Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cancun Calm in Swine Flu Todo, Travelers Not So Much

Just another day in Cancun, except for the few folks in face masks and the constant chatter about the swine flu affecting other parts of Mexico. People aren't panicked, they're just trying to find a way to take care of their children while the schools are on mandatory shut down and hoping they'll survive the lack of tourists due to the cancellation of flights, cruises and the travel advisories from around the world. It kind of feels like we're waiting for the other shoe to drop, the first reported case of swine flu in Quintana Roo that we know is going to come. People are wondering why tourists who were in Cancun are sick but no one here is infected. There are numerous conspiracy theories floating around, but none I want to speculate about.

In spite of unanswered questions and an understandable uneasiness, I haven't seen anyone panic shopping, there were a normal number of people in the stores and the shelves were stocked full with the exception of alcohol hand wash and Lysol. Most people were not wearing face masks, though most store employees were at Soriana. A lot of them were hanging around people's necks, but they had them.

I asked the attendant if the mask was mandatory or
a personal choice. He said "I don't know, they were in the
offiice so I put it on"

Movie theater open, people buying tickets. No masks
except for the taquilla girl.

Restaurants were all open. Yes, even Long Hang.

Normal number of people at the mall, zero face masks.

Only masks are on the butchers, just like normal.
No one panic buying 45 kgs of hamburger either.

My Favourite Baggers at Soriana. Masks look kind of useless,
don't they? (I needed bleach anyway, not a flu purchase)

So things are still moving along almost normally in Cancun. For a great post on traveler's details, take a look at Danger's blog, he's got some great info and details on canceled flights, etc.. I'll update when anything changes, for now, we're all good in the hood (though I suspect we'll be hearing nothing but crickets in town with all the tourists staying away and flights being canceled).

(old news now folks, here's a link to updates on AH1N1 in Cancun)


T said...

My boyfriend and I have had a trip planned to Cancun since January. We are arriving Sunday May 3rd and staying until the 9th. We are unsure what to do. I am trying to avoid watching the TV because the media has blown this all way out of the water if you ask me. I have been looking forward to this vacation for months and still really want to go. Any suggestions? This has been the only positive resource I have found concerning this whole mess. Thank you. Also, are clubs and bars still up and running? Are places like Xel-Ha still running as well? Thank you for your information!

Unknown said...

Thanks for keeping all of us updated on here. My soon to be wife and I have our honeymoon set at Secrets Maroma Beach May 10-15. So right now, we're in a holding pattern to see what ends up happening. As of now, we're still planning on coming. Please keep updating!!

Unknown said...

yes...keep the updates coming! We have a wedding in cancun planned for May 9 and our honeymoon through the 15. We have dreamed of this and planned for this. We don't want media hype taking over our wedding, but we don;t want to risks the health of our guests. PLease keep us informed!

Poofbegone said...

So do you know if those ppl. in NYC who were infected stopped in DF or not? That is shady!!

Jay said...

My bachelor party was scheduled for Cancun, starting tomorrow, April 30. Nine guys coming down from NYC, Boston, Miami, San Fran, and Seattle. It killed me, but we ultimately decided to switch to Nassau at the last minute. I'm sure we would have been fine, but some of us have small children, skittish employers, etc., and weren't comfortable. And the stories of honeymooners and spring breakers in Cancun getting sick made me pretty alarmed. I feel all of your frustration; I am still very disappointed about this, but I think it was the right call with the data points I had. Thanks for this blog, it's useful information.

Danielle said...

I want to thank you as well for keeping us updated. My husband and I are arriving in Cancun on May 9th and your information has been very helpful.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the updates - the Trip Advisor boards are buzzing with people saying the flu is no big deal. It is extremely hard for me to decide what to do in regards to my upcoming trip (14 days) to Coz.

I'm sure you've seen this, but I'll post it anyway - Apple Vacations has a letter re: swine flu from the Secretary of Tourism for Quintana Roo posted on their website confirming that there are no cases in QRoo.

helene said...

i'm from MI and will be traveling to cancun this coming saturday. i, like many others, have been very apprehensive about this trip. i have been glued to the tv and the internet all week. i thought i would share a few of my thoughts that have made me feel much more better.

i honestly believe that the media has thrown this swine flu way out of proportion. first let me state that all of the cases here in the united states, the people were in mexico at the beginning of april on spring break when there was no publicity to this flu. therefore, no one knew enough to take precautions. second, the media states that over 100 people in mexico have died from this flu, there are more then 20 million people in mexico....you do the math!
reports today stated that a 23 month old child from california died from the swine flu. this afternoon i heard that this child was in california from mexico seeking medical treatment (the media is being very loud about that fact)

another thought, over 30,000 people die each year from the flu in the united states. none of that is ever on the news.

so people, i will be coming to cancun. i will take every precaution (washing hands, sanitizers, etc)

unless my flight is cancelled or the border shuts down (very unlikely) i will be basking in the warm sunlight on the beautiful beaches of cancun

Anonymous said...

