Friday, April 17, 2009

March for the Rights of Animals in Cancun

This is an incredibly important public service announcement. I am sickened and ashamed by the way that animals are abused and neglected in Cancun and other parts of Mexico, it is time for citizens to stand up and speak, to make changes and to protect pets and wild animals in this country. I've written many times about RAP, "Respete, Ayuda y Protege", the wonderful organization in Cancun that rescues and cares for street dogs in Cancun. The director is organizing a peaceful march on Sunday to bring awareness to the people of Cancun of just how much care we need to direct to our animal friends.

I'm feeling particularly sad and nauseous after watching the video posted on the homepage of RAP of a dog being beaten by its owner, captured on camera by a caring neighbour. The neighbours and RAP are doing all they can to try to rescue this poor animal, a formal suit has been filed with the city government, but unfortunately there is no law being enforced against this cruel dog owner. Watch the video if you think you have the stomach for it, I could only bear a few short seconds before I had the urge to do something painful to that horrible man.

he following is my translation of an email sent by the director of RAP with the details of the event. PLEASE come out and lend your support to this very worthy and much needed event. If you don't live in Cancun, make a donation to the organization, they are volunteer driven and need all the assistance they can get. Information is available on their homepage.

March for Animal Rights in Cancun

Date: Sunday April 19, 2009

Time: 4:30 pm

Place: Plaza de Toros Bullring, Cancun

It is not enough to say we love animals, we must be their voice and speak out for their protection and rights.

Please join us on Sunday April 19th in a peaceful march to raise awareness about the rights of animals everywhere, with a focus on those in Cancun. The march will begin at Plaza de Toros and move towards City Hall, with a brief pause at the ceviche glorieta. Your support is greatly needed, speak out on behalf of those who cannot speak!

The goal of this march is to remind people of the rights of animals and to force people to think about the neglected and abused animals in Cancun. The city we live in must make changes, we must become civilized in our treatment of all animals and protect those that cannot protect themselves.

Rights that have been approved by the UN and UNESCO:

• Every animal has the right to the respect (Art. 2)

• All animals have the right to the attention, to the care and protection of the man. (Art. 2)

• The man, as animal species, cannot be attributed the right to exterminate other animals or to exploit

them, violating that right. Man has the obligation to put its know-how to the service of the animals. (Art. 2)

• No animal will be submitted to bad deals neither to cruel acts. (Art. 3)

• The abandonment of an animal is a degrading and cruel act (Art. 4)

• No animal should be exploited for dissemination of the man (Art. 10)

• The rights of the animal should be defended for the law, like the rights of the man are it (Art. 14)

Give a little of yourself, be the voice of the animals, of your pets and support this cause, we need hands and voices that desire to change the situation in Cancun and to improve our city.

We will be expecting you, please do not miss it. They need you.

Maria Alicia Salgado President of RAP


Dangers said...
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Dangers said...

Terrific cause CC and one I'd be a part of if I could be there. As it is, I was going to make a donation but the PayPal donation is down on the site.

If you could, or they could, let me know when it's up again, I'd appreciate it.

Great blog! ;-)

Gaelyn said...

This is a great cause. Education about the problem is of the highest importance.

When in San Felipe, a large group was rescuing dogs and even maintaining food and water stations for strays after they were caught and spayed or nuetered. The group operated a thrift store to help bring in much needed funds. They also went to the schools and talked to the kids about all the important stuff.

Hope this goes well.

1st Mate said...

Here in San Carlos we have two vets who donate neutering services for strays (I took all the local cats I could find).

When I visited La Manzanilla last month, there was a five-day neutering program going on, with mostly Canadian volunteers helping neuter about 150 dogs a day.

Other than the huge irony of having this march at the bullring, of all places, it sounds like a very well-organized and worthwhile event. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

CancunCanuck said...

Dangers- Thank you so much for the intention to donate, I've notified the webmaster and will let you know when things are back online for donations. I went to the march today, I cried a few times, will post about the event soon.

Gaelyn- There are small organizations all over Mexico, but not enough to combat this huge issue. The people that do make an effort are heroes in my book, they fight great odds to save as many animals as they can, much like RAP is doing here in Cancun. The march went well, we are hoping that it will make a difference.

1st Mate- I love hearing about the organizations that DO make an effort, I wish there were more! Good for you for taking the cats in for their surgeries, I think that is fantastic. It is ironic that the event started at the bullring, but it was well organized, peaceful and hopefully will bring about some changes in Cancun. Will post about it soon.

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