Monday, March 2, 2009

A Visit to Cancun's Hotel Zone

We rarely go to the hotel zone of Cancun, we just don't have the need and we certainly don't have the money to play at the big boy restaurants. The clubs don't interest us, the beaches are better outside of the city and neither of us works in the zone, so we just live our little lives downtown or in the secret hideaways of Quintana Roo. Yesterday I needed to go to the "HZ" (as some of us call it, Spanish speakers "la zona" or "zona hotelera") and decided to snap some pics for the blog at the same time. These are pretty random, some chosen because I like the shot, some for their story, enjoy!

Beach Club, Welcome!
200 pesos to use the facilities, no drinks or food included
(Please note I have no interior shots, I refuse to pay the price!)

The "Beach" Behind the 200 Peso Beach Club
Mmm, something seems to be missing....
Look at the photos on their website, can you see
what part of the equation is gone?
Right, there's no beach at the beach club.

Tourists! A Whole Busload of Japanese Tourists
I couldn't help but take pictures of them taking pictures,
they seem a little overdressed for the occasion though

Random Beach Roots at Playa Delfines

"Plant" on the Beach at Delfines
(Yeah, I have no idea what it is but it sure is pretty!)

The Famous "El Mirador"/"Lookout" at Playa Delfines
One of the most photographed places in Cancun I am sure

El Fish Fritanga
Hidden gem of a restaurant in the HZ
Down the stairs to the back is their outdoor restaurant
on the lagoon with great seafood at great prices

This Ad Was Not Meant for Me
I will not be making reservations, but thanks for the invite

Sunday Night? Damn!
"Amazing Race" is on, can I get a rain check on the whole
sinning and drinking for free deal?

And there you have it, a quick glimpse of the terrifying and dangerous place called Cancun. Looks scary huh?


Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

That is just terrifying. No wonder all of the tourist need to stay away. Dady'o might getch ya!!! Too funny. I am sorry- 200 pesos- that is retarded. I will take a day in Akumal anytime!

K.W. Michigan said...

The color of the water at Playa Delfines is beyond beautiful. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

That 'beach with no beach' was just down the actual beach where we stayed (Royal Mayan). I thought at the time how disappointed some of their customers must be to find they don't actually have one!

My Way said...

Kel I believe the charge for the club is 100 pesos per person but if you want a Cabana it's 200 pesos per person.

100 Pesos might still be out of budget for a lot of people but it is significantly cheaper than 200 pesos.

Gaelyn said...

It's a concrete jungle. I swear, "tourists" look like everwhere. However, I too remember being enthralled by that breathtaking caribean blue. Oh for a fish taco.
Great post. Nothing really scary about Cancun, except that's it a tourist city.

Cdn Cat said...

I had to chuckle at the photo of the Japanese tourists. A few years ago while living/working in Japan I decided to go to a public beach. There was not one person there in a bathing suit. They were basically covered from head to toe, including a hat! Needless to say I decided not to strip down to my bikini....
Plant" on the Beach at Delfines Don't know what these are called but we always called them "cat piss" plants, cuz that's what it smells like!

Where exactly is El Fish Fritanga? Looks like it's worth a visit next time I'm there.

Great can never view enough pics of Mexico!

john said...

Fish Fritanga looks like a great place--far better than most pictured.

Interesting how people from different cultures behave while traveling. At the Grand Canyon I watched Germans with rucksacks boldly stride down Bright Angel Trail, looking for the real Western USA experience. Japanese tourists lined up for group photos at an overlook. Chinese tourists lined up for pictures in front of the rest rooms.

CancunCanuck said...

Rosas Clan- I'm with ya, I'd rather spend the money on tortas and ceviche. :)

K.W.- It's truly spectacular out there, the colour still takes my breath away after more than five years.

MrsBug- The "beach that isn't a beach" in the photo is quite a distance from the Mayan, but there are definitely spots up and down the east side that look the same. The spot in the pic is behind The City nightclub in the party center, about 8 kms north of the Mayan. So sad.

My Way- I have only been there once since Wilma and I was sure we paid 200 (maybe they only gave us the cabana choice). It's your spot, so I trusts ya! I think I would pay the price if they actually had any beach and if the menu wasn't so pricey and if they allowed kids and....well, guess I'm not going to pay the price. ;-) Miss your tanned booty down here!

Gaelyn- Yep, the tourists scare me more than anything, haha. (Just kidding all!) I much prefer heading out to the lesser known parts of Quintana Roo (though the view at Delfines is still fantastic).

Cdn Cat- "Cat piss" pants made me laugh out loud, I honestly didn't notice! Fish Fritanga is really close to Plaza Kukulkan, across the road from the fire station. I really recommend it!

John- There are a few little gems hidden away in the concrete jungle of the hotel zone, Fish Fritanga is a fave, still very unpretentious. I think it's difficult to not look like a tourist when on vacation, the look in one's eyes says it all (and the fanny packs and cameras). :)

Heather said...

As sad and scary as it is, its amusing to see so thanks for sharing.

Bonnie Jenkins said...

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