Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ketchup. Er, Catch Up

Wow, can't believe it's been so long since I blogged, let's play catch up, see if I have some good excuses for not posting lately.

1. The Big Show- Every year Max's school does an end of year production in a theater, fancy costumes, lights, choreography and chaos. Last week we had a rehearsal on the stage during the week and the performance on Saturday morning. I always get so emotional at these events, I guess that's the curse of the parent isn't it? My little guy's class (Kinder 1) did three numbers, the first one was the English song and dance to "Heigh Ho" from Snow White. I personally think they could have picked a better song, "dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig" is a bit repetitive, but it was cute. Particularly since it seems most of the kids thought that the words were "I'm HOME" instead of "Heigh Ho", they sure belted out the chorus. The main event for Kinder 1 was their Yucatecan dance , they looked adorable in their traditional costumes and almost no one got hurt in the intricate choreography (yes, almost, Max did bang heads with some poor kid and four of the girls ended up in tears). For an extra special treat, a handful of fathers (Hubby included) did a dance to the "Mariachi Loco", I was almost laughing to hard to take photos.

Max and His Best Friend
(yes, they are the same age but look at the size difference)

Kinder 1- The Yucatecos
(To Max's right, your left is his "wife", he told me
they got married two weeks ago)

The Dads and Their Big Finish

2. The Great Outdoors- We've been getting out of the house a LOT. It has been hot, hot, hot, but the summer season always thrills me, time to get out to the beach and enjoy the breezes. After Max's rehearsal last week we made a last minute decision to go to Isla Mujeres (Wayne, I think I have a wrong number for you!) Max LOVES going to Isla as he gets to ride on the big boat. I was excited to see the "new" ferry (don't know how long it's been in service, but it was new to me!), it seemed to be a faster ride and I love the floor to ceiling windows that give a fantastic view of the Bay of Isla Mujeres. We walked up to Playa Norte and played on the beach all afternoon. Max made friends with a couple of kids who were selling chicles and they frolicked for hours on the giant sandbags that seem to be helping the beach come back. I met a lovely couple from Canada and their baby, and found it very interesting that three Canucks were communicating in Spanish (they were French Canadians and I lost my French years ago). Of all the beaches in Quintana Roo, I think that Playa Norte is by far the best swimming beach, clear shallow waters with almost zero waves, you can float forever!

The New Ferry to Isla

Max's New Amigo and his Starfish Friend

Jumping off the Sandbags
(What? You don't know that game?)

3. Social media junkie- Oh the addiction of Twitter! I've been "slacking" in my Tweets recently (much like my slacking in the blog department), just checking in once or twice a day. It's all Facebook these days! For a long time I barely checked my Facebook but recently my extended family has found their way on to FB and I have been enjoying myself immensely. After my grandma died, the family really grew apart, it's been at least 15 years since I have been in communication with first cousins and aunts and uncles, 30 years for some of them!! We've been exchanging messages and photos on Facebook and getting to know each other all over again. I think Grandma would be happy (though perhaps flummoxed by the whole internet phenomenon). So, sorry blog and Twitter, I'm currently a FB junkie enjoying some family time!

4. Work- My regular job is going great, I am digging my classes, but in addition to teaching I've been getting some writing jobs. This is oh so good and oh so exciting. It's little jobs here and there, not enough to quit the day job or even pay the bills, but anything extra right now is great, Hubby and I are still working on reduced salaries because of stinky swine flu. Don't get too excited, I'm not writing novels or in depth reports on anything of import, it's mostly commercial travel pieces, ad copy for folks selling all manner of travel related things. But, work is work and I'll take it where I can get it!

And there you have it, my big excuses for not blogging lately. Hopefully I'll get back in the flow of things this week, let's see if I can get some of this work out of the way so I can focus again. Hope you are all well, have a fab day!


KfromMichigan said...

Glad you are back .. I've missed your reports!

ElleCancun said...

LOL - welcome back :)

Kelly said...

Great catch-up post! That's very exciting about your "moonlighting" - you're a great writer! I too am addicted to Facebook, my husband's got a big family and it's just great for keeping in touch. It beats e-mail, in my opinion!

Sara said...

Your son and his "wife" just warmed my heart.

Freelancing? I need to do something like that. It's just so darn competitive.

Frankly Ronda said...

Enjoy the update!

That pic with BF is too funny! The costumes are precious. But the Dad photo - the best!

I also tear up at these silly shows. Just feel so damn lucky to have this life!

Cdn Cat said...

I guess I've been spoiled by reading a new post here almost daily...but I must admit the reason I don't find time to blog as much is FaceBook. My relatives & friends are from here to timbucktoo so it's a great way to stay in touch!
I loved reading the part about Max being married for 2 weeks already. How did you react to that one? Manage to keep a sraight face? I'm laughing out loud thinking that he most likely told you matter of factly....right? What sweety pie!

mare ad mare said...

Max is looking very suave... I just finished a parents number myself at the year end dance recital - and we got some pretty good cheers(laughs) too!

Ivanhoe said...

How I wish to be in that azur water! I'm glad you did not get lost somewhere in the blogosphere. Enjoy your summer :o)

Laura said...

Congratulations on your new daughter-in-law!
And your writing jobs!

CancunCanuck said...

KfromMichigan- Glad to be back. Did you catch the fireworks last night? I still call it "Freedom Fest", I don't think I can ever kick that habit!

On Mexican Time- Thanks amiga!

Kelly- Thank you kindly! FB is better than email in a few ways, the groups option is good and I love the photo sharing aspect. I set up a group for the family where we can all catch up and converse without jumping from profile to profile (now if I can teach them how to use it, lol!)

Sara- Go local! These jobs all came to me through Twitter believe it or not, people find me, they read the blog and they ask if I am available. I haven't "applied" for any of these jobs, they just fell in my lap. Use your networks and get the word out that you are interested in writing and see what comes your way.

American Mommy- The costumes were great, all the classes represented a different state in Mexico, too cute! Yes, the tears of motherhood, we are damn lucky. :)

Cdn Cat- Nope, I'm afraid I couldn't keep a straight face when he told me he got married. It was extra hard not to laugh when he said they did it so they could kiss. :)

Mare ad mare- Good for you! Now I would love to see some pics please, lol! I remember so well doing "daddy/daughter" dances, love my dad for it, your daughters will remember. :)

Ivanhoe- The water blows my mind even after six years here, breathtaking! Nope, not lost, just busy and distracted. :)

Laura- LOL, thanks, as long as I am not a grandmother any time soon I can deal with a daughter in law. Too bad the teachers say that she is EVERYONE'S girlfriend. ;-)

Gaelyn said...

All those things sound more important than blogging. Nice to see you here though. And I catch you on twitter.

Heather said...

Love that the dads got involved, too cute! I just love the way your water looks, a beach is a beach but its so much nicer when the water is clear, lol! So jealous!

Fned said...

Max got married?!!! Whatever happened to Karen???


ChicagoStaci said...

like whoa. Blogging psychic waves.....I haven't read any of my regular blog reads in a couple weeks (just ketch/catch -ing up now). I titled my blog post on June 26th Ketchup and the first line of my posting says No, wait, I mean catchup. Similar to yours....posted three days earlier! ooooeeee ha ha ha. I just thought that was funny. As always LOVE seeing Max and his crazy little kid personality....he is so fun and cute!

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