Thursday, April 16, 2009

Camping on the Beach in Puerto Morelos

Last week was Semana Santa, vacation time for Max and I and a million other school kids. I knew that we would not be able to afford to get out of town to stay in a hotel, but then inspiration struck and I asked LisaLoveLoca if we could borrow her tent for a little camping adventure. She kindly agreed and I got to work trying to find a great spot for our first time. Being beach camping virgins with a small child, I didn't want to go someplace really remote, just in case things didn't work out. The Acamaya Reef in Puerto Morelos seemed to fill our needs, not too far from home, not too far from a town and it offered bathrooms and showers. Hubby managed to get half a day off on Friday so we packed our gear and headed out to Puerto Morelos. "Camp ground" would be a generous term for the place, it really wasn't much to speak of, but it did provide us with a safe spot to pitch the tent for 100 pesos a person, per night.

It was an extremely windy day, we were being whipped this way and that as we set up the tent. Hubby kept worrying that the tent would blow away, but I assured him that with our stuff and our bodies inside, it wasn't going anywhere. We were quickly assembled and the bathing suits were on, wave jumping, sand castle building and circus stunts began. We played in the sea until the sun started to set (love daylight savings time, gave us many hours of fun!). We threw on some shorts and tees and went into the town of Puerto Morelos for a quick dinner then back to the tent for some quiet time. Max was a little freaked out at first, he kept saying that a "bad guy" was going to get us, but we gave him his own flashlight and he felt more in control, promptly falling asleep. I sat outside in my pyjamas in the sand and watched the full moon's rays playing on the sea and the beautiful clouds rolling by. It was a great time to meditate on the wonders of my life and just how lucky we really are. I crawled into the tent around 9 o'clock and tossed and turned on the hard sand trying to fall asleep. This old back just doesn't tolerate what felt like bedrock, next time we'll definitely bring an air mattress! It was a bit of a rough night for me sleepwise, but Max slept like a log. Slept like a log with his head on my chest and his feet in Hubby's face!

As soon as the sky began to get light, I realized I wasn't getting any more sleep so I got out of the tent to watch the wonder of the sun rising over the ocean. When the boys arose, we played a bit then went to town for a little brekkie. Eating breakfast near the boat docks, Max started asking to go out for a ride. As it was his birthday the next day, we decided to give him a little treat and found ourselves on the "lancha" for Max's first snorkeling adventure on the reef. I've already posted about that part of the trip so won't go on about it again. Suffice it to say that it was fantastic!

We spent the rest of the day frolicking and horsing around on the beach, getting altogether too much sun and tiring ourselves out completely. At 4 o'clock we packed our things and headed home to Cancun for a good night's rest. A good time was had by all!

Here are a couple of photos of our little excursion.....

Tent Sweet Tent

The view from our tent flap

Fantastic stretch of beach in Puerto Morelos

Sunrise over the Caribbean Sea

Max ready to snorkel

I'm really thrilled that it all worked out so well, we will certainly be doing it again. Next time I think we'll try someplace a little more remote, I think we can all handle it. Well, if we have an air mattress that is, my back is still recovering!

Til next time, hasta pronto amigos!


Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

I can always count on this blog to add items to my "things to do in Mexico" list! Sounds like a fantastic weekend was had by all.

K.W. Michigan said...

Brave girl .. that is something I tried ONCE .. sleeping in a tent .. nope never again for me! My favorite place of all Puerto Morelos .. but now you have exposed it to all the people who read your blog. Did you eat at Pelican restaurant .. yummy whole frito pescado. The beach looks so darn good to me right now. Thanks for posting it.

Heather said...

What a great idea! Im so adding it to my list also, lol!

1st Mate said...

Sounds like your first camping trip was a big success, other than the lack of sleep. It's amazing how hard soft sand can get. An air mattress would definitely improve the experience.

Frankly Ronda said...

We LOVE camping! Not done it on a beach though.

The snorkling pics from prior post amazing. I am envious!

Canucktrekker said...

Nice shots. Thanks. My wife and I are looking at a car camping trip in Mexico in Feb.- Mar. and I am having difficulty finding info. on places to camp(beaches preferred). Any help would be greatly appreciated. We are looking at Cancun-Felipe Carrillo-Campeche-Cancun. Any ideas for other road trips would also be appreciated. Thanks so much. Gord from Edmonton.

Canucktrekker said...
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CancunCanuck said...

Hi Gord,
It's hard to find information about camping down here unfortunately! This spot in Puerto Morelos was ok, but I found XpuHa further south to be much much nicer. You can camp in Tulum and Sian Kaan even further south. The great little island of Holbox is a fantastic camping spot as well as Isla Blanca. I believe you can camp on Isla Contoy, though I haven't been there yet. I have no experience with Campeche (unfortunately, I am dying to go!). Perhaps a search of "RV" sites in Mexico could shed some light, often the RV'ers and the tenters end up in the same places. Happy planning! Feel free to send me an email if you like, cancuncanuck at

A.N.Rajah said...

We are going to Puertomorelos this week and planning to do snorkeling.

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