Monday, July 13, 2009

What I Did on my Summer Vacation

I'm baaaaack. The parents have left the building and I am back in the land of online living. Two weeks away from the internetz was a nice break, but I am ready to jump back into blogging (and Twittering and Facebooking and emailing, etc, etc, etc.). There is just too much to tell you so I thought I would start with a general "Hi, I'm alive and all is good in the hood" post and a general wrap up of my vacay and then dig into photos, hotel reviews, restaurant reviews and tour and location reviews in separate posts.

So, it was fantastic to have my parents here. They are so good to us and excellent guests in our home. My mom turned into a silly little girl with Max, down on the floor playing cars and generally making him laugh and entertaining him every day. My dad was the "tough guy" with Max, hopefully teaching him some lessons about respect and listening and being a good boy. It was great to watch him get down on Max's level, force him to look him in the eye and with a calm, cool and quiet demeanour, give him heck for whatever naughty thing he was doing! Max was surprised, but oh man did he listen, Grandpa's word was law and he really turned his behaviour around. I love that they have such a good relationship with their grandson, even though they live across a continent, there is a closeness and love there that makes me incredibly happy. Of course they love him, but observing Max and hearing him tell me how much he loves them just makes my heart swell.

As it turns out, my folks and I have very different "schedules". I go to bed super early while they prefer to stay up late at night. It all worked out though, when we went to bed, they went out! Not drinking or partying, but late night Walmart shopping and a few nights in the casino. Those casino nights worked out in our favour for sure, they WON every night and thus, we have a big new tent, air mattress, camping chairs and a barbecue. Thanks Mom and Dad and thanks PlayCity! We'll be doing a whole lot more camping now that we've got our own equipment. Xpu Ha, here we come!

I was extremely sad to see them off at the airport, I held in the tears until they were out of sight but then I let'em rip. I sobbed like a baby and spent the rest of the day in bed in a blue funk. I know they'll be back, but it gets harder and harder to see them go. Maybe one day they'll stop talking about moving down here and just do it, we'd love to have them around to be with Max as he grows up. They're next big plan is to rent a place on Isla Mujeres for a month, hopefully that will happen sooner rather than later!

Ok, there's your "I'm back" post, off to edit some photos! I'll have posts this week about the Akumal Beach Resort (fun), Bovino's Restaurant (fabulous) and Rio Secreto (utterly fantastic). See you soon, hope you've all been well!

(Oh, just noticed in my stats that I broke 250 000 visitors, thanks so much to you all, wow!)


Nancy said...

You are so lucky to have parents like that! And Max, too!

I look forward to hearing more, you always have such fun tales to tell.

ElleCancun said...

Ohhh amiga... Seeing family and friends off is not an easy task, and something you never get used to!! I'm very fortunate as my dad and step mom have just recently purchased some land down here to build!!

Congrats on hitting the "big" time!! 250,000 WOW!

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

I am so glad that you had a great time with your parents. I am glad to have you back.

Congrats on the stats. That is great.

Islagringo said...

Mmmm. I know of a cute little cabana on the island where they could probably get a discount!

Gaelyn said...

Sounds like a great visit and vacation. Grandparents can play a very important role to children. And it sounds like your parents are devine. Look forward to pics and stories.

KfromMichigan said...

Welcome back .. I've missed you! Can't wait to see all the pics. And hear all the stories. Time with your parents is priceless, glad you all had a good time. Isla for a month sounds wonderful.

Miss Kitty said...

I was telling my husband that your parents went to the Casino. Where is there a Casino in Cancun and is it the same type gamling casino like in Nevada??

Denise said...

Glad to have you back. I can't wait to hear about your vacation. Hopefully it will give me some ideas while there.

CancunCanuck said...

Nancy- I am very lucky indeed, best parents/grandparents in the world! I wish I would have recognized that as a teenager, I am sure I put them through the wringer as an adolescent!

On Mexican Time- How great that your family has bought some land, congrats! As hard as it is to say good bye, at least I know they'll be back, they just can't seem to stay away! :)

Rosas Clan- Thanks chica, glad to be back.

IslaGringo- I guess it's good to have friends in high places, teehee. I'll email you for details of the cabana (I don't thin I've ever actually seen it!) Now, how would that cabana's owners feel about a 4 year old visiting, haha!

Gaelyn- My folks are fantastic and I am glad that even though we are far apart they are playing a role in Max's life. We talk about them frequently with him, show him pics, etc, etc, so he never forgets them. He's not much of a phone talker yet, but we're working on it!

KfromMichigan- I missed the blog and my readers too, I don't think I realized how much until I sat down at the computer and noticed how happy I was to be writing and communicating again. Come on down for a month yourself, Isla awaits!

Miss Kitty- There are two "PlayCity" locations in Cancun, one in Plaza Kukulkan in the hotel zone, one in Paseo Cancun downtown. They are not full on casinos, just video gaming and sports betting. Not Caesar's Palace, but enough to satisfy the gambling urge. :)

Denise- Where are you going to be staying, Riv Maya, Cancun, Playa? I've got ideas aplenty! :)

Miss Kitty said...

Thanks for the info! We'll have to visit PlayCity next time we're in Cancun. Making plans now to visit in Jan or Feb. We absolutely love it!!

Amanda said...

Glad you had a good time, and glad to see you back. :)

Heather said...

Thats how i feel every time my mom leaves. Its so hard, I dont think I've ever driven home from the airport with dry eyes.

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