Monday, February 23, 2009

Puerto Morelos- 1st Time Snorkeler and Project Orange/Naranja

We had another splendid day on the beach in Puerto Morelos yesterday, fantastic weather, calm waters and nice people sharing our space. The highlight of the day was teaching Max how to snorkel, what a little shark! He's been doing really well in his swimming classes and expressed an interest in "Finding Nemo" so we pulled out Hubby's equipment and gave him his first taste of the under water life. We were just on the edge of shore so sadly there were no fish to be seen, but he was able to breathe properly with the snorkel which is really the first step to becoming Jacques Cousteau. We've promised to take him to XelHa or to a cenote, both places offer calm waters and a great environment for teaching kids the art of breathing underwater though a tube. Our big battle was keeping the tip of the snorkel above water, even just a little wave and he was going to get a big mouthful of salt water and we really wanted to build his confidence with the equipment, so we were never more than arm's length away from him. It was a huge battle getting him out of the water when we were ready to go, he just kept repeating "But I'm schnorkeling, I'm busy schnorkeling!"

My other beachy project yesterday was to set a photography theme for myself. I asked Hubby for a theme idea and gee, big surprise, he said "thongs", but I promise that I will not subject you to that particular picture set, it ain't that pretty. Instead, I chose to simply pick a colour and shoot everything I could see in that hue. So, here are some selections from "Project Orange/Naranja", just something a little different than my usual sand/sea/sun pics.

Orange for Safety

Orange for Fun

Orange for Style

Orange for Oranges?
(I'm not entirely sure what that is)

Orange for Tourists and Lunch

My Orange Inspiration

And voila, that is it, my ode to orange and my boast about da kid. We've got another big project today, he's got to make a model of the solar system for school, oh please wish me luck with that one, I foresee a mess of glue and paint and styrofoam in the house....


Brice said...

Great shots.
Don't forget - i think they recently added a 10th planet, or maybe disqualified Pluto... something astronomical changed.

K.W. Michigan said...

The naranja pic are great and Max snorkeling is priceless. Good luck with the school project, can't wait to see those pics!

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

What a fun day. I cannot wait to get some snorkle masks. We were in Akumal yesterday and the kids loved it. They really want to snorkle. Soon!!! And I love the idea of picking a theme. Keeps the pics different. No suprise with the hubby's thought! Ruben would say the same thing. Men~!!!

Babs said...

Love your "orange inspiration". Way cool idea!
Good luck with the science project - made me chuckle to think of the time we had to raise earth worms, I think. And then there was the "snake project". Life is full of adventure when you have kids.

Frankly Ronda said...

Perhaps an orange thong?

Islagringo said...

Maybe if somebody would stay that close to me, I might try snorkeling again. Love the theme idea. I am so going to steal it!

Gaelyn said...

How cool for Max to learn snorkling. I agree a cenote like XelHa would be nice, no waves. Love the naranja inpirations.
Honey naranja mescal from Ooxacca was always my favorite.

Sara said...

Your sun is adorable! He did look quite busy snorkeling! I'm sure he was tired after that. I would be... at least I think. I've never snorkeled...hehehe

Anonymous said...

how fun for max to learn to snorkel. love the picture of him in the orange towel.

if he needs to memorize the planets, teach them to him to the tune of 3 blind mice. i'm sure it would work in spanish, let's see:

3 ratones ciegos,
3 ratones ciegos,

heck, i don't know all the planet names in spanish:

mercurio, venus, tierra
mercurio, venus, tierra
and so on. acutally, do you use tierra for earth? that's how it is in my cuban spanish but i know that some words are different in mexican spanish.

have fun with the project and singing.

teresa in lake stevens

Kelly said...

Haha, "expressed an interest in Finding Nemo" too! Every day!

I would like to see a little one's interpretation of the solar system, except I have a sneaking suspicion it may be MOM'S interpretation...

Anonymous said...

My husband just learned how to snorkel at XelHa. It's a great place for a beginner.

CancunCanuck said...

Brice- Thanks amigo. Yeah, poor Pluto pissed somebody off somewhere, lost his status. He's just a dwarf planet now.

K.W.- Glad you like, I wasn't sure if it would please you to have some not so usual beach pics, haha. We're waiting for the paint to dry on the planets right now. Well, I'm waiting. ;-)

Rosas Clan- Men indeed, do they all share a brain? (Sorry male readers, just a joke, eh?) Definitely get the kids some gear, if they are going to live down here, they should be living under water too! (Got your mail, will reply soon, I'm FULL of mail, argh!)

Babs- "Snake project" sounds so ominous, you're scaring me, lol! Earthworms I could do, snakes, mmm, I'll have to get back to you on that one. :)

American Mommy- Your comment made me spit coffee out my nose. I actually went into the archives to see if I could find an orange thong, alas, the cupboard was bare. :)

IslaGringo- I'll hold your snorkel baby, any time! Steal away, I am sure I stole it from somewhere else too. Or should we call it borrowing?

Gaelyn- It was my dream when I was pregnant that Max would learn to snorkel before age two. Yep, "dream" it was. I'll have to try the mescal you mention (on a day when we have a baby sitter, haha!)

Sara- Thanks, he was pretty tired (part of the reason we take him to the beach is to knock him out and get some peace and quiet in the evenings, heehee). You've never been snorkeling? Come on over, I'll show you the wonders of the under water world!

Teresa- Great idea, thanks! We sing a LOT, if I want him to learn something new, it gets a tune! Three Blind Mice works great, thanks! And yes, "tierra" is used for "earth". Now, if I can get Max to say "Venus" instead of "Penis", we'll be another step ahead.

Kelly- Good guess, it is going to be mom's interpretation, though Max did do most of the painting so far (with a little bit of help of course). :)

MrsBug- I'm really looking forward to getting to Xelha (we've been to Xcaret but not Xelha) to put Max to the test. With it's calm, shallow lagoons, I know it's going to be a fab place to start out.

Anonymous said...

I love the study in orange. What a great idea! Your pictures are beautiful. I love the one of the mesh bag on the beach!

CancunCanuck said...

Thanks Michelle! I think I'll try to do more photo themes just to keep it interesting and to challenge myself. Glad you liked, I've been loving your photos too (though not commenting often enough, so sorry!)

Izza C said...

Hmmm. Planets at such a young age?!
Do all the kids actually work on their projects by themselves or is it mostly being completed by their mothers/fathers?

Loved the photos, by the way!

3LittleFlowers said...

That is sooo cool about snorkeling!!! Awesome!!!!

I love the idea of the theme for a photo.... Great idea... But then of course, you always have the most awesome ideas!

CancunCanuck said...

Andrea Lee- Oops, missed this one sorry! Yeah, it was mostly a mommy project, but he helped and he can name some of the planets!

Momto3- I swore that Max would snorkel by age 3, so we're actually behind, haha. Glad you like the theme, I'm sure I stole the idea of having a theme from someone else. :)

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