Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random Canuck Thoughts

My head has been all aflutter lately, not much focus, kind of like a cat watching dust balls and seeing something shiny go by. Sitting down to write a comprehensive blog post seems beyond me right now, so I thought I would just share some random "goings on" and things and stuff on the mind of the Canucka.

1. I'm officially a professional writer! A lovely Canadian woman in Oaxaca contacted me about writing something for and I gladly accepted. I've never considered myself a writer, I just think through my keyboard, but thankfully I have changed my tune and may actually be at the beginning of something that could help us out financially. Check out my first piece of writing with my photos, "A Guide to the Beaches of Cancun and the Riviera Maya."

2. It's almost my birthday! That's right, I'm about to be older. One year older in fact. Sunday March 15th I'll be turning 38, recovering from a hangover from Saturday night's celebration and hopefully hitting the beach. It's a long weekend here, sadly not to celebrate my birthday, but I'll take that free Monday as part of my present. (And a happy birthday to K.W. who shares the same cumpleaños!)

3. Twitter. OH man Twitter. It's unbelievably addictive. I'm using Tweetdeck which allows me to follow a whack o' twitterers and do searches for specific terms etc.. Too much fun watching the column that shows me every tweet with the word "Cancun" in it. Such a wide range of comments, some simply "In Cancun, it ROCKS HARD" to "Don't go to Cancun, 10 tourists were killed this week". Very amusing to be a voyeur.

4. The cats are getting fat. I mean, really fat. I finally discovered that Max has been "helping" by putting food in their dish whenever it was empty. He's so proud of himself, how can I scold him for that? No wonder they are following him around like he's carrying sardines in his pocket.

5. High season. Cancun lives and breathes by tourism and the energy around town changes when the tourists really start to pack it in. This week is the busiest week of the year and you can feel it when out and about. There are tourists everywhere! (Easily spotted by their glowing white pastiness or the lobster-red sunburns). I will be avoiding the hotel zone at all costs (except to possibly visit my friend in Pok ta Pok which I still don't consider part of the HZ for some reason).

6. Preschool. We just got Max's "grades" back from this month's exams. "Bien" in Spanish, "Excelente" in Culture and English and "Regular" in math. He still skips "13" when counting in both languages, it's getting creepy. He got into double trouble at school this week though. I picked him up one day and he had a huge scratch down his forehead and across his eye. The teacher said he was jumping on his chair and fell off. When they asked him what happened, he said he cut himself with a knife at home! So, goofing off and lying about it, what a little sh*t! But oh yeah, we're focusing on the positive, ahem, so good job on the exams kiddo.

Well, that's probably enough randomness for now, I could go on all day about news events, family stuff, dogs in the street, flat tires and sleeping with a four year old on my back, but I will leave it at that. Going to find my center and breathe deep. Or, find out what people on Twitter are saying about, oh, I don't know, monkeys.


Amanda said...

Twitter has gotten more addictive for me as I've found new friends to chat with.

And, I'm not sure your cats could ever be fatter than my grandma's cat. That cat's stomach probably drags on the floor. Also, when I go to Sunday dinners at my boyfriend's, his dog and his brother's dog always sit next to me. Can you guess why? In my defense, I don't feed them much, because they can get sick. But I am a total sucker, and they know it.

Happy early Birthday! I hope you have a blast. :)

Married to a Mexican said...


I have a feeling you are going somewhere. You are a very talented woman. Your very entertaining! ( I don't think I spelled that right.)

Best of wishes,


Gaelyn said...

Congradulations, you are a writer!

Happy Birthday!

Poofbegone said...

Awww, your son does the cutest things :)

Happy bday! (A Pisces like me!)

And congrats on your article! It looks wonderful! I just launched my own writing service and let me tell you, there is certainly no shortage of work in this field, even in this economy. It's definitely a great way to make a living when you live in Latin America! I agree, you have an entertaining writing style so I think you'll go far. It all really boils down to how well you market yourself anyway.

Michele in Playa said...

Huge congrats on the writing gig and Max's good grades. I love the knife story. Perhaps he will be a writer like Mom.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Happy Birthday to you!!
Congrats on the writing job too.

Sue said...

Congratulations! You are a natural for writing about this stuff, you get out and about more than anyone else I know. Good job!

Frankly Ronda said...

