Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Save Quintana Roo! An Excellent Video

My favourite Cancunense blogger (in Spanish), CancunForos shared this video today and I felt compelled to pass it along to you. It's a message that is near and dear to my heart, the continuing destruction of Quintana Roo's natural areas by new (unnecessary) developments. Why oh why do we need more hotels, condos, golf courses, airports, malls? By all accounts, hundreds, if not thousands of hotel rooms sit empty, I have never heard of the state being at 100% occupancy, what good will a new hotel do for the area if there is no one to fill the rooms? Who on earth is buying the $500 000 USD condo (and that's a low price) or the multi-million dollar homes on the beaches? Why are we allowing greed to corrupt the natural beauty of this incredible piece of the earth? The price is being paid by the flora and fauna and eventually will be paid by the people of Mexico who are set to lose so much.

Please take a moment to watch this video. It's 7 and 1/2 minutes, but so worth it. It shows how the coastal land of Quintana Roo is being affected by constant development. It breaks my heart to see what construction has done and will continue to do to one of the most beautiful natural areas in the world.


Anonymous said...


What an interesting video. Thank you very much for sharing it with us. =)

Miguel Alvarez
(From Cancun)

Anonymous said...

Great video, thanks for posting it.

K.W. Michigan said...

Great post .. and OH so TRUE. NO MORE HOTELS. I remember when there was nothing beyond the old Sheraton. We would sit on the beach and watch dolphins.

Sara said...

I had a friend who worked in tourism in Cancun and he told me about this and said the big hotels just keep paying off the Mexican government and it's so corrupt that it's difficult to stop. It's sad.

Dangers said...

Thanks for passing along the video CC, the sins of the past development along with new development are indeed taking their toll on the coastal plain of the Yucatan. The laws appear to be on the books these days but adherence and compliance look to be in short demand. I remember reading some time back,paraphrasing, a hotel developer stating something to the effect, that sure he was concerned about the environment but in five years he would be a millionaire due to its construction and wouldn't have to worry about it.

Until that mentality changes, and those that support it, the battle for what's left of the environment and water supply will be a long one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a deeper look into the heart of the area and the real struggles faced here.

Kelly said...

Forwarding to friends! I am (tentatively) planning a trip to the Yucatan in May, and I am astounded by the hotel choices - as I am every time. Do I really NEED so many choices? No. I can't IMAGINE that they could ever all be full!

Are they any advocacy organizations actively trying to stop overdevelopment?

CancunCanuck said...

Miguel- Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your comment. It's an important video, I'm glad to have found it and hope that people spread the word.

Rivergirl- Thanks to Cancunforos for passing it along, I've watched it several times now and it moves me.

K.W.- I wish I could have known Cancun before it became the Vegas strip that it is. I've seen some old photos and it looks just amazing. I hope we can keep the rest of QRoo from being destroyed.

Sara- Amen hallelujah. It does seem that PROFEPA (environmental protection agency) is making a effort to crack down (they've closed hotels in Tulum), but they've got a HUGE tough battle ahead of them. I read a report a couple of weeks ago that they have almost 700 open case files of companies that have broken environmental laws. In the past the agency was more corrupt than it is now, it appears that someone there actually gives a sh*t. (Oops, sorry for the cursing!)

Dangers- Greed and corruption and lack of education are going to lead to (have already led to) serious problems in the area. It's too late to turn back the clock, but we can make changes and not allow future projects to decimate the land, sea and reefs.

Kristen- Thanks for watching, spread the word, it's certainly an important issue for everyone who enjoys the natural beauty of our state.

Kelly- Seriously, when someone asks me for a hotel recommendation, sometimes I am overwhelmed with the choices too. They all start to run together "luxurious hotel with gigantic swimming pools, haute cuisine restaurant and the finest service, blah blah blah". I have not found any organizations that are working to protect QRoo, but will look around. Sadly, as a foreigner here, I am not legally allowed to become involved in public demonstrations or anything that would appear to be a criticism of the government or its agencies so I do have to be very careful.

ElleCancun said...

Great post!

You know when I first moved to Cancun in 2001 the city was still considered "small", 5th Avenue in Playa was not even close to the tourist hub it is now. There was 1 traffic light on the highway there!!!

I still can't believe all the development going on? You're right - it is sad.

Again, thanks for posting the video!

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

Hey there. Thank you so much for this post. I would love to copy it onto my blog as well. I live in Tulum and it is amazing specifially because there is not an overwhelming amount of development here... yet. I love the direction that the town is going in with having more a more diverse population, bringing with it a lot of wonderful cultures to share in this very special area. I hope that people remember the reason that they come to this area and this town specifically and fight the major developments that will try to come in.

CancunCanuck said...

On Mexican Time- It's incredible how quickly things change, I wish positive changes happened so rapidly.

Rosas Clan- Spread the love girl, post it on your blog for sure, the more eyes that see it the better. Tulum is seeing a lot of changes and development, I hope that the environment is respected while they do it.

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