Wednesday, January 14, 2009

RAP Cancun Animal Rescue

As many of you know, the problem of homeless, stray, starving animals is huge in Cancun. It's impossible to move throughout the city and not see these poor animals wandering the streets. There are few resources and even fewer organizations to help curb this problem. One organization that is very much in need of your help is RAP Cancun Animal Rescue. "RAP" stands for "respeta, ayuda y protege", "respect, help and protect" and their mission is to decrease the stray population through sterilization programs, to provide rehabilitation for injured and diseased animals and to educate the public about responsible pet care and management of street animals.

I have
blogged about RAP in the past, but as they have just launched their new website, it's a good time to do it again. They do so much but with your help they can do so much more. We were particularly grateful for their sterilization clinic that was held a few months ago, they were great with our kitties Buzz and Ziggy and even let me watch the procedure. With your help they can continue to expand these clinics and educate the people of Cancun about the importance of sterilization and general animal care.

The fabulous new RAP Cancun Animal Rescue website tells you how you can help. Monetary donations can be made through PayPal, volunteers are always needed at the shelter and there is a list of items that are most needed for their clinics. Coming on vacation? Volunteer a couple of hours or take home a doggie! They can make it happen for you and provide you all the answers you need to bring your new furbaby home with you.

Please, take some time today to check out RAP Cancun Animal Rescue's website, pull out your credit card and spread the word. Bloggers and site owners, give them a link and a shout out, let's help them help dogs and cats throughout Cancun. The site was built by our very own fellow blogger Rivergirl, big thanks to you amiga and congrats on the launch of this important site!

And the link one more time, RAP Cancun Animal Rescue.

Even the smallest gesture of help will be greatly appreciated, the doggies and kitties will thank you with a wag of their tails and a chorus of purrs.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post on RAP, they are doing great work helping Cancun's street animals and helping to change the culture of neglect towards animals.

Anonymous said...

The RAP site looks great. Nice and clean and easy to navigate. Good work Rivergirl and well done CC for letting us know!

CancunCanuck said...

Rivergirl- You do fantastic work with so many organizations, kudos to you. Great job on the new site, I hope it brings lots of help to the little babies that need so much.

Michele- I agree with you, the site is well done and very "navigable" (is that a word? having a brain fart). Great job to Rivergirl, whoohoo!

Anonymous said...

Stray dogs and cats are a problem in all of Mexico and many other countries in Latin America.

Of course, an embarrassingly high number of dogs and cats are abandoned and euthanized in the U.S. too.

My wife and I noticed several stray dogs in Costa Rica. It was somewhat ironic because at the time we were paying someone a small fortune to stay at our house and take care of our dog. (A dog we "rescued" from the dog pound).

There was a documentary that came out last year that's all about Mexico's stray dogs. It's called Companions to None.

I think it's great that you are devoting time to such a worthy cause.

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