Monday, April 6, 2009

Cancun Baseball- Take Me Out to the Baaaaaaall Game

Living in the "great big city" has its advantages, one of them being the pro sports teams that make Cancun home. Saturday night we decided to check out a baseball game, the Tigres de Quintana Roo versus the Oaxaca Guerreros. While I am not a huge sports fan, I am a big fan of getting out of the house and doing something different! I love the people watching and the sense of camaraderie that goes with supporting the local guys, and oh, don't forget the cheap, cold beer and wide variety of foods available! The price is right too, we had seats directly behind home plate for 90 pesos each, Max in for free. The end of the night tally included seven beers, two micheladas, two juices, a big bag of spicy chips and a big loss to the Guerreros. All those drinks for less than 300 pesos, shazam! I'll admit I barely watched the game, I was watching Max charm the crowd, running around like a mad miniature cheerleader with his giant LOUD horn, dancing like a fool and making friends. We had the pleasure of running into our friend Vic who runs a local company called CancunValet. Even at the game at 9 o'clock on a Saturday night he was fielding calls from tourists, I almost snatched the phone out of his hands, but it's nice to see someone who really takes care of his clients.

The season is just beginning, anyone with vacation plans who loves baseball should come downtown and check out a game. The stadium is easy to find, located about half a block away from the famous Walmart. It's a very safe and friendly environment, a lot of families out with small children, everyone looking out for everyone else's kids, I really enjoy that aspect. It's different from the soccer games where a LOT of aggression can come out of the crowds and far too many "groserias" (bad words and insults) are shouted from the stands. The baseball crowd was much more refined and calm, a delightful evening.

Here are a few pics from our night out, enjoy!

I've got spirit, yes I do

Max (yellow shirt) gets up close and personal with
the team mascot, "Chacho"

What's a ball game without hot dogs and french fries?

Fabulous seats behind home plate

Pro ball security is a little different here,
I just walked
right up to the dugout
I could have touched the sweaty players had I wanted to

Cheerleaders. I can't think of anything to say that wouldn't
sound really insulting. :)

"Los Mejores Burritos". Seems all the food stands were
"el mejor" (the best), it makes it harder to choose, how are we
to know who is REALLY the best?

There you have it, our exciting Saturday night at the ball park. The only thing that could have made it better would have been a win, but I guess we'll have to wait for the next game. Vic tells us that the team is actually pretty good this year, they were having an off night, but he fully expects them to make the play offs. Fingers are crossed, go Cancun go!


K.W. Michigan said...

Went to a couple Tigres games last year. So different from the games here. The mascot, cheerleaders, the food and drinks .. we had a blast.

Tom said...

Thursday night the Oaxaca Guerreros were playing against Los Leones here in Merida. We were all set to go but had an emergency call from a friend in need. I'm with you on the sports thing, I prefer the crowd to the game; and the best kibi I've had in 3 years here in the Yucatan has been at Kukulcan stadium. We always select bultaca alta seats, high and cheap, ok and that icey cold beer.
Looks/Sounds like a fun evening for the family.

Heather said...

Cheerleaders drive me batty but we have them at soccer games. Thais LOVES them and they always take her on the field, so I guess a little for everyone.
That security picture was kind of scary but over all great night and fab seats!

Kelly said...

I don't even like baseball and that looks like a great time! Hurray!

Frankly Ronda said...

Stadium looks really nice!

Our family would love an outing like that!

Coby said...

Baseball in Cancun?? Fantastic!

And the food looks way too delicious.

mare ad mare said...

I love going to games - and that looks amazing. Not sure how the prices relate, but would be nice to know if real 'fans' were able to go see the games... that's when the games get really fun.
You might be interested to know that in the Blue Jays season opener - the Jays are up 9-5 (was 9-2 a few seconds ago!) in the 7th with Halladay on the mound.
Go Jays!

Gaelyn said...

What a fun night. Love your face painting. Could do without the cheerleaders. Hope your team wins next time.

Brice said...

Big sports can be fun, whether or not you actually like the sport. I just like the experience and environment.

CancunCanuck said...

