Thursday, April 2, 2009

Link Love: New-to-me Mexico Sites

In the last few months I've made some new blog and website discoveries and I want to share them with you, a little link love if you will. I know that my blog roll is starting to get insanely long, but I wouldn't know where to start making cuts, there is a reason for all of the links being there. Part of the reason for the latest additions is the world of Twitter, I've been "meeting" some great writers, bloggers and photographers from all over the world and have been enjoying the links and news they post and doing the same in return. So, here are a few of the new kids on my block, pop on over and give them a read, I hope you enjoy!

1. The Truth About Mexico: Voices from south of the border- In response to the travel alerts put out by the United States and other countries and the subsequent emails and comments that bloggers in Mexico have received, Malcolm of Dropped In set up this collective blog on the subject of violence in Mexico. With contributors from all parts of the nation, it's a great resource for information on what's really happening down here. Interesting points of view all around, I think it's a must read for those with an interest in Mexico.

2. Travelojos: A blog about all things Latin American, Travelojos covers politics, travel and cultural aspects of many countries in Latin America and has a fantastic list of blogs south of the border. The man behind the site, Steven Roll, does a great job of finding sources and information and has an easy to read writing style. Definitely worth a look if you are planning to travel to a Latin American destination.

3. Dangers, Cancun, Living on Island Time: "Dangers" is the online nick name of a frequent Cancun visitor, nothing to do with the current news coming out of Mexico. I've "known" Dangers online since 2005 and have great respect for his views and his writing style. He is a frequent contributor to Trip Advisor's Cancun forum and is a wealth of knowledge of the area. He's just starting out his blog but I think he will be a fine addition to the blogosphere.

4. The Blog of Joy and A Midwesterner in Mexico: Two "new to me" blogs from ex-pat women living in Mexico City. They are both personal blogs, though they do touch on political topics, mostly it's just life in the big city. Both have an enjoyable writing style and sense of humour, check them out for a slice of life in one of the world's largest cities.

5. Inside Mexico, The English Speaker's Guide to Living in Mexico: This is a great find for anyone who lives in Mexico or wants to move here. The site has tips on everything from taxes to tacos and is developing a member network. Their content is comprehensive, real estate, arts, culture and in addition, it's a pretty good looking site!

6.Geogypsy : The blog of a woman living the life of an RV'er and summer time park ranger in the US. Her stories and photos are inspiring, a woman who has lived and is continuing to live a life "off the grid", I respect and admire her. I love seeing her "SkyWatch Friday" photos and reading her stories of hiking through the Grand Canyon or walking through the desert. Not a Mexico blog, but one that I am glad to have on my reader.

And there you have it, today's link love. Please check out these sites, leave them a comment and add them to your reader if you enjoy them as much as I do.


Amanda said...

Have you considered creating a post that includes a list of all the blogs you have in your blog-roll, and instead of having the "otros blogos" section on the side of your blog, you could link to the post of your blog-roll list? That way you wouldn't have to "cut" anyone, and you could include who the author is, and why it's a good blog (like you did above).

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for mentioning Travelojos! I'm a big fan of your blog too.

I like your picks. I've also enjoyed The Blog of Joy and A Midwesterner in Mexico. No matter what the news says, those two are always posting something about how much fun they're having in Mexico City.

Inside Mexico is new to me as well. It's a welcome addition.

Here are a couple of other Mexico blogs I like:

(1)David Lida's blog:

David wrote a really good book about Mexico City last year.


Sarah is a U.S. expat in Oaxaca and is a contributing editor for Matador Network.

Gaelyn said...

Thanks so much for your link of love. Back at you. It's been a pleasure to ready your blog and I've picked up a few new blogs from your lists.

Dangers said...

Thank you for the kind words amiga, most appreciated, we'll try and live up to that plug as we attempt to move along the road less traveled or more appropriately, the roads of home.

Your blog has been an inspiration to me in my recent travels, returning me to Isla Blanca and discovering the beautiful El Meco along the way.

Thanks again and a warm welcome to anyone who happens upon the Little Cafe. ;-)

Julie C said...

Let me add my thanks as well for the highlight! So glad to hear you're enjoying my snippets of Mexico City life. :)

I've been enjoying your variety of posts & am all the more inspired to make it down to Cancun sometime in the near future... If only it wasn't for this pesky school/work thing...
Thanks much from Midwesterner in Mexico!!

CancunCanuck said...

Amanda Lynn- Good idea, big project! Maybe I'll take that on next week.

Steven- Thanks for the new links, will check them out today. Seems like I just keep finding more and more and more.....

Gaelyn- I love your blog and photos, a pleasure! Glad you've found some new reading material. :)

Dangers- You've always done a terrific job of being honest, insightful and diplomatic on the forums, I look forward to seeing more of your opinions on your blog. Glad I could inspire a trip to Isla Blanca, hopefully I'll have some new adventures soon to add to you "must do" list.

Jules- Happy to have found you, glad to spread the word! Eh, school work, schmool work, come on down, lol!

ElleCancun said...

Very cool amiga - i'll have to check some of these out!!! Gracias!

Joy said...

Glad you're enjoying my blog! I know how it feels to keep discovering great new Mexico bloggers! (Julie and I decided we had to meet each other and turns out we make good friends, so that was cool!)

Best, Joy

CancunCanuck said...

On Mex Time- Enjoy, they've got some great stuff to peruse!

Joy- How lovely that the two of you met, I'm not surprised you became friends, from reading the blogs you've got similar "styles". Happy Monday!

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