Same here! The media is putting fear in all of us! My husband and I are coming May 5th-11th, was scheduled for the 5th-10th but get to come early and stay a day later due to canceled flights! Yea for us! We were scheduled to stay in Cancun but changed our stay to Isla Mujeres. (We were wanting to go to North Beach anyways) I am in Houston so my chances of getting it here or in Cancun, I think, are about the same! We have 85 flights coming in from Mexico everyday to IAH. Plus the border. I am so ready for my vacation that NO swineflu,pork,fear,WHO,haters, or Obama is going to stop me! Unless they cancel Continental flights! LOL Keep us updated and to all that are not canceling your trip to Cancun or Coz have fun!

Dangers said...

Good blog CC and thanks for the exchange. ;-) Regarding the swine flu,I'm of the mindset that halting International Travel is akin to closing the barn door after the horse has gotten out. This notion of containment now is foolhardy IMHO, especially when it's obvious the virus has jumped the fence already. In a matter of 2-3 months this thing will have spread everywhere, it's just a matter of how serious the majority of the population will be effected by it.

On a more somber note, and I'm sure one some of the folks don't want to hear, just because there's no confirmed virus cases in Quintana Roo does not mean the virus isn't there and active. It just means that no one has been adversely effected enough to go for testing. If the data I've seen is correct, they've tested in the area of 21 people in Quintana Roo thus far in a state with a population around 1.2 million.

Now, I just got back from Mexico and if I was booked to go there now, I'd still be flying in unless the powers to be halted those plans.

I think everybody has to look at this thing as a world problem, not a Mexico one, pointing fingers solves nothing.


And thanks again for another terrific blog! ;-)

LisaG05 said...

Bless all you people!! It helps me and my husband feel better that there are others that are still going to Cancun despite all this hype on TV. As I said in another post, my parents are already down there, and if it were really that big of a deal, they wouldn't risk my dad's health. My brother will be down there tomorrow morning and we will be there on May 6th. We should all get together, have a picture taken on the beach with a cool drink in our hands and send it in to the media just to give it right back to them. HAHAHA

CC, you have to know how much we appreciate all of your updates and informing everyone of what the situation really is. Like everyone else here, my family and me are going to have a wonderful time. Hope all of you other readers have a great time as well!

PingPong_Kid said...

Hey Folks: Like I said before my girlfriend and I are traveling to Cancun on Sat. the 2nd. I am in 100% agreement that WHO, the CDC, the government and the media have blown this thing so far out I would categorize these people as mentally deranged. Yet, these same people are basically causing the whole world to be shut down. Its really sick and really wrong.

At this point I don't know if we're going. Not because we are afraid of getting sick, but because everything in and around Cancun will be shut down and there will be nothing to do. I don't want to go to a ghost town.

I'm ashamed to admit it but I have never been so appalled at the level of fearfulness in the world. People are so afraid of everything! And you know, all the fearmongering and panic creators have harmed me way worse than a simple flu ever could. I feel betrayed, but I don't know by who.

Anyway, we don't know what to do. Like many of you we have worked so hard to plan, pack, make arrangements, etc and even if we are brave and decide to go, we're still screwed.

We are looking into changing venues to Bahamas or Jamaica and maybe pushing the trip up a week. But you can't wait too long because Cancun weather in June starts becoming very miserable and I LIKE the heat. And July? Forget it!

PLease I would love to hear your comments and suggestions. I am stunned and depressed so please forgive my rantings.

Danielle said...

I have a question about an earlier post.
kumichan83 said...
So do you know if those ppl. in NYC who were infected stopped in DF or not? That is shady!!

what/where is DF?

Kathy said...

DF=Distrito Federal=Mexico City

Anonymous said...

My husband and I departed Cancun yesterday 5/1 and were told by a friend on the way out that there had been one death in Cancun - due to Swine Flu.

We left 3 days early because our grandson has already had health problems and he is due to visit us next week. We wanted to be home and isolated long enough to ensure that we were past the incubation period. We have as yet to feel any ill effects.

I personally think that one has to look at the numbers. Though there have been a number of people ill, as well as a number of deaths, the number is small in comparison to the overall population.

Although the local entertainment venues were closed or closing, which would be a greater concern to those who are looking forward to the night life and entertainment in general, we most likely would have stayed had it not been for our concern for our grandson.

One thing I found frustrating was after the intial Headline grabbing and sensationalized announcements, there was little day to day information. At the risk of sounding cyncial, it seems like a lot of fearmongering. A sudden pronouncement of possible Pandemic and then absolutely nothing to back that up. Yes, the flu is spreading. But that is what flu usually does. Given the numbers I just think it seems like sensationalism run amok.
However, I am not an expert nor a medical professional - just a frustrated tourist.
Thanks for the great blog! Rachel

Miss Kitty said...

Can anyone confirm a death in Cancun from this flu? We're scheduled to leave May 16th and are feeling a bit like a roller coaster ride with everything in the news. I guess we're more concerned that a lot of things will be closed. My heart goes out to the people trying to support their family and losing their income. Many thanks to CC and Dangers for this blog, which i luckily found by accident yesterday.

丽英 said...
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CancunCanuck said...

Thanks for all your comments, I really am overwhelmed by the response to these posts. I wish I could deal with you all individually, but I would be here all day and my poor son would destroy the house.

MissKitty, no deaths in Cancun, though they did say yesterday that there were 3 confirmed cases, all recovered just fine.

Thanks all, hope you enjoy your upcoming trips!

Pingpongkid, I am so sorry your plans ma have had to change, I hope your vacation was fantastic regardless of where you ended up.

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