Monday, June 1, 2009

Cancun Weather- It's Rainy Season, Relax

It was bound to happen, the emails have started to arrive from people who are desperately checking their favourite weather sites to see how things are shaping up for their upcoming vacations. It's that time of year people, the forecasts are always going to call for rain, whether (not weather, haha) it's accurate or not. It is rainy season after all, the humidity is high, the ocean is heating up and we're bound to see a little of the wet stuff.

(Here's the part where I cover my a$$ and remind you all that I am NOT a meteorologist, nor a scientist. Heck, I'm not an expert of any kind, just sharing what I've experienced in the hopes of easing some stressed out travelers' minds....)

Generally at this time of year we'll see forecasts full of ominous black clouds and fancy numbers indicating the likelihood of rain and storms. The reality is usually that we'll have hot and sunny weather during the day and a little rain at night. Some showers might blow in during the day, but they'll pass quickly, you probably won't even get out of the pool and it will likely feel quite refreshing after the scorching heat of summer. This past weekend for example, the forecasts called for rain, rain, rain. We were out and about and enjoying ourselves at the Andalucia ranch, nary a drop to be seen all day long, forgot all about the weather reports. The exception of course is in the event of a hurricane, a totally different animal than a little shower, but we'll have a few days notice of that kind of weather event heading our way.

So, I wish I could promise you totally sunny skies for your trip, but alas, I have no such power. I wish I could guarantee that the "quick shower" scenario is what you'll get, but my crystal ball has a crack in it too. All I can say is "relax, whatcha gonna do?" My best advice? Stop looking at the weather sites, hope for the best and find a way to enjoy a rainy day if indeed we get a little of the wet stuff. You don't have run away from a shower, enjoy the warm droplets of joy, play a little rain volleyball and have another shot of tequila, it's all good and it makes the flowers grow, there's as much beauty in a rain storm as a bright sunny day.

September Storm Rolling in To Isla Blanca
(we didn't bother to go home, we rode it out in the sea and it was lovely)


Steve Cotton said...

Same thing on our coast. We have had the "Isolated t-storms" symbol for over a week, and 8 more are listed. Of course, so far, nary a drop of rain. The weather people seem to simply hedge their bets because the chance of precipitation is (and has been) listed as 30% -- about the same chance I have of being elected pope.

Even the word verification is getting in on the act. Tonight's choice: "hydre"

Gaelyn said...

That storm image is awesome! So what's the problem with a little rain? Hell, we just had snow. But a hurricane, no thanks.

Scott Bulger Photography said...

Kelly, your guess is as good as any of the "meteorologists"...sounds impressive, but i'd love to have a job where I could be wrong half of the time and still get paid.

Swanky said...

Just back from a week with every day 30-60% chance of rain. We saw a little. Most days were all sunny and bright and maybe rain in the late evening, or, just some clouds more likely. No plans were scraped at any time due to rain.

Teresa said...

I remember vacationing in the Riviera Maya before we made the jump to live here. I would check the weather forecast frantically a week ahead of time, it ALWAYS said cloudy with a chance of rain. The thing is that it almost never happened, we would arrive, it would be hot and sunny with maybe a late day shower.

Matt Swift said...

When I first went to Cancun, my ex-wife and I were horrified to see the weather forcast. Sunday: rain. Monday: rain. Tuesday: rain. and soforth, all week.
What they didn't tell us was that it was a 20 minute downpour every afternoon around 2pm. By 3pm you'd never know it had rained!

ElleCancun said...

LOL - I keep telling everyone that the forecast always says rain or partly cloudy! You never know what you'll get until you get here!!

Lluvia y Sol!!!!

john said...

Up here in the mountains, I find the "rainy" season to be the best time of year. Rain cuts the dust and lowers temperatures. How well I remember avoiding Mexico during the rainy season, not realizing what I was missing.

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

Amen sister. I love it when we get the quick rains - it feels great. I love your post.

CancunCanuck said...

Wow, I'm behind on answering this one, oops, my bad, so sorry!

Steve- I think you would make a fine pope. I agree with you, the weather reports seem to be of the "CYA" variety, just in case it rains they don't want people to say "But you said it would be sunny!". People are much happier when they are expecting rain and get sun, no one complains about a bad forecast then.

Gaelyn- Nothing wrong with a little rain. A LITTLE rain, big ones or long periods of rain are hard to handle though. Hurricanes? No problem, but snow I can do without!

Scott- Seriously! Getting paid to guess, I'll take that job!

Swanky- Thanks for stopping by and jumping in with your experience, I appreciate it! Glad the weather didn't mess with your plans.

Teresa- I think we all feel better when the reports are wrong in that direction, though we get upset if it calls for sun and we get rain. Oh, psychology, haha!

Matt- You're a pro! You know better than to weather watch now, haha.

On Mexican Time- I think we should just black out the forecasts for Cancun, they only serve to cause anxiety, haha.

John- There is something wonderful about the rains and as you say, you really are missing something if you don't take the time to appreciate it. My four year old son who LOVES to play outside will even say "Mommy, I like a little rain, it makes the flowers grow big big big to the sky". He's got the right attitude.

Rosas Clan- Hallelujah. The quick rains feel great, the skin feels good, you feel refreshed, lovely! And, the rain here is clean, no danger of burning flesh with the acid rain of big cities "north of border". :)

Unknown said...

Hi Canuck!

My husband and I leave for Cancun this Saturday! We are so excited but the weather calls for rain over the next week at around 80% on some days. Is this typical? We're concerened!

Thanks so much for your great blog!

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