Max story is too funny. Youngest Son has quite the personality as well - sometimes you do not know whether to laugh or cry ... but I would not trade his amazing spirit for anything!

Holly said...

I could have told u (and many others) will contact u for writings! You're great! I know you are on the top of my list for when I make it to Cancun. I am all about travel and want to do it "off the beaten path" even if my destination happens to be a popular one.

I continue to be twitter-free. I know the vortex will suck me in way too deep!

Holly said...


K.W. Michigan said...

Congrats on the article! Yep, you are a good writer, so be proud! Sunday is around the corner and we will both be a year older! UGH! Celebrate at the beach for me and have a SOL! FELIZ CUMPLEANOS....

CancunCanuck said...

Amanda Lynn- I'm like you, the girl who slips food under the table to doggies, I can't resist! I had a couple of fatty cats in Canada, both of them around 25 lbs! It's so unusual to see fat cats in Mexico, I thought they just didn't exist, haha, but these guys are getting up there. I'll try to get some photos up (I'm such a crazy cat lady).

Married to a Mexican- Thanks so much for your kind words, everyone is making me blush!

Gaelyn- Why thank you kindly maam!

Kumichan- Well Happy Birthday to you fellow Piscean! I wish you lots of luck with your writing projects, I might just hit you up for some advice soon. Thanks for the nice words!

Michele- Oh, he's creative alright, writer, comedian, painter of portraits in crayon on walls. I do hope he finds himself in the creative world, it holds such a place in my heart I hope to pass it on to him. But, I would prefer that he tell jokes rather than lie! :)

Theresa- Thanks amiga, hope life is grand in Merida!

Sue- Out and about or escapism? Haha, I really feel the need to get out of the city and see things, writing about it just makes it that much more fun. I love to share all the cool things we get to see and do!

American Mommy- I love hearing about your kids, I hope Max turns out to be as lovely as they are. "Spirit" is a great word for it, much nicer than "hyperactive", heehee.

Holly- Thanks so much, you are too kind! And oh yes, get off the beaten track, see the hidden places that the tourists don't know about. Usually they are the most rewarding for the least amount of money too. Ooooh, twitter-free? I don't think I can back out now, I am certainly in the vortex! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

K.W.- I will definitely have a toast in your honour on Sunday, hopefully on the beach! "Beware the Ides of March", how many times have you heard that on your bday? :)

ElleCancun said...

Ohhh yiiipppppppeeeeeeeee you're a writer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and that Max! When I was a kid my parents got a call from my school as I was telling everyone I was Australian, and speaking with a fake TERRIBLE accent.... I had known my classmates for years. The only reason they didn't begin to worry ? My cousins from Australia visited for the summer!!! I thought they were pretty cool!

Anyways, way to go chica!!!

Sara said...

That's super cute about your son feeding the cats. Oh, and twitter is super addictive. I have to sort of stop myself from twittering about stupid things like "I'm going to the bathroom right now."

Heather said...

Great job on the writing! Have a great birthday weekend! The older the better as long as we still act young right? Id love a kitty post, just to see how fat they are. All the cats in the rescue center I went to 2 days ago were all 15 pounds. I thought stray cats were supposed to be skinny, lol! Had to laugh at Max's story, my kids both do it and Tiago doesnt even talk yet, but he points to me, then points to his head, like i hit him. Oh man Im in for it. Random posts lead to random long comments, lol!

Chantella said...

I love reading your blogs! I look forward to reading your posts and even have your blog bookmarked. Congrats on your first article. I haven't joined Tweeter yet. I'm still stuck in the Facebook vortex. It's a very bad thing and prevents me from getting things done. Happy early birthday. :)

Kelly said...

I love the piece! Someone at work was just asking me about Cancun beaches and I was able to send it her way, hurray!

Congrats, keep up the great work!

Kelly said...

Also, feliz cumpleaños! Hope it's a great one!

Kelly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
minshap said...

Congratulations on the writing gig... very impressive! I checked it out. Also, Happy Birthday! Pisces, eh? No wonder you live and breathe the beach life!!! Finally, big congrats to Max for his excellent language grades, and for his fierce imagination, not to mention kindness to cats!!
Well! Random sure proved to be both interesting and entertaining! Keep on blogging...

Izza C said...

Happy birthday!

I found you on Twitter. :)

Meg said...

I just found your fabulous blog! I have added you on twitter, now I raise my glass to you in celebration of your birthday!


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