Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Help Cancun Recover from Flu Mess

First thing I want to say is "THANK YOU". To all who have read, left comments and sent emails, 99% of you are determined not to let the swine flu/H1N1 ruin your upcoming trips to this area and your positivity is overwhelming. Sadly, some of you had your plans changed for you with canceled flights and travel restrictions and I understand your frustrations. I think while the closures and restrictions within Mexico were strict, they were a bold and necessary precaution which apparently has worked to stop the spread of infection. As the restrictions are being lifted and things are set to get back to normal, I hope that we will soon be seeing tourists flooding the region again.

I have been very hesitant to say "come" or "don't come". While most of the mail I received was very positive, I did have my detractors as well. As hard as I tried to stick to reporting the facts of the matter, I was accused of being "criminal" for recommending people keep their vacations (I didn't tell anyone what to do) and was told in a few emails that the lost jobs in Cancun would be on my head forever for telling people what was going on. One nasty email from a local Cancun business owner told me to "take down the site" and suggested that I was proud of destroying lives. I don't believe that I was putting either tourists or locals in danger by relaying the facts, but it shows how emotional people can get about these things. Stick to the middle and get it from both sides, a girl can't win!

And on that note, I think I can safely say "Come on down". Reports from around the world indicate that the virus is not nearly as bad as first suspected and that infections are on the decline. Businesses that were forced to close are being reopened this week and children will be returning to classes. People are being asked to remain alert for symptoms and to continue using sanitary precautions such as frequent hand washing, but it seems the worst has passed. There is speculation that the virus could resurface, but no one (not the WHO nor the CDC) can say for sure if this will happen and certainly not when.

Cancun and the Riviera Maya need your support. Thousands of people in Quintana Roo are currently without work or working for half pay, myself and Hubby included, we're going to be suffering for a while. The area relies almost 100% on tourism, no tourists, no pay, no pay, no food for the family. If you've got a trip planned, come on down and enjoy all the incredible things the area has to offer. If you don't have a trip booked, get cracking and buy yourself a ticket, there might be some incredible deals coming up!

Now how about a little more temptation for you? A sampling of photos from the region I love so much, enjoy! (all photos are property of "A Canuck in Cancun" as per the Creative Commons License)

Sunrise in Puerto Morelos

Isla Mujeres

Isla Blanca

Isla Holbox
(*still my favourite escape and it's almost whale shark time!)

Sea Turtle
Seen While Snorkeling in Akumal's Half Moon Bay

Protected Turtle Area at Tulum Ruins

Tulum Ruins from the Ocean

Sunset in Cancun

That was just a tease for you, check my archives for thousands of great photos and tales of our adventures in the region. I can't wait til I am feeling one hundred percent and we can resume our explorations of the amazing place we are lucky enough to call home. Perhaps we'll see you on the beach, come on down, the water's fine!

**Please note that I recognize the fact that the flu may resurface, if that indeed happens, I will certainly keep you updated. At the moment, all looks good for anyone with upcoming plans to the area.

(this is now old news, here's a link for the latest updates on swine flu in Cancun)


Unknown said...

I am booking a flight as I write this and it will be my 1st trip to Cancun with my husband. If you have any hotel recommendations, we'd appreciate them. Our requirements are a 1 bdrm suite with an ocean view (in a hotel that allows smoking) which is not priced to kill our vacation budget :)

thanks and sorry we couldn't come sooner!

Swanky said...

We have taken advantage of this to save $200 on our flight down for our honeymoon on the 23rd. We were near cancelling when everything was closed. Glad we can relax about it now.

Waltsense.com said...

thanks Canuck! We are very positive to continue on with our early June wedding. your website was a better source of info then all the mainstream scare media.

To reward you, I will click your google ads.


Swanky said...

Jazz, we are staying at the Ambiance Villas/Kin Ha and they have 1BR suites with kitchens at what I think is a good price. Reviews are very good. Do not know about smoking.

I have been to Cancun many times and that area on the leaward side of Isla Mujeres is best. You can get a inflatable raft at Walmart and lay in the ocean and sleep. No waves!

Stephanie said...

