Monday, May 25, 2009

Swim With Dolphins Cancun!

We had a such a lovely treat this weekend! We were lucky and got some passes to Delphinus at Dreams Cancun, a chance to kiss a dolphin is always good for me, fish breath and all. (The dolphin of course, no fishy breath for Canuck!)

We arrived at Dreams at about 2:30 and were greeted and checked in by the kindly Sergio. Our swim was scheduled for 3:00 and we didn't have to wait long before our hostess Mariana came to bring us to the holding area and give us our life jackets. I'm always impressed by the relaxed good nature of the employees and their ability to switch easily from English to Spanish while talking to the variety of guests. Mariana gave us information about the animals and the program and instructions for each of the activities we were going to do with the dolphins. No touching their face or blow holes, take off all jewelry in order not to scratch their skin, be gentle with their fins, etc, etc.. We had a very small group, only six adults and Max, a mix of Mexican locals, a New "Yawker" and his Argentinian wife and us. Spanglish abounded! Our trainer Carlos came to greet us and got us right into the enclosure.

Max was a little freaked out at first, but quickly became enamored with the beautiful creatures swimming around him. I was so pleased to see him following the instructions, he reminded me several times not to touch the dolphins face and he was ever so gentle with them. We sang and danced with the dolphins, stroked their lovely pink bellies, had them jump over our heads, give us a kiss (and yes, we kissed them back!), got a hug and best of all we got to do the "foot push". Such a unique feeling! Each person goes to the center of the pool, lays on their belly with their legs apart. Suddenly two little dolphin noses are pushing the bottoms of your feet, forcing your forward, flying through the water, arms up, head held high! I love that moment (and I'll admit to being a show off, all my dance training got me RIGHT UP out of the water and in a backbend, oh how I wish you could see the video!) Ok, enough bragging, teehee. Max did it all, except he told me that he was too small to do the foot push and that he would do it "next time when I'm bigger". Cool beans kid, not going to force you to do it and good for you for recognizing your limits!

The swim lasts about 50 minutes, lots of time for interaction with the dolphins and lots of laughs and smiles all around. The trainers quite obviously love their animals, they are treated very well, almost like babies! In all my years living here I have met many dolphin trainers and they are all very similar. They are truly devoted to caring for these animals and making sure they are loved. I noticed that one of the dolphins didn't want to play and he simply swam away, there was no force involved, he wanted a break, he took a break, that made me happy. I remember speaking to a trainer right after Hurricane Wilma and asking them about their experience. They had spent the entire storm with the dolphins, trying to calm them, ensuring they didn't get injured and putting the animals' needs before their own. While I know that not every facility in the world has such fine care, I have only witnessed love and respect from the trainers in Quintana Roo.

If you've got a trip coming up and are interested in swimming with the dolphins in Cancun or the Riviera Maya, check out Delphinus, they're offering discounts and free transportation. They have several facilities throughout the region, Dreams Cancun, Xelha, Xcaret, Riviera Maya and Costa Maya. Combine your eco park adventure with an unforgettable experience with these magnificent creatures!

Swimming with dolphins makes us goofy


Gaelyn said...

How absolutely and awesomely fun! I'm so jelous. It was just way to expensive for my husband to fork over when I was there years ago at Xcaret. Max, you lucky boy.

But this is the only picture we get?

KfromMichigan said...

Where are all the pictures? I want more! Glad you had a blast.

Kristyn said...

I am so glad to hear about your adventure! My hubby and I are going to Dreams Cancun this coming weekend for 6 days. I have been following your blog looking for places to go and fun things to do of all price ranges. My first time to Mexico:) Any snorkling charters right near the hotel that you know of? We are sticking close to the hotel most of our trip except for Isla M.

Heather said...

So excited that not only you but max gets to enjoy such great things and for free, you rock chica!

Calypso said...

"Swimming with dolphins makes us goofy"

Do you think it is the chlorine or what???

Unknown said...

I have a party of 12 arriving in Cancun on Sunday and we would love to swim with the dolphins. What is the special price they are offering? Should I contact them before we arrive or when we get there? We are staying at the Riu Cancun.

Anonymous said...

Debbie, does a 20% off the regular price could be a nice deal for you? Is for any program at Delphinus Dreams (includes the transportation from your hotel-delphinus-hotel).

The programs and regular price are: Primax 159USD, Trainer for a day 259USD and The One 499USD.

Please let me know to help you with your booking….

Anonymous said...

Im soooooooooooooooo jealous!!!!

dichuy said...

My brother-in-law is one of the still photographers at that location. We were treated to a swim on him back in February. It is such a wonderful experience and they do take such great care of their dolphins. Glad you had a great time!!

Michele in Playa said...

It's nice to hear someone post something nice about the "dolphin experiences". Usually it's the same old tired "but they should be FREE to roam the sea" argument. I'm glad the facility and the trainers are nice. I've yet to meet one who did not absolutely love the animals.

PS - I can't believe how BIG Max is!!!

CancunCanuck said...

Gaelyn- Very fun indeed. It is a pricey adventure, but I think it is worth it. We are fortunate that both of our jobs give us the occasional "courtesias" or complimentary tickets, without that we wouldn't be able to do a lot of the things we do. And yes, those are the only pics, no cameras allowed in the enclosure so we had to store the camera in the locker.

KfromMichigan- I know, I know, not enough photos! Bringing a camera in with us was a no no (I wouldn't want to hurt the dolphins with it) so alas, all we got was waiting room photos.

Kristyn- If you are going to Isla Mujeres, I would take a snorkel trip there, the reef is gorgeous. When you get off the ferry, there will be lots of people selling trips, usually around 250 pesos per person. Find the guy that you like best and go for it (they're all pretty much the same). I hope you have a fantastic trip!

Heather- We are so very fortunate, I thank my lucky stars everyday that my son gets some great opportunities to explore and to learn more about nature.

Calypso- No chlorine, maybe the sea weed? The enclosure was sea water, real fishies brushing our legs and more than a few times I got freaked by a tendril of sea grass brushing my legs. But I guess if I were to be honest, we're just goofy all the time. :)

Debbie- Contact the commenter right below you, he'll hook you up with the deal. Have a great trip, I hope it's everything you dreamed!

Delphinusblog- Thanks for jumping in and helping Debbie out. :)

Erica- Come on down, your baby girl would LOVE IT!

dichuy- Glad you had a great experience, nice to have friends in the right places, si? :)

Michele- I have to admit that I was hesitant years ago, until I started to meet trainers in "real" life. Their enthusiasm and love for their animals convinced me that they were in no way being abused. I keep my cats inside, my dog in a gated yard and they are loved and fed and given great health care, I think it's similar. And oh yes, Max is growing like a weed!

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