Friday, June 12, 2009

Cancun News Bites June 12, 2009

Just a few tidbits of news that may be interesting to tourists and locals alike. Happy Friday!

1. Beach recovery dates set- "Mexicana de Dragados S.A. de C.V", the Mexican branch of Jan de Nul (the company who originally did the beach recovery in 2006) is set to begin work on July 15 on rebuilding the beaches of Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel. The project is slated to take 151 days at a cost of 773 million pesos, with a ten year maintenance plan. No word yet as to where they will be starting, I will keep you posted when I have any details about which areas will be having work done and when. (Source: Noticaribe)

photo courtesy Novedades (Sipse)

2. Fire in Casa Maya- There was a small fire in the Casa Maya hotel yesterday in the early evening. A electrical short in some machinery is said to be the cause. Guests were temporarily evacuated to the beach, but there is apparently no damage to the guest areas and no one was injured. (Source: Novedades de Quintana Roo)

3. Occupancy in Cancun and Riviera Maya reaches 50%- After the "infodemic" of swine flu, the areas of Cancun and the Riviera Maya suffered a huge blow, with occupancy numbers reaching devastating levels and thousands and thousands of employees found themselves without jobs. While people are still living on reduced salaries and hours, there is hope as the Cancun Visitors Bureau announced that occupancy levels have reached 50% this week. This is far below previous years during the same period, but it's a bright spot for those who rely on tourism to feed their families. Promotions to bring tourism back are being implemented by both the government and private businesses, some amazing deals are to be found. (source: Noticaribe)


KfromMichigan said...

Glad to hear the occupancy rate is up .. hope is keeps rising. Casa Maya huh .. getting close to my home! I do hope the beach recovery works this time .. that's mucho pesos.

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

Things are looking up! Great post honey. I am still working on hubby for the puppy. It does not look good. :(

Bison Girl said...

Good to hear the good news. My parents, husband and myself just book our first vacation to Cancun and Playa Dal Carmen for December :) we're excited! i'll be reading your blog to get ready.

shallie said...

We are coming down to Punta Cancun condo's on June 21 - 30th. This is our first time to stay here. It has been many years since we have been back to Cancun. Now that the level threat has been raised to 6 pandemic; we are here in the states and wonder what the media says if we really have anything to worry about? i have a 3 year old that will be with me and i worry that his health could be jepordized as he gets sick so easily. any suggestions? thanks

Unknown said...

I just got back from Riviera maya. I HAD THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE!! I am so glad i didn't worry about the swine flu all your blogs hep me decide to go. I can't wait to go back. Everyone was so nice and I just wanted to move there like you did. I defiantly did not want to leave!

Thanks for all your info

CancunCanuck said...

KfromMichigan- They're going up, but it's still depressing to see them in the 50's and I know a lot of people are still out of work or working for reduced salary (Hubby was just told they are extending the reduction yet again, we're in trouble!)

Rosas Clan- What can we do to convince hubby you need a wittle puppy? Do the kids do good puppy dog eyes? A bottle of wine? Tears from you? :)

Bison Girl- Congrats on booking the trip, I hope to give you some ideas in the coming months of things to do. Welcome!

Shallie- Swine flu is definitely on the decline here, there have been very few cases in comparison to other locales, the virus does not last in the humidity (or so the scientists say). Resorts are taking every precaution to make sure their guests are safe, I would not worry about it at all. I've got a four year old, so I understand your concerns, just get some alcohol hand gel or wipes and wash his little hands a lot, I am sure you'll be just fine. Have a great trip!

Elizbeth-So glad you had a great trip, I am glad I was able to help and that you didn't miss out on the time of your life. Come back soon, spread the good word!

Hyuna said...

Much thanks to Cancun Canuck. I and my husband had a great time in Cancun last month. Well rested and spoiled. We were so glad that we didn't cancel the trip. Thanks again for all the updates.

We wrote a review of our stay at my blog.

0s0-Pa said...

I long for the day I can go to Cancun... sure seems like my kind of paradise.
p.s. When is the best time to go to cancun?

Jackie said...

Hello! I'm going to Cancun for a wedding in about 2 weeks... What is it like in terms of safety for an American girl who wants to see a bit of the ruins/pyramids and other beaches in the area? Thanks so much!

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