Monday, March 30, 2009

BBC Interview with Mexican President Felipe Calderon

In preparation for the upcoming G20 summit, Mexican President Felipe Calderon sat down for an interview with John Simpson of the BBC to discuss the current problems in Mexico. President Calderon addressed the issue of corruption, candidly stating that the governments of both the United States and Mexico must deal with the problem of corrupt officials. The president described the successes Mexico has had in arresting corrupt politicians, police and cartel members since he took office and began his fight against the drug trade.

It's interesting to hear the President speaking about the current issues in English. I think I've only ever heard him speak Spanish, with the exception of the occasional sound byte. For those of you who have never seen him speak or don't understand him when you do hear him, this video is well worth the ten minutes.

"If you see some dust in the air, it's because we're cleaning"
- President Felipe Calderon, March 30, 2009

video courtesy BBC

"We are recovering the streets and I'm sure we can recover the confidence of the people".- President Felipe Calderon, March 30, 2009


Dangers said...

The irony of the situation is that Calderon's administration has laid down the gauntlet in many cases with the drug cartels and told them business as usual is over since taking office. Hence, much of the reason for the increasing violence along with the aforementioned cartels battling each other for turf and smuggling routes. Personally, I applaud Calderon for his stance as well as the new Obama administration and the previous U.S. President Bush in these issues. (while I'm no fan of Dubya, I do believe that despite the fear mongering by many in his party regarding all things Mexican, Dubya was standing on the left on this one but forced to lean to the right.)

Samy said...

Great post! I share it on myspace I agree with previous posted well done for the President Calderon to step forward with the interview and in English.

Jonna said...

Great video, thanks for posting that I think I will post it on my blog as well. I too had never heard Calderón speak English and I am impressed. I really love that dust quote.

CancunCanuck said...

Dangers- Calderon is really just doing what he has to do, there is not pussyfooting around when it comes to the cartels. They've got man power, technology, weapons and money at their disposal, the government needs to fight with the same tools. The US and Mexico need to work on this together, I hope that they can reach some agreement on how best to accomplish their goals while minimizing civilian losses. Thanks for your comment!

Samy- Thanks for spreading the word (and hola, long time no see!). I was impressed with the interview for sure.

Jonna- Spread the word for sure! I think it's valuable for any ex-pats living here to see him speaking in English about the current conditions, no matter how good our Spanish is, we'll always have a deeper understanding of things when we hear it expressed in English.

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