Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Quick Plug for Charity

I recently received an email from a website called HotelsCombined asking if I would spread the word about their services. Normally I ignore these sorts of requests, but this one was a little different. Number one, they donate $20 to my choice of the World Wildlife Fund, Make a Wish Foundation or World Vision for mentioning HotelsCombined in the blog. I like that. Number two, they are not a sales site, nor a booking engine, nor do they have ads on the site. They are a service that allows you to search a multitude of travel sites for information, photos and the best deals. I like that too. If you want to book travel, you are taken to their affiliate's site and the booking is done directly with the supplier. Cool beans.

So, check out HotelsCombined for your travel needs and if you are a blogger, check out their charitable donation program and get on board. Just by posting this I've contributed $20 to the World Wildlife Fund, best thing I've done today.


Kelly said...
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CancunCanuck said...

Hi Kelly,
Yes, I think it's a really useful site, I've been playing around with it with my "dream" money, lol. Amazing what I find when I am not thinking about a budget. :)

Playa Mujeres is out near Isla Blanca, an area that I LOVE. I think it's a great alternative to staying in the hotel zone and the hotel there looks incredible. It's a very new resort (I'm assuming this is the Secrets resort you are referring to?) so everything is gorgeous. The location is both a positive and a negative, it's far away so you feel like you are "getting away from it all", but it's far away so you are away from the main shopping, restaurants etc.. Personally, I would love to stay there, I think it's a great idea, but you might want to find out what they offer in terms of transportation to see other things, or if you should rent a car. Doing tours, transport will be included, but if you just want to do some shopping or hit a restaurant, you'll need a taxi which could get expensive or a shuttle or a car. Hope that helps!

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