Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Going to My Happy Place

Combine a sinus infection, a stretch of cold weather, money worries, relationship stuff and an obsession with reading the news (which is never good) and I've got myself a good old case of the blues. I've got a wicked headache on top of it so I really just want to crawl into bed and throw the covers over my head and make the world go away. Instead, I'm going to write about the things that make me happy in the hopes that I can stimulate the joy centers of my psyche. These are in no particular order, just the way they jumped into my brain when I ordered it to think happy thoughts.

1. Peppermint patties
2. Fuzzy socks
3. Kittens
4. Arrachera
5. Max and Hubby (yeah, should have been first, but who can defy the mind when it screams CHOCOLATE?)
6. The Caribbean Sea and the beach
7. "Viva las Vegas" starring Elvis and Ann Margret
8. Over the counter anti-biotics
9. Short hair cuts
10. My family
11. Triscuits
12. Sketch comedy
13. Max's new fluffly yellow pillow which I think I have to "borrow"
14. Cheladas
15. Good friends, both in real life and on the internetz
16. Cigarettes (yeah yeah, I don't want to hear it)
17. The Amazing Race
18. Books. I know that's general, but I just love books, any kind I can get my hands on.
19. Anais Nin
20. Skwinkles (yummy Mexican candy that I just can't get enough of)
21. Jazz
22. 80's music. Any of it. Even if I hated it as a teen, it's all good now. The clothes and hair can stay back in time thanks.
23. Kleenex with moisturizer and menthol
24. Bergamot oil. Or any citrussy smelly thing.
25. Shiatsu massage
26. Puzzle, word and logic games. I had to give up playing trivia, it was taking over my life.
27. Art, though there is not enough of it in my life in Cancun.
28. Instant mashed potatoes
29. Eating tacos for breakfast at the bull ring
30. Exploring new places and trying new things. I know, so vague, but remember, sinus infection.

Ok, I'll stop at thirty. I could have gone all day and maybe I will continue the list in the brain to lift me out of this funk. The weather has finally turned the corner here, we're having a gorgeous sunny warm day so perhaps I will treat Max and myself to a couple of hours on the beach. A little salt water up the nose is always good for the mocos! (Add that to the list.....)


Izza C said...

I hope you feel better soon!

I just started reading your blog a few days ago and I find your posts absolutely fascinating, especially the ones about your life in Mexico.

Just wanted to say that,

Fned said...

Wow! That's a monster list!

Hope you're feeling better soon (as well as "pooter"!)


Holly said...

Oh my heck you are the ONLY OTHER PERSON I KNOW that enjoys bergamot. I am a citrus lover. Oh yes I am.

Hope the funk gets lost soon (I'll use your vibes to get rid of mine!)...

mare ad mare said...

One word:


Heather said...

I was supposed to be packing today but the sun came out, so off to the park we went. I have a raging head ache right now, so I ill try to think happy thoughts too!, thanks for the idea!

Dangers said...

Hang in there kid, I'm heading for my happy place in about a month for a couple of weeks. I'll bring you some snow. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Your list brightened my morning. I think I'm gonna make my own list and keep the happiness flowing. Thanks for the pick me up. (PS I love cigarettes too, but don't tell my mom.)

CancunCanuck said...

Andrea Lee- Welcome aboard! Glad you enjoy the blog, hope you stick around.

Fned- I think being sick is really bringing me down (and the news really, I must stop reading the news for a few days!) I'll be back to my happy self in not time. Thanks!

Holly- Oh man, I love citrussy aromas! Not a fan of florals at all, give me bergamot or orange or lemon or lime any day. Nice to have a fellow bergamot lover out there! (Now, go take a deep breath of the stuff, it can help with the blues)

mare ad mare- LOL, mmmmmm, Cheezies........

Heather- Positive thinking, positive thinking, positive thinking....Good luck with the packing, hope you are feeling better today.

Dangers- Hola amigo, nice to see you round these parts again. Ummm, you can keep your snow though, lol. I've got a friend coming in on the weekend staying at your favourite place, I'm hoping he loves it as much as you. We will have to meet one day you know!

Becky- Shhh, not telling mom! Happy lists are a good thing, keeps the mind in a healthy place. :)

K.W. Michigan said...

OH Beach sounds so good .. I've been home for 3 days .. cold . flu and whatever. I feel miserable. Hope you feel better. Catch some rays for me!

Jonna said...

headaches... I think they are because of the weather changing. It got humid yesterday and my head wanted to explode.

kleenex with moisturizer and menthol? That exists? Here? and I'm still using scratchy Mexican paper towels? I guess I need to peruse the kleenex aisle again soon.

here's to the return of happy daze. I think once the sun is out, the air is warm and the beach beckons, you will be fine.

oh, and of course salt water is good for mocos. remember the Neti pots? They are just oceans for the ocean deprived.

Anonymous said...

It's funny that you mention the whole "salt water in the nose" phenomenon...

I was in Puerto Vallarta last summer, and right (I mean, 2 days) before I left for the trip I got a wicked sinus infection. But that was certainly not going to deter me from going! So I got some antibiotics and off I went. I felt pretty crappy the first couple of days, just super-headachey and stuffed up. Gross. Then, on the third day, I got sucked under water by the undertow and got a massive amount of water up my nose, practically drowned, etc. Not an excellent experience - BUT - my sinuses were completed healed.

So basically, I'm saying you should go to the beach IMMEDIATELY. Do it for all of us north of the border!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

One of the best things for chronic sinus infections is using saline solution in a neti pot. Yup, salt water up your nose, daily. I keep meaning to start doing that again, it really helps and once you get into the routine you forget how gross the idea is and enjoy being able to breath.
I had the mother of all sinus headaches yesterday, which I made worse by drinking some red wine.
what are those sinus cavities good for anyway?

CancunCanuck said...

K.W.- Beach sounds soo good, but alas, I feel too ill to drive there. Soon, soon, I promise and of course I'll have some pics for you! Hope you are feeling better soon!

Jonna- I can't recall if that Kleenex combination was here or back home to tell the truth! I usually buy the ones with moisturizer here though, they are dreamy. I haven't heard of the Neti pots, will check that out. For now I've got a big ole can of Sterimar nasal spray, that seems to help some. Hope your head was better today!

Kelly- Aww, the power of the ocean, is there anything she can't do? ;-) I'll get to the beach as soon as I don't get dizzy driving, lol.

Theresa- Going to check out those Neti pots now, as I said to Jonna, I'm just using the Sterimar nasal spray. I think there is something with the climate right now that is giving lots of us headaches, hope you are better today. And oh no, headaches and red wine don't mix. Stick to white, haha. I wish I knew what sinus cavities were good for, and tonsils and adenoids, I had so many problems with them as a kid that they just took'em out and I seem to be surviving. Don't get me started on the appendix..... :)

CancunCanuck said...

Ok, had to share this. While investigating the neti pot, I found this little gem of a trick that I don't think I will be trying....

"A related technique for nasal cleansing in the yogic tradition, is Sutra Neti. One end of a cord, or rubber catheter, is passed from the nose into the back of the throat where it is grabbed by the fingers and pulled out of the mouth. Holding the nose end of the cord with one hand and the mouth end with the other, the cord is gently pulled to and fro."

Ummmm, no thanks! :)

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