Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Snorkeling Puerto Morelos- Fishy Photos!

I'm going to keep the chatter to a minimum on this post, I'm breaking the "rules" and posting lots of photos instead of yammering on and on. Our camping trip on the beach was fantastic and for a super bonus birthday present, we took Max on his first snorkel trip to the amazing reef in Puerto Morelos. He was happier with the boat ride than the rough swim, but Hubby and I had a fantastic guide and saw some incredible fish after Max gave up and ended up sleeping on the boat. I had a hard time editing the photos down, so sorry for the overload, I hope you enjoy our view of the underwater life (click for larger images!)

French Grunts- LOTS of these guys around

More French Grunts (I didn't hear any grunting, how did they get their name?)

My Favourite Find of the Day, Cowfish (Pez Toro in Spanish)

Gorgeous Parrot Fish (Pez perico)

The Parrot Fish saying "Cheese" for the camera

Manta Ray/Mantaraya

Up close and personal with the manta ray

French Grunt Traffic
(that blue guy was waiting a long time to pass)

Little Yellow Guy with Cool Coral

French Angel Fish

School of Blue
(I think they're called Blue Tangs, not sure about the yellow ones)

A Different Colour Parrot Fish

French Grunt in Blue Runner's Shadow

Seascape of coral

Elkhorn Coral with wee blue guy


I was lucky enough to swim with a sea turtle for a while, but we were both moving so fast that none of the photos turned out, I was so disappointed! Hubby had an encounter with a blowfish as well, but it was so well hidden in the coral that the photos were too dark to see him, another bummer though he thought that was his coolest find of the day. Overall, we loved the experience and will be back on the reef soon. If you come to Cancun or the Riviera Maya, a snorkel trip is a MUST, you cannot miss the second largest reef in the world, it's teeming with sea life and offers incredible coral formations!


K.W. Michigan said...

Great fishy pics .. now for the beachy pics!

Unknown said...

Wow. These are absolutely fantastic photos. I have to try snorkeling here in Roatan, Honduras. I have not been yet though I have been in Honduras almost 2 years. Wow again.

Heather said...

Amazing pixs! Your supposed to talk on blogs, I got it all wrong then, all i do is post pixs, jk!

Islagringo said...

Amazing the amount of fishy life! I wish I could just get over my water thing. I am missing so much.

Kelly said...

Wow, great pictures! I love parrot fish, they always look like they're smiling. Looks like it was a great day - what an excellent birthday treat!

Steve Cotton said...

Great results. I always enjoy snorkeling, but the Pacific does not give up its secrets very easily.

PurpleDragonFly said...

Wow! those are great pics!

Gaelyn said...

Very cool views undersea.

CancunCanuck said...

Thanks all, glad you liked, I had a great time chasing fishies with my camera!

IslaGringo, what can we do to convince you to get in and go snorkeling? What if I say "pwetty pwease?" :)

Steve, I must admit I don't know anything about snorkeling or diving on the west coast, is there a reef structure over there?

Joy said...

This is fantastic! What camera do you use?

Pacific Coast snorkeling is pretty good. I had a lovely time snorkeling off the coast of Oaxaca, at Bahia de la Luna (an eco-resort). It's less sandy and shallow, but lots of interesting creatures.

Kathy said...

Those are GREAT fotos! What kind of camera do you use? I'm guessing it is something other than the Fuji disposable from Costco? :) Next SS, come down here!

CancunCanuck said...

Joy and Kathy- I use my Sony digital point and shoot with their fabulous sports pack underwater casing. I'm disappointed to see they've discontinued the sports pack, I LOVE it. I use it whenever we're on the beach, underwater or not, it keeps the sand and salt off the camera. :) Joy, I would love to see the left coast, I must admit I've only been once and it was my honeymoon to first husband, don't remember much (haha). Kathy, we'll get down to visit soon, promise!!

Alex said...

Did you use a snorkeling tour guide or go on your own? If a guide, who was it? We're going to Playa del Carmen soon and would like to do this.

Thank you

CancunCanuck said...

Alex- We didn't use a set tour, there are captains all over Puerto Morelos on the beach, I find it's cheaper to get yourself to PM and find your own boat rather than booking a tour. We always go to the little place behind Pelicano's restaurant (off the main square, everyone knows it if you ask). There is a little information booth, ask there about their prices. Last time we went we paid around 300 pesos a person and got a great day of snorkeling. We were the only people on the boat so it was like a private tour, the guide was able to really give us some great information and assistance if needed. Good luck!

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