Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day with Sharks and Dolphins in Cancun

Happy Mother's Day, Feliz dia de las Mamas! It's one of those odd years where the Mexican Mother's Day falls on the same day as the Canadian/American Mother's Day, so congrats to all North American mommies out there. Mother's Day is always May 10th in Mexico, doesn't matter what day of the week it is, it's always the 10th, but I really like that it's on a Sunday this year, celebrating on a Tuesday just doesn't feel the same.

A big thank you and lots of love to my own mother, she does so much for me and my family, I hope she's having a terrific day up there in Canada. My mom being as cool as she is offered to treat us to a restaurant meal today (whoohoo!) so we headed out to the hotel zone for a special breakfast. I wanted to go to Captain's Cove, but when we pulled up the line was out the door. It's a popular breakfast spot for locals as well as tourists and I guess everyone had the same Mother's Day idea. As I was STARVING, I said forget it, let's go get some eggs benedict at Jugo de Limon instead.

If you are not familiar with Jugo de Limon, it's a little restaurant in Plaza la Isla that overlooks the lagoon. Not only is the lagoon view great, but the open air facility sits atop the Interactive Aquarium so you can watch the dolphins play and feel the cool stare of the sharks swimming by in the observation windows. Strangely, the restaurant was out of ham (what restaurant runs out of ham?) so I didn't get my eggs benedict, but we enjoyed our omelettes and fresh squeezed orange juice. The breakfast deal is pretty good, 99 pesos for your choice of breakfast plus coffee and orange juice (I don't normally like OJ, but this was GOOOOOOOOOD). We ate, we chatted, we chased Max and watched the sharks and dolphins, overall an absolutely lovely Mother's Day breakfast. I think the highlight was when Max said "Mommy, you look like a model, you're pretty, I love you, Happy Muvvers Day". Kid, you sure know how to hit the soft spots and I love you too, being a mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am glad you're my son. Now, say that line about the model again.......

This baby dolphin was leaping and flying and
playing ball with its mama, he seemed to be having
a grand old time

Jugo de Limon (not just for breakfast!)

The aquarium offers a "Feed the Sharks" experience,
enter the glass cage and get lowered into the shark tank
(The most obnoxious tourist becomes lunch I think)


I love sharks, but am glad to have the glass
barrier, not sure if I want to meet him while snorkeling

The rarest animal of all in Cancun right now.....tourists!!

Hey, I've got a great mother's day gift idea and it's not too late. Book a trip to Cancun or the Riviera Maya for your momma, a present she'll never forget and you'll be rewarding all the moms in Quintana Roo too! Let's get Mexico tourism back on its feet, there are so many great things to see and do here, this was just breakfast and look at all the excitement we found!

Felicidades Mamas!


Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

What a great Mother's Day. Don't you just love when your son says stuff like that. Akilean is always asking me if he can marry me. When I tell him no he says- but I love you so much and want to be happier ever after" TOO CUTE!!!

What a fun sounding place to eat. I love eggs Benedict. It is my favorite breakfast. I will have to give this place a shot.

Amen about the Mexican tourism. There are some great deals about to be available.

Miss Kitty said...

Sounds like a perfect Mother's Day. And thanks for the tip on the aquarium. I'm making a list of things to do and see when we get there next week. We might try BOB CANCUN (breathing observation bubble). Sounds pretty cool.
Thanks for keeping up with all the info. Hopefully tourism will return to normal soon.
Thanks again!!

Gaelyn said...

What a wonderful Mothers Day! Too bad no ham, but your son made up for that. Keep modeling, both for him and us. Sure hope things get better there tourista wise. Sorry my Mom's too old and would be terrified. Wish I could be there. But life is great on the North Rim.

Happy Mothers Day.

Unknown said...

Hi Guys,

I am planning to go in Cancun on May 23 and I tried to call Expedia for any news about the Cancun and Maya location situation and I received the I DO NOT KNOW!
expedia tried to called the hotel several times and nobody answered the phone!
I hope that everything is OK and I will not be in situation to find out that the hotel is closed. IS IT A SHAME that Expedia has no clue about what happened in Cancun and I was told that I have to call Expedia in order for them to call the hotel. Which I think that is ridiculous as they charged the credit card and it is their responsibility to check the hotels for their customers!
I will really appreciate for all the updates that you are giving to everybody and I really love to see the wonders of Cancun.I COULD NOT WAIT!
Good luck to everyone!

Mike Nickell and Cynthia Johnson said...

Hi Kelly - It sounds like you had a great day. Happy Mother's Day and I hope all your students get back to class soon!

Jonna said...