K.W.- I think the big difference between the games here and the games "up north" is the accessibility. The games are inexpensive enough that the normal Joes can take their family. The prices of Blue Jays games for example left out a huge chunk of the population. It's a fun night out for sure!

Tom and Debi- Sorry you missed your game, hope all is well. The Kukulcan stadium looks great, I'd love to catch a game there.

Heather- Aw, Thais the cheerleader, love it! I think there is little security as very little is needed, the crowd was calm, cool and collected, just having a great time out with the family. I don't think anyone gets so worked up about baseball that they would feel the need to storm the dugout. :)

Kelly- I'm with you, not a big fan but I don't hate it and I certainly had fun!

American Mommy- I bet your boys would love it! The stadium was nice, even the bathrooms were clean. :)

Coby- Yessir! Good, clean, inexpensive fun. And oh yes, tonnes of different types of food available, you won't leave hungry if you go for the grub.

mare ad mare- We had some of the most expensive seats at 90 pesos per, the cheap seats are about 50 pesos if I recall, less than $5. While it's still a bit much for the poorest of the poor, it does allow many of the real fans a chance to come out and watch the game. It's certainly cheaper than soccer and a lot of other events in town, I think it's quite accessible. And oh yay, Go Jays! (I used to live just a couple of blocks from Skydome, miss that massive palace of fun!)

Gaelyn- I had to get my face painted, show some hometown spirit! Yeah, the cheerleaders were a little ewww, but not nearly as bad as some I saw up in Toronto.

Brice- The experience and the environment is what it's all about. You certainly aren't a jock, but I can see you enjoying the baseball game here. The beer goes down like water! ;-)

Heather said...

True, lol!

International Mom said...

hi, You know it's funny Baseball is the national sport for Nicaragua, weird huh! I've been there a few times, but never saw an actual game.

Thanks for letting me know about the schools. Actually, the weird thing here in Antigua is that none of the schools offer daycare, where I live now in Costa Rica we have a great school with day care and food for $150 a month!!!!!!! those prices simply don't exist anywhere. it's a tiny ecological school by my house. in guatemala everyone ends at noon, no food and the prices range from $80 a month to $150 (which is what we decided on). and they aren't american accredited they don't have that here in antigua. in the city yes, but i'd rather shoot myself then live in that crazyiness.

plus, they all have ladies living with them here. and the normal price is $150 a month for 6 days a week, 12 hour days. it's sooooooo crazy, the MAJOR problem here though is that they don't read or write, and i simply can't allow my son to be with someone who has less of an education then him. he's at the age to be fully stimulated. you know.

i've been to cancun many times and actually hung out there at one time for over one month. i found it very expensive, super gorgeous, and now by hearing your prices it's more expensive then here to be with kids.

since all the schools get out early, i've found a bunch of extra curricular activities for him. i'm really big on stimulating my son, i always loved classes and now am trying to get him interested too:)
The Travel Expert(a) and an Expat with a Twist

CancunCanuck said...

Marina- Funny, I had written about the lack of education of the live in help, but deleted it, not sure why. But yes, that is a big factor for us too, it's why I work part time. I would rather be home speaking English and doing art projects and playing games that develop skills or exploring the world than leave him parked in front of the tv with someone who cannot read or write. I tell Hubby, you hire that type of person simply to make sure your child doesn't die, that's their main responsibility. I would rather he be stimulated (I think we agree on that point). :) Good luck, I look forward to reading more of your adventure!

Croft said...

I can't say enough good things about Mexican Baseball. We went to several games in Mazatlan last year and had a blast at all of them. Prices are reasonable, the players play their hearts out, no intentional walks and the crowd really gets into it!

I especially like the cheerleaders (in Mazatlan the "Lala Girls"). VERY talented dancers! He, he, he....

Anonymous said...

Hi, we attended our first tigres game last week. I was trying to tell friends about some of the food that i tried but can't remember the name. it looked like a waffle cone wrapped around parmasean cheese - any idea what i'm talking about. we've been going to cancun for at least 19 years and going to the game was one of the best highlights.

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