Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Day at the Marina- Coco's Grill Cancun

Max and I are on vacation for "Semana Santa", or "Holy Week" and we couldn't be happier. We've done some cleaning and organizing of the house and have done a few artsy craftsy projects to keep us busy but we were really jonesing for some sunshine. Yesterday dawned with beautiful weather, clear blue skies and fluffy white clouds so we decided it was definitely time for the beach. A friend had told me about the beach club at the Chac Chi Marina, otherwise known as Coco's Grill, located on the north side of Cancun island at km 3.2 so we decided to check it out.

I was pleased to find easy parking, I had had visions of the place being mobbed by kids on break, but it was pretty tranquil. The Chac Chi Marina is mostly a pier for fishing and party boats, with a restaurant on site and a large, clean pool. The beach is not much to speak of, but perhaps I've been spoiled. The beauty of the site for us was the huge, shallow pool, clean bathrooms and waiter service, we felt like we were at a hotel, a lovely treat. There is no entry charge, but they do have a 100 peso minimum for drinks and food. No problem! I ordered up a fresh orange juice for Max, a coke for me and a huge hot dog and french fries to split. I was really surprised, the hot dog was not some little turkey wiener, it was (I believe) a real, honest to goodness all beef frank, harder to find in this town than you might think and the fries still had their skins on, yum. Max was in pool heaven, jumping, diving, and playing with toys with a couple of other kids. I was in paradise in that I could actually sit back and relax and let Max play without being two steps behind him, it was a very safe environment. The worst part of the day was telling Max it was time to go, he really didn't want to get out of the pool. I had to promise him that we would go back today, gee, I guess I'll have to make that big sacrifice and go chill by the pool again, poor me.

The Chac Chi Marina/Coco's Grill

The Beach/Catamaran parking

Pelicans! That big guy swooped in just
as I was snapping a shot of his buddies.
Not a perfect shot, but a cool accidental photo!

Poor big sail fish. This made me soooo
sad, why would anyone think it's fun
to kill this magnificent creature?
Gave me a chance to talk to Max
about how cruel fishing and hunting are,
I hope he never takes the life of something
so precious. Please stop fishing and hunting!!!

Dive number 586 for the day.

While I could certainly do without seeing the carcasses of big beautiful fish hanging on the dock dripping blood, we will be returning to Coco's. We'll stick by the pool, dive a couple of thousand times and enjoy some Mommy and Max time before we both head back to work and school. Anyone want to join us?


K.W. Michigan said...

Count me in Amiga! I want to be there NOW! Is this near Las Perlas & Verano Beat? Enjoy your vacation with Max and Happy Easter.

Brice said...

I'd love to join you, but it just ain't gonna happen.

Islagringo said...

I, too, detest sport fishing and hunting. However, if you eat what you kill, go for it.

REAL hotdogs can be found at both Sam's and CostCo. Look for Johnsonville brand. Hotdogs, polish and brats! The best!

Gaelyn said...

I'm on my way. LOL Glad you and Max found such a great place. Beach doesn't look too bad to me.

When I fished off the coast the sword fish was protected and released. Was a good opportunity for conversation about conservation vs tourism.

Have fun at the beach!

CancunCanuck said...

K.W.- Yes, it's down near those hotels, even a little bit closer to downtown. Nice spot, we went back yesterday but didn't see you. ;-)

Brice- Aw man, too bad, we would have had fun together!

IslaGringo- For me, the desire to kill something for fun is just sick. Most hunters and fishermen don't do it out of necessity, they just get a thrill from the kill, that's what bugs me. That beautiful sail fish didn't need to die for someone's pleasure. I do love those brats at Costco, but strangely, my boys don't dig on them!

Gaelyn- See you soon, lol. I'm trying to teach Max about conservation, litter, respect for animals etc. and I think it's getting through to his little brain. Walking on the beach he'll exclaim "Mommmmmmmy, looooook, somebody put garbage on the beach!!!!" and he'll pick it up and run around looking for the nearest trash. Yesterday we were watching some birds and he said "Mommmmmmy (it's always a long drawn out word), remember that we don't want to scare or hurt the birdies? Remember?". :)

LisaG05 said...

Aw too bad we won't be down there until another 3 weeks! We would love to join you guys.

I'll have to say, I used to live with someone who hunted and fished for the thrill of it. At first, it was like whatever but the more I saw him act like a fiend over dead animals, the more disgusted I was. The last straw was when I saw, on the same day, he killed a beautiful little fox and then went fishing and this really pretty huge bass he caught was going to be stuffed and hung on our wall. Well, forget that!! Anyway, I really enjoy reading your blogs. Maybe one day me and my hubby will pick up and move down there like we say we want to do lol. Keep up the good work!

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