circumstances, but I wouldn't exactly call that a "wave of violence". If one were to read only the Canadian press, one would assume that there is a Mexican around every corner just waiting for their chance to attack anyone wearing the maple leaf. To suggest that Canadians are being targeted is ridiculous, shock journalism at best. Are there problems with violence in Mexico? Of course. It's all connected to the drug cartels and organized crime, violent acts are rarely random they almost always come down to someone getting involved with someone they shouldn't have. The details in this latest incident are sketchy at best, suggesting that it is a random event without more information is simply irresponsible. A reporter for the Calgary paper suggests that the men knew who their attackers were, leading police to make an arrest. It's quite likely that the victims got involved with the wrong people and it led to the attack.

What makes me angry is the comments I read following some of these stories. True ignorance from my fellow Canadians who have no idea what is really going on here but scream "boycott" and make ridiculous statements such as "Mexicans hate all gringos and white men". I really shouldn't bother to read the comments, they just make my insides churn. Sometimes they are absolutely laughable in their utter lack of knowledge or insight into a situation they cannot understand.

For the English newsblast on the situation, click here.


Steve Cotton said...

Wow! I know I should not be shocked at how ignorant some people can be about other cukltures, but the "comments" contained some of the most nonsensical ravings I have ever heard. The fact that several commenters claimed Mexico was a human rights wreck, and then suggested Cuba as an alternative vacation spot, must have been using too much Colombian product. Nice post.

ElleCancun said...

I couldn't agree more about ignorance of some ppl. As a cdn I too hate reading/listening to some ppls comments, but I always end up trying my BEST to try and educate ppl on the issue - USE your brains!!! Bad things happen everywhere, if you mess with the wrong ppl it doesnt' matter what country you are in... bad things could happen!!

Ohhh...I think it's a battle for us for life :) I just try and choose the ones I'm going to talk to ppl about! LOL.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Mark Twain said

“It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.”

what more can I add?

Jonna said...

I feel your pain and angst! It is the same in both countries NOB. I've had to leave a pond forum I was on for years because the ignorant and racist comments about Mexicans destroyed the place for me. Reading the comments in any US newspaper after an article about violence in Mexico just gives me heartburn. Theresa's Mark Twain quote is right on the money, they are so sure they KNOW what they are talking about and they are so wrong.

Cdn Cat said...

As a person that has lived in Mexico and travels there as often as I can, it always makes me shake my head when people make comments about how dangerous it is there and ask me why I would want to keep going to Mexico. I would love to give "THEIR" head a shake! I ask them if they would go for a walk in the middle of the night alone down a dark alley, and they always flatly reply "Of course not!" Well think about it some more... Stupid's called common sense.

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

Great post!!! I know exactly what you mean about just wanting to slap sense into people. I mean, in this day in age with the amazing mix of cultures in most countries all over the world and their are still people this ignorant. Frustrating.

Scott Bulger Photography said...

I'm not Canadian, but if I was, I'd probably worry more about things like this:

CancunCanuck said...

Steve- Reading the comment sections on major news sites can be entertaining but extremely frustrating when you see such ignorance. I restrain myself from posting in reply, it only baits the tiger.

On Mexican Time- It is a frustrating thing when people speak before knowing what they are talking about. I stopped participating in a Cancun forum for tourists when I felt like banging my head against a wall. ;-)

Theresa- Thank you, great quote, well said. Er, typed.

Jonna- I have to stop myself from reading the comments, I can't afford that much Pepto. Hubby always wants to jump in and reply, but I steer clear, the trolls and haters love a platform and starting discussion with them just sets things aflame. There is always someone posting reasonable opinions in the middle of the nonsense thank goodness.

Cdn Cat- Living in Cancun is much like living in Toronto. Use common sense and stay away from stupid situations that you know will get you into trouble.

Rosas Clan- Frustrating indeed. I wonder how people can make sweeping statements starting with "Mexicans are...." when there are over 100 million Mexican people living here. Generalizations are dangerous.

Scott- Ooooh, don't get me started on hockey. Notice how the article doesn't mention anything about how awful it was that he died as a result of fight, only that he had helmet problems? I despise the hockey culture of Canada, it teaches young kids to deal with their anger by using physical violence, I just can't handle it. Uh oh, now you've got me really ticked off. ;-)

dixie said...


I too read the CBC stories and comments and get so mad at the ignorance. I too have blogged about some of the stories in the hopes of getting people to think before (over)reacting.

I live in 'big, scary' DF and have never had a violent incident in three years. Common sense and the desire not to be involved in illegal activities (as the violence directed at all these "tourists" seem to suggest they were) helps to keep one safe!

I just wish people would think about what they read. But sometime that seems like a lot to ask...

CancunCanuck said...

Dixie- Hi and welcome, thanks for your comment! Nice to "meet" another Canuck in Mexico. I totally get your frustration, I suffer the same. I wrote about Brenda Martin when it was all going down, I noticed you had a post about her as well. Seems we have some things in common. Hope you stick around and I will be reading your blog now. Welcome!

amyinbc said...

So Mexico is safe for the average tourist family from Canada? I too have heard the hate AND the negative views by travel agents. One swore up and down we did not want to go to Mexico as she got very ill there. I would really love to hear your side of the story as one who lives there!

CancunCanuck said...

amyinbc- Hi and welcome! I firmly believe that Mexico is safe for the average family, millions travel here every year without incident and have fantastic vacations. I wouldn't listen to one person who had one bad experience, that could happen anywhere. Just use common sense like you would anywhere else and you will be fine. In terms of getting sick, that too happens everywhere. People get too much sun, too much booze and eat too much food that is unfamiliar. Their sleep schedules are off too, that can add up to a bad tummy, but again, that would happen to me if I took a vacation in Australia, England or even Canada I suspect!

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