Friday, January 16, 2009

Cold Fronts Assault Mexico

Being Canadian you would think a little cold front in Cancun wouldn't affect me. Sure, I grew up with "wind chill factors" and "blizzards", but I also grew up with snow suits and scarves and indoor heat. Living down south we don't have such "luxuries" and cool temperatures really affect me (and everyone else who lives here). We live in houses designed for maximum cooling effect, cold tile floors and ample breezes. That's if you are lucky enough to have a house, many people live in little more than shacks with no protection from the elements. We wear chanklas (flip flops or sandals) and tank tops or light fabric clothing. I own exactly one sweater and I have been wearing it every day. So a little bit of cold goes a long way here, it has been freezing, particularly at night.

Currently the entire country of Mexico is feeling the effects of cold front number 24, with number 25 expected to roll in this weekend, bringing with it even colder temperatures. Parts of Mexico are experiencing temperatures below zero and Veracruz got a good dose of snow. The poorer communities are in great danger, with rustic living conditions and little in the way of clothing for cold temperatures. The government has issued alerts and warnings in many areas threatened by the extreme cold combined with rain (and snow). There has been one death reported in Quintana Roo, an elderly man passed away due to the effects of the rain and low temperatures of the past few days.

While residents "north of the border" are certainly experiencing much worse conditions, they must realize that they have the basic necessities for protecting themselves from the cold and snow while many people here do not. If you are not familiar with the project "Warm Hearts, Warm Hands" initiated by bloggers Wayne on Isla Mujeres and John in Veracruz, please check it out. The hats, scarves and gloves being sent to the communities of Veracruz are probably saving someone's life right now, protecting someone from illness and alleviating suffering for sure. If you are able to contribute to the project, please contact one of these fine gentlemen.

So yes, I will continue to complain about the cold, my teeth will chatter and my limbs will shiver, but my heart will be warm with the thoughts of generous people who reach out to help others. May you be warm and loved wherever you are.


Islagringo said...

Thanks for the shout out Kel. Glad to get all the help we can.

Anonymous said...

I am saving my small change as a starter fund for my next donation to Project Warm Hands.
Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

I'll post some new "winter" pictures fro up here in cold and snow-covered Canada to help you feel warmer!

Heather said...

Cold in Mexico? Girl Im having great weather up here, i'll be sure to send some your way. Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

YO Canuck! Hello!
Hope all is well with you.

I just wanted to drop a quick note about the weather here since you say it's freezing down there.

Well it's been in the 80's Here in the SoCal area for almost two weeks and I have been surfing and taking in the incredible sunsets almost everyday.

Just thought I'd let you know since I'm always in envy of you every time I look at the beach piccys!

Take care and keep warm. I'm sure I'll be talkin' at you in the next week or so when the temps drop again.

John in LA

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