After much debate and speculation, my fiance and I have decided to keep our honeymoon plans and come to Cancun the end of this month. We've had this trip booked since well before this all came about and we were devastated at the possibility of canceling. We were even given the opportunity to pick another destination with very little extra cost but, after reading your blogs over the last week or so and seeing all of the responses, we are more determined than ever to take this trip! I've never been to Cancun and I am so very excited. We were more worried about being 'confined' to the hotel due to closures and the possibility of having nothing to do, than we ever were about the flu... Thank you for painting a true and accurate picture of what's really going on - Your blog has been the only source of information that has kept us hopeful that we might still get our dream honeymoon. I don't think that at any point did you ever play into the fear-mongering and anyone who says otherwise needs to learn how to read. Eighteen days and counting - Cancun, here we come! ~Stephanie~

CancunCanuck said...

Jazz- That's great, welcome!!! I will second the recommendation of Ambiance Villas, it's where I send friends and family that come to visit. Quiet and lovely, BEST beach in Cancun (the sunset picture in this post is behind the Ambiance Villas). The suites are great, like apartments, with kitchens so you can stock up on breakfast stuff (and drinks!) at Walmart and not break the bank.

Swanky- Thanks for hanging in their and congrats on the deal! I hope you have a fantastic honeymoon. :)

Waltsense- I wish you all the best with your upcoming wedding trip, I hope it is wonderful for all. (Thanks for the clicks too, very nice way to "reward" me, much appreciated!)

Stephanie- I am excited for you, please have a wonderful wedding and an even better honeymoon! I wish you years of happiness together. I appreciate your kind words. All the best!

sarahandsteve said...

Thanks for the great updates and posts! We've been watching your site for a week now and appreciate what's REALLY going on there from a 1st person perspective. We'll be there on our honeymoon THIS weekend! See you soon Cancun!

Laura said...

Perry & I will try to get down there at the end of the month. (if we can afford it)
Looking forward to our first trip in 18 years 'sans kids"!

Kelly said...

I, for one, appreciate your honesty! I think that locals should appreciate the fact that you're giving "outsiders" factual information about what is really happening in the Rivera Maya. I feel like all I really hear on the news is what is happening in Mexico City - which doesn't really impact my trip. I also appreciate that you've continued your commentary despite the detractors! I guess that's part of the hazard of having a blog.

Hope you're feeling better, and thanks!

Unknown said...


My fiance and I are coming to Cancun on the 13th. We have been very vigil about reading your blog everyday. We had our hearts set on visiting Cancun and staying at Sun Palace. This is my first trip and I'm very excited.

Because of all of your posts, we feel confident that we made the right choice in not cancelling our honeymoon. Thank you so much for taking the time out of each day to keep everyone informed.

My fiance and I feel like we know you!

Best wishes to you and again - thank you so much!

Julie & Rory - Arizona newlyweds!

Grace said...

My best friend and I are coming down for Friday and cannot wait! Thanks so much for keeping us updated, it's helped me feel calm about keeping the plans for this trip the whole week and now I know we will be able to relax in the sun very soon. The weather is NYC sucks right now:)
Thanks again!

PingPong_Kid said...

Hello again folks. This is the Ping Pong Kid checking in. Wow, great photos CC! Where is this Isla Holbox? I'm all over that. Your picture of the Tulum ruins belongs on a postcard. And thanks again for all the objective and extremely helpful advice. You can tell your detractors to go take a powder. From me too.

So, okay we're coming on down on Sun. May 10 and I for one am getting super pumped! We're staying at Parnassus Golden Cancun. Should be awesome. I will try to leave postings on here everyday from 5/10-5/16 so you can have up to the minute, hard hitting news from the tourist 'trenches'. So those of you planning a trip in a week or two, check back in to see whats up.

Well, not to change the subject too much, but I have had some requests to find out more about me and now you can do so if you want by clicking my screen name above.

Anyway, see all of you down here. Congrats to all the newlyweds and honeymooners, even though I'm not really the marrying kind! Ha-ha.--PPK

VERONICA said...

You have made my decision final, I will be coming down May 16-23. Everyone thinks I'm crazy but thanks to you I know what it's really like down there. Thank you so much for the information!

Take Care and maybe see you soon!!

lynda w said...

I've been following your blog for the past week or two and am really sad to hear that you've been getting a hard time from the locals. I have really appreciated your honesty and your first hand experience on what's going on in Cancun. We are booked to come to Cancun with another family June 13-17 and I can honestly say that if it hadn't been for the daily updates I got here, we might have cancelled our trip. Knowing what was happening there is what kept me from cancelling our trip. The unknown is what scares tourists away.

Love today's pictures and can't wait to get there myself so I can take some of my own!

Rick A said...

I want to say "Thank You" for maintaining your blog and keeping the rest of the world up to date on the status of Quintana Roo. With your help, we've been able to avoid the knee-jerk panic response that's been so prevalent. And so in June, my wife and I will be coming down with our kids for 10 days of fun in the Yucatan sun. I hope the local economy isn't hurt too badly by this. Best wishes!

Teresa said...

I am so sorry to hear that you have recieved a hard time from the local business people. I think that your blog is totally honest, you haven't pushed people one way or the other, I have been referring my readers to your site for up to date non biased news. Keep up the good work and your pix are splendid!

Jorge said...

Most of us have been notified that we are getting part of our salary and that we will not work for some days for the next weeks. But we will do our best to make all you guys happy.

Thank you for following canucka and for supporting Mexico.

Welcome all!

Hyuna said...

We will be there next week from 14 to 18! Thank you for your daily updates - it helped us a lot to make the decision to cancel or not.
We'll be staying at RIU Palace Las Americas.

Manolo said...

I wish I could tell you that I am coming down and help with the recovery of the region. However, my thoughts are with you.

Ah, and where are those Sask radio stations when you need them :-D

Linda said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and honest updates. I cannot believe the bloated hype of the media especially since they are reporting incorrect information. It sad that this type of reporting is hurting people's jobs and businesses. I hope that Cancun will recover soon. I wish I could go there but we just got back from Huatulco. Best wishes!

K-la said...

My fiance and I have our honeymoon booked at Dreams Cancun June 2nd thru the 9th. We have been reading your site daily, ever since the drug cartel violence frenzy, and even after the swine flu, even if locusts came next, we will still come. I heard a rumor that Dreams Resort in Cancun is closed due to high volume of cancellations...is this true?

Unknown said...

thank you for ur posts everyday . I am a college student about to get off for my summer vacay to Cancun of course. first week of June. my parents are letting me go cause of your recent updates on the issue. Please Keep posting. I check everyday to hear the latest news! Thanks

p.s Without you I wouldn't be going to Cancun

Johnny said...

I got back from Cozumel on April 29 after a wonderful two week vacation, and must say that the scariest part was my return home and seeing the huge overreaction the rest of the world had towards this health issue. Finances allowing, I plan to return in November, the Yucatan peninsula is by far my favorite vacation place.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about what the locals think about your neutral opinions about tourists visiting Cancun. Your blog is a trusted source of information I and my family have relied on. We did read news updates from the Mexican government but your local news means more to us. Those local businesses sending you hate mail don't know about the word, conscience. Lying and providing false information does not help your blog. Keep to your morals and mission for this blog.

Thanks again for the updates. We are happily visiting from 5/10 to 5/16 at the CasaMagna Marriott.

Miss Kitty said...

I found your site by accident over the weekend and I'm so happy I did! We were a bit on the fence about coming down but didn't cancel and will be there from 16-23at Le Blanc. We've only been to the Playa del Carmen area (last 2 years) but never Cancun and are very excited about it.
Thanks again for all the info!

Anonymous said...


leah said...

We're here now! We came very very close to canceling but because of your blog and the feeling that I was getting real information, we decided to head down as planned on Sunday the 3rd. It is a frequent traveler's dream right now - the airport was a breeze, the beaches aren't crowded and the weather is perfect. Thank you again for keep us all updated. Without your blog I would have cancelled and been kicking myself.

Louise said...

Thanks Canuck for your blog. I've been a regular follower for about a week or so and without your blog and several others that you follow under OTROS BLOGOS I may have seriously considered canceling my vacation to Cancun on June 6th. It was so nice to be able to hear from a local about the situation in Cancun, both the good as well as the not so good. Heck, there's been several school closings and a few cases of H1N1 in my neck of the woods as well. I've stopped scouring the internet for alternative destinations, I've "met" some wonderful new blogger friends, the stock market is looking a little better and I'm going to Cancun, LIFE IS GOOD!!! I hope you're back in the pink soon!

Denise said...

Don't you pay any attention to those that have complained about your blog. You were honest in what was happening and never once told anyone not to come. You stayed middle of the road. I'm sure those that had trips planned really appreicated your updates. Not to mention you can't possibly tell me you have that much effect on tourism! Keep plugging away with your blog. I really enjoy it!!! Thank you!!!

CajunChick said...

I've been reading your blog for weeks and can't thank you enough. I'm coming to Cancun tomorrow morning with a group of girls and we can't wait! Having the updates from someone who's actually there has been extremely helpful and comforting. Thanks so much! Can't wait to put my feet in the ocean tomorrow! :)

Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

I had extended my stay on Isla by five days. I was supposed to leave last Thursday but changed with fee to return home yesterday.
I got to the Cancun airport yesterday morning to find that although I had checked the evening before my American Airlines flight was canceled due to low occupancy. I had to spend four hours in Cancun then another four hours in Dallas. The Cancun airport was eerily empty when I arrived. No lines to speak of and a short health check detour.
I talked to a couple of people who were leaving on a Canadian airline. They were ordered to leave on the last flight out of Cancun yesterday before the airline shut down Mexican operations for a while. If they had chosen not to leave they would have not reimbursed in anyway by their airline. They said it would cost them thousands of dollars to re-book a one way ticket on another (likely USA) airlines.

Anonymous said...

that should be that I changed my flight with NO FEE which made it a no brainer to stay on Isla longer.

KfromMichigan said...

Sorry you had some negative e-mails. You have the best blog and you know how much I appreciate being kept updated on Cancun. And most of all .. the beach pictures! Thanks for all you do! Nothing would keep me from going to Cancun .. nothing! I survived Hurricane Wilma and several tropical storms in all my years visiting Cancun. Maybe someday I'll write a book!

Becky said...

Thanks so much for your unswerving attention to detail. My daughter and Ihave so appreciated your daily updates about what is really going on in your corner of Mexico. She'll be coming down with her boyfriend, luck dogs, next week. Some day I'll make it!!!! Thanks so much and have a wonderful day.

okie said...

Thank you so much for your updates!!! I was ready to cancel our trip, that is much needed. This is my daughters H.S. graduation present and first time to cancun-so excited!! Cant wait to see the sunset in person.

ElleCancun said...

Way to go amiga!!! I've been in la la land... travelling in Quebec for the last few weeks!!! However, hubby's job truly relies on tourism as well!! If we didn't think it were safe, we wouldn't tell ppl to come either!!!

Waltsense.com said...

Yes - we are on our way. that stinks about the haters. I see their point but they obviosuly didn't get the context of your updates. Also - the resort is doing some upgrading so that is nice. Help reward Canuck and visit her sponsors on the page.

Roxi said...

I am very excited about my upcoming trip there. I will be there on senior trip with my son through grad week. We leave in 18 days - YEEHA
I can't believe someone told you to take this site down since you were loosing them business. They must not read your information because your posts are the only thing that made me not cancel. All you get from the media is doom and gloom and with your post I saw the reality and the improvements day over day. It kept me positive and still on track with my arrangements. Without it I may have canceled all together. Thanks for your updated and I hope you are feeling better

CancunCanuck said...

Wow, I am blown away by all your support, THANKS so much, it makes me smile in these tough times. I wish all of you happy and healthy holidays and I truly appreciate all your great comments. It's enough to make a girl blush. :)

Anonymous said...

thought you might enjoy this link


Racheldv said...

A couple people asked where a good stay is in Cancun, I would like to suggest the 4 star Omni Hotel in Cancun.. I booked it this morning and the Sales manager was very friendly and we got a great deal!!!! Our friend was there 2 weeks ago and loved it! My boyfriend and I are coming from Miami, and we are excited to see Cancun again.. him and I met in Cancun one year ago exactly. For people who haven't been there yet.. you must go.. it is amazing!!

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