Monday, August 24, 2009

Cenote Azul- A Refreshing Sunday Dip

Sunday morning dawned bright and hot and as usual we were looking to get out of town for the day. Normally we sit at the computer and make a plan, so yesterday we decided to just hit the road and see what we could see. Hubby is really keen on seeing the ruins of Coba, but in this heat and humidity it just wasn't all that appealing to me but we started driving south in the hopes of finding inspiration. Max was in the back seat chanting "Cenote, cenote, cenote, CENOTE" (yes, he's a bit repetitive and loud sometimes) so once we got south of Playa we started looking for a yep, you guessed it, cenote. We stopped in at Kantun Chi first, it looks like a gorgeous place but it was out of our budget for the day, 300 or 500 pesos each wasn't exactly what we were looking for. We went a few meters up the road and saw the sign for Cenote Azul and stopped in to check out the lay of the land. Hurrah, 50 pesos for adults and 30 pesos for kids, much more in keeping with our financial state. We paid our entrance fee and found ourselves on a rocky jungle path in search of the "sink hole" (just doesn't ring in English does it? We'll stick with "cenote".....).

We passed a couple of small cenotes that were filled with families and kept walking. We followed the path until we found what was definitely the main attraction, a crowd of people set up on the rocks with their lunches and drinks and hammocks, a group of guys on top of a small cliff diving into the cool clear water and a crowd of people playing and snorkeling in the water. At even a quick glance I could see that the water was full of fish, oh joy, oh bliss!! We didn't settle in right away, but continued on the path, finding other smaller cenotes with no people but very pretty views until the path ended and we turned back. We set up camp and jumped into the fray. WOW, oh wow, the water was c-c-c-cold! A very welcome chill on a hot hot day, it took a few minutes to adjust and then we were grateful for the fresh waters. We soon discovered that standing on the rocks meant that your feet would get nibbled by fishies, not "bites" that hurt, but little fishy kisses. I tried to get a photo of the fish biting my feet, but every time they did it I jumped so alas, no foot/fish photos for you. Of course, I do have a few other pics to share.....

Refreshing Jungle Oasis

Max the Super Snorkeler

Lovely fishies (these were not the biters, they were much smaller)

This woman sat like a crocodile in the water,
oh so still, allowing the fishies to come to her
(The little dark spots around her are small catfish)

Catfish...there were hordes of them

A tourist braves the big jump to the
delight of the locals

We hung around for an hour or two then Hubby got sick of the crowds and decided we should move on to the next part of the adventure. I really loved this spot, the crowds didn't bother me, though I suspect it's a much more enjoyable place during the week and not on a family Sunday. It's a very pretty cenote, clean and refreshing, off the real "tourist" track, definitely a locals place to play.

Tomorrow I'll bring you the second part of our day, the "newest" beach in the Canuck line up, Xpu Ha......


Steve Cotton said...

I am sitting here with rivers of sweat pouring off of me. That water looks great.

ElleCancun said...

C-c-c-c-old! As in took the breath out of you cold!? Just buggin! Looked wonderful!

Gaelyn said...

Ah, the cool fresh water of a cenote on a hot day sounds really fine. It's already beginning to feel like fall here. Love the fishes.

Kelly said...

Considering the fact that it is approximately a billion degrees here (probably slightly cooler than Mexico), that sounds WONDERFUL. What a gorgeous place, the next time I'm in Mexico I'm going to have to tear myself away from the beach to hit the cenotes! Glad you had a good weekend.

KfromMichigan said...

OK I'm ready for the beach pics of Xpu Ha....

Laura said...

Nothing like a cold cenote on a hot day!
I love Xpu-Ha, so I can't wait for that report ;)

Cdn Cat said...

I have not yet checked out Cenote trip for sure. I'm glad you got a chance to "COOL" off in some fresh water!
Now on to tomorrows topic....shhhh that is my secret get away place....I want to keep it that way so don't give away the exact location of the roadway leading in. I have friends in high places that live there...alas I think the secret is out. I heard that you can get pizza delivered there now.
Seroiusly though, I started going to Xpu-Ha in 1990. Back then there were no hotels and the tiny fishing village didn't even have electricity. There was a palapa for a dive shop and the same generous friendly people still live there. A lot has changed since then. I just hope that my cabana will always be there for me to crash in when I visit. I would hate for some big hotel to come in and take over. The area is so beautiful, as I'm sure your photos will display tomorrow. There is an awesome shallow reef right off shore where you can see lots of turtles , rays and other assorted fish. The first cenote I ever went swimming in was in Xpu-Ha...but you can't get to it now as you would have to cross one of the hotel properties to get there and the guards won't let you set foot on the property.
I can't wait to read your post tomorrow! it tomorrow yet?

CancunCanuck said...

Steve- We were sweating bullets before getting in the cenote, it was a shock to the system (and much appreciated). :)

On Mexican Time- It really was take your breath away cold, icy cold, like Canadian lake cold. AWESOME. :)

Gaelyn- Sorry to hear that fall is upon you (haha, I know some people like it and I bet it's gorgeous where you are!).

Kelly- A billion degrees is what we've been suffering all summer, ooooof. Come on down for a dip, it's chilly goodness! I really recommend getting away from the beach for a bit to see some cenotes, very different vibe but still paradise!

KfromMichigan- Coming, coming the beach pics are coming!

Laura- Cenotes in winter are a little harder to handle, haha, but in summer time, ahhhhh