Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Puppy Love

So perhaps cockroaches are not your cup of tea, how about puppies? Everybody likes puppies! You may recall that a little while ago I helped rescue a lovely dog I named "Princesa" from the parking lot where I work. I took her for shots and to get her fixed, but she was in heat so we had to wait for the surgery. I brought her to her new home and a few days later when I pulled into work, she was there in the parking lot. When I asked her new daddy what happened, he told me she had broken her leash the night before and taken off, he was as surprised as I was that she ended up back where we found her. He brought her home and realized a short time later that in her night of freedom she had managed to get herself knocked up (tramp!) She had her puppies last week so I went to pay a visit to the new mom today.

Princesa and her brood of five

I call him "Hedgehog"

Apparently this one is named "Max". At least according to Max.
(He/she just opened her eyes today, first of the bunch to do so!)

I wanted to eat this one, so I call her/him "Caramelo"

Smooshy faces of love

The Whole Cute Team

One kind reader has already offered to adopt one of these little guys, anyone else have a home for them? Five in total, don't know their gender, I do know that they are edibly adorable and their mom has an incredible temperament for a street doggie. Drop me some mail if you know someone looking for a pup, once they're weaned, they're all yours! I've been told it's actually quite easy to bring pets back to the states or Canada from Mexico, if you're coming on vacation what better souvenir than an authentic Mexican doggie?


Amanda said...

Why do you have to torture me with cute puppies that I can't have? :(

Gaelyn said...

This looks like a whole better pet than the cockaroacha. Which one are bringing home? Max?

KfromMichigan said...

So so cute .. would love to have them all ..

Heather said...

Precious, i love the white one!

CancunCanuck said...

Hi all, glad you love the pups! I've now found homes for two of them (thanks readers!) and one will stay with the mama (the "daddy" has fallen for Hedgehog). So, two more homes to find!

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

Let me talk to Ruben. We have wanted to get a puppy but we were going to wait a while. I will buz ya.

Ivanhoe said...

How cute! I never heard anybody descibe a puppy as edible before, but it is so fitting :o)
Ship them all to me - to Ohio!

Alice said...

How big do you think these will get? We want a dog, but probably can't do anything greater than a medium size in our DF apartment.

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