I wonder what it would take, or how many, to get Wayne in that glass shark cage?

Happy Mother's Day! It sounds like you had a wonderful one.

mare ad mare said...

Looks like you had a pretty rough day! Must be a 'little' nice, without the masses of tourists. A refreshing pause let's call it... I'm sure you'll inundated by them again before you know it.
Happy mothers day!

KfromMichigan said...

Love that place and watching the dolphins. Glad you had a fun day! Happy belated Mother's Day!

Louise said...

It sounds like you had a great Mothers Day. My youngest is 14 and I miss those sweet comments that seem to dwindle in numbers as they get older. Thanks for mentioning the Jugo de Limon restaurant, we may have to check it out when we're there.

Miss Kitty - BOB sounds really cool! We just might look into that as well.

Miss Kitty said...

It does sound pretty cool. I have a cost of $75 p/p which doesn't seem too bad. We arrive this Saturday so hopefully we can go and maybe I can leave a comment.
I'm getting really antsy now! lol

CC - is that OK to do that?

CancunCanuck said...

Rosas Clan- Mmm, eggs benedict (I'm going to crave it til I get it, lol!) Little boys can make us crazy, but when they come out with those kinds of comments, my heart just melts all over the place.

Miss Kitty- Hmmm, BOB. Well, I haven't done it and I'll tell you why and then you can make the call. The people I have spoken with who have done BOB have not enjoyed the experience. They said that it was very claustrophobic in the "vehicles" and that they were extremely difficult to manoeuvre. One woman had a huge panic attack and couldn't get her machine to do anything except go in circles, she got out eventually and was in tears. For that amount of money, you can get three snorkeling trips (there are snorkel trips available in Puerto Morelos and Isla Mujeres for about 250 pesos). You would probably get more out of that experience. BUT, as I said, if you think it's something you would enjoy, then go for it, I hate to deter anyone from doing something they're set on. I did want to be honest about the reviews I've heard! Have a fantastic trip and let me know if you try it and have a better experience. :)

Gaelyn- Glad life is going well for you, I am envious of your adventures! My son comes up with some of the most heart wrenching lines, today he said "Mommy, you are my life", how can I not melt? :)

Camelia- What hotel is it? There are lists out there of what has closed and which hotels have consolidated their guests to other locations. As far as I know, there are no outright closures, anything that is temporarily closed has put their guests in alternative accommodations (usually their highest end hotel so it has ended up being upgrades for most people). I wish you luck and hope everything turns out alright!

Cynthia- Thanks amiga, I hope so too, zoiks! Happy mother's day to you. :)

Jonna- LMAO, your comment made me spit coffee out my nose. I'm guessing that Wayne would have to be unconscious to get in the cage. Happy mother's day to you as well lovely lady!

mare ad mare- Yeah, it was terrible, lol. It is really a terrific time to come visit, with so few tourists here, the service will be spectacular and no fighting over lounge chairs! :)

KfromMichigan- Thanks amiga, glad you know about our "secret" locale, it's never busy there and I am always surprised. Belated Happy Mom's Day to you as well!

Louise- Oh no, you're telling me they stop saying those nice things? Shoot, can I keep him 4 years old for a while longer please? Definitely check out Jugo de Limon, great spot! (See my note to Miss Kitty about BOB)..

Miss Kitty said...

Thanks for letting me know about that woman's experience. There is a list of things they warn you about, including the fact if you are claustrophobic this might not be for you. Maybe I'll hit the beach and let my husband do this. I do get claustrophobic so I'd hate to get all set and then not enjoy it. There are lots of other things to do.
I'll let you know if we try it.
Thanks again!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Guys,

The hotel that I am trying to find out is Riu Yucatan! And I am still having trouble finding the truth from Expedia people! I hope that everything will turn out very well.
P.S. Can you please, recommend me some Maya locations or some tours around the area as it will be the first time for me and my husband?

ElleCancun said...

Canuck - Happy Belated Mothers Day! Sounds like you guys had a blast :)

I love your gift idea - Cancun and Mexico, need everyones help!!

Heather said...

Happy mothers day and that baby dolphin has to be the cutest thing ever!

CancunCanuck said...

Camelia- From what I read, the Riu Yucatan is open, it's where some of the guests of other Rius are being sent. As for tours, I recommend seeing Chichen Itza or Tulum, Xelha and Xcaret, Selvatica, snorkeling, just to name a few. Have a good trip!

On Mexican Time- Thanks girl, sorry I'm so behind in replying! I wish someone would give me a vacation in the Riv Maya, I could use a couple days at an all inclusive. :)

Heather- Thanks and right back atcha though late!

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