Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Canuck Corner

This is not a post about anything important or life shaking or even really about Mexico, just some rambling thoughts of little ole me. I've been all caught up in the Camila adventure and feel the need to just splurge a few other things that have been on my brain lately. So here's a peek into the corners of my mind...

1. I realize that I have become a weeper. I'll cry at just about anything these days. I never used to be this way, so I was trying to figure out what happened. At first I thought it all started with my pregnancy in 2004 and attributed it to hormones. Then I thought, nope, you're "growing as a person" and allowing yourself to freely express the emotions you previously hid. But that's a bit pompous, isn't it? It's probably more to do with going off my heavy anti-depressant medication a couple of months before getting pregnant and not getting back on them since. I'm not unhappy or depressed (as often), but my emotions are certainly closer to the surface than when I was heavily medicated. Embarassing when bursting into tears in Walmart because they ran out of my favourite soup.  **eta- after reading this, I realize I sound a bit nuts.  I don't really cry over soup, but I do get weepy over news stories, tv shows, sad books, etc, while in the past I couldn't even shed a tear.  Just wanted to be clear that I was half joking.  :)

2. Immigration is a pain. Every April I go through the same nonsense of renewing my papers here. Every year there are problems and strife associated with these renewals. Last year I discovered the joy of using an immigration lawyer and it was sooooo much nicer. This year I met with the lawyer again thinking I would have it all together. What was I thinking!? Nothing is ever that easy. I had problems again and the whole matter is going to cost me a total of 9000 pesos. It's so frustrating to try to do everything legally while I know that there are hundreds if not thousands of foreigners living here with no papers at all or coming and going on tourist visas. In speaking with other ex-pats here, this is a major source of frustration for everyone that tries to go through proper channels. I'm expecting this process to take a few months this time, but when it's over I'll have my first FM2. Cross your fingers for me!

3. "Is it time for my party? Is it time for my party? Is it time for my party?". Poor Max doesn't fully grasp the concept of "Friday" and he has been waiting and waiting for his birthday party and talking about it non-stop. We're in full prep mode, piñata and candy has been purchased, cake has been ordered, and the "Big Show" has been booked. While Max has been impatient for the event to happen, he's been a joy through the prep. "I'm so happy mommy, I love you for my piñata and my party. Can we do the party now?" Hey, I'll take love wherever I can get it!

4. Teaching is a joy. No, really, I love my job and it just seems to get better and better. My adult classes are full of amazing people, I've got some "hot shots" right now including an industrial engineer who works for Fonatur, an economist who is learning English to go to Paris to work for the O.E.C.D. and a kid who almost made the big leagues of baseball (before blowing out his knee). I had the terrifying experience of teaching my first basic class to eight year olds on the weekend and was pleasantly surprised at how lovely they were. I was expecting shin kicks and crying fits but ended up getting a spontaneous group hug in the middle of a vocabulary game. I've run into some ex-students in the past few weeks and they were really good for my ego, sharing some very kind words with me that made me love my job even more. I may not be changing the world, but I feel like I am doing something positive for a small portion of the population of Cancun.

5. It's time to see the family. The Mexican family that is. It's been years since we've seen Hubby's kin and he is missing them in a very big way. We were so excited a few weeks ago when they said they were all coming to visit at once (well, 9 of them anyway), but the plans fell through and they didn't make it. Unfortunately airfare within Mexico is very expensive, and Max pays full fare, so getting up to Puebla for a weekend is a costly affair (somewhere around 12 000 pesos just for the plane tickets). Hubby is now thinking that he might be able to get a week of vacation and has proposed driving to Puebla. I am trying not to get too excited about the prospect, but I would really love to do it and hope we can make it happen. It would be great to see the family and it would be a super bonus to get to drive through parts of Mexico that I've never seen.  

I could probably write all night, but I won't bore you with any more of the mundanities of my life. Just wanted to share a little bit of the things that run through the old grey matter. Thanks for listening counselor, how much do I owe you?


Jonna said...

Don't you wish you'd get someone from la migra in one of your classes? That would be perfect!!

I hope you get to take the drive to Puebla, there are some beautiful areas along the way. My favorite is around Fortin de las Flores, beautiful country and the sight of Mt Orizaba rising like a snow covered dream from tropical fields... amazing.

Bob Mrotek said...

It is great that you are going to Puebla. It is one of my favorite cities in the whole world. Don't forget to check out the Puebla Cathedral if you have never seen it. It is a mind blowing experience. God is all over the place :)

Heather said...

I feel ya on the immigration, we had to do it every year for 3 countries just for hubs. Thats not even what we have to do for the kids and i every yr. But thankfully hubs got his green card. I want to frame it on the wall, lol! Good luck chica!

ElleCancun said...

Sooooo nice to hear that you love your job! It's a breath of fresh air as most of us b*%* and complain!!

Simon Burgess said...

Okay so two things - first, I hate immigration. My wife's visa is still in tramite since LAST JUNE. That's right, last June. It doesn't help that our lawyer is so unorganised she never returns any calls.

Secondly Puebla is great. If you want to eat anywhere (and if you're allowed to eat out by your mother in law, check out El Mural. Its owned bu a guy called Luis Javier and he is a great friend of ours. Let him know that Simon and Kate recommended you go there and he'll treat you well. It's on 16 Septiembre 506, next to the post office and about a block from the Cathedral. Realy good food and they are gradually introducing more pre-hispanic cooking.

Here's their website:

Oh and if you like reading more about Mexico check out

(Sorry, gratuitous plug)

CancunCanuck said...

Jonna- I do have a pretty good friend in INM, he helps when he can but the red tape and bureaucracy is legendary! He made a phone call for me last week, and hung up swearing, lol. I'm excited about the possibility of a road trip, don't know if we'll be able to pull it off though.

Bob- I sure hope it happens, we've been once before (Christmas 2005) and yes, saw the amazing Cathedral. Puebla is kind of magical, a very special place.

Heather- You guys have certainly had your fair share of INM stuff, so happy that your hubby has his green card!

On Mexican Time- I couldn't work some place I didn't love, I never have. I've always been lucky to have jobs I love. I refuse to work just for the money, life is too short!

Simon- Argh, almost a year?? I've been hearing six months for renewals in Cancun (without a lawyer)and three months with a lawyer. Crazy isn't it?? Yes, la suegra will give us permission to eat out, lol. I'll ask Hubby if he knows that place, he took me to a fantastic taco place last time we were there, I still dream about it.

Frankly Ronda said...

I too have my minor issues with depression and crying ... not always an easy part of life.

Amanda said...

I'm pretty sure my hormones hate me. Either that or my brain chemicals do. And you're so not alone in the being weepy about stuff.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you on the immigration issue! I have been in Cancun for 15 years and it still doesn't get any easier. I dread every year when it is time to renew my papers..I am actually renewing them right now!! aaaargh

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