Thursday, January 8, 2009

Red Tape Fiesta in Mexico

If you follow Mexican bloggers, you know that we've all complained about the bureaucratic red tape and the hoops we must jump through in order to accomplish, well, just about anything related to the government.  Please don't jump on us, it's not just ex-pats who have a beef with the system.  The Mexican populace has spoken loud and clear in their objections to the massive amounts of useless "trámites" (forms) that are required to achieve the simplest of actions in governmental agencies.  In order to address the people's dissatisfaction, President Felipe Calderon held a contest to find the most useless trámite in Mexico.

The results were revealed today, with Mexico's Social Security organization earning the dubious distinction of being the most inefficient agency in the land.  Citizens were invited to share with the government their choice for worst of the bunch and Cecilia Deyanira Velázquez Tello was selected as the winning entrant for her tale of wasted time in Mexico City.  For four days every month, this mother of a seven year old with an immune deficiency disease is forced to stand in lines and have papers stamped and signed by eight different offices in order to get her son's medication.  She is told that it is the way it has to be, but in a speech made today, she stated that she knows there is a better way for things to be done and made suggestions on how the process can be simplified.

The federal government presented Sra. Velázquez with a cheque for 300 000 pesos and the President has pledged to reduce the number of tramites from 4200 to 3000 by the end of his term.

I wonder how many forms will be filled out to accomplish that.


Heather said...

Thats fantastic, Id love to know in other countries who is the worst. Thats just classic of a prez to actually ask. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Pinche Calderon rocks my world.

ElleCancun said...

Vive Calderon !!!

Steve Cotton said...

Great post. I am directiung readers your way. I hope President Calderón's program will have some effect. But --

Babs said...

Ha and after Calderon fixes Mexico, maybe he can look at the amt of paperwork one must sign and re-sign when being admitted to a hospital in the USA. I thought maybe I was buying a went on and on and on!

Islagringo said...

LOL! Your final sentence just sums the whole thing up! Not sure on the new design yet so holding off commenting.

CancunCanuck said...

Heather- I think it was a great initiative on his part, he seems to be a president that actually wants to listen to the people and make some changes.

Melissa- I'm surprised by how much I am liking Calderon, as a far to the left girl I didn't think I would agree with much that this conservative man was going to bring to the table. It's a pleasant surprise!

On Mexican Time- Never thought I would say it, I'm a lefty liberal, but yes, "Viva Calderon" indeed.

Steve- Thank you sir, I am skeptical of most government plans and the ability of the president to accomplish anything, but I have hope for this one at least.

Babs- I can only imagine what you went through NOB! It's so nice in Canada where you simply show your health card and all is done. (At least that is how it was working when I left five years ago, who knows how much has changed!) Hope you are doing ok!

IslaGringo- Hmmm, don't like the design eh? Ok, I guess I can't please everyone, lol!

Anonymous said...

I guess it's sort of a good news/bad news thing. The bad news is that it seems that complying with government requirements is wildly inefficient and time consuming. The good news is that it makes for great blog posts.

If you look at the lives of people who've written great novels etc., you'll mostly likely find a group of people who have suffered a great deal.

CancunCanuck said...

Steven- So true, so true, what would we blog about if everything went smoothly? Hmmm, maybe I'll have to get started on that novel. ;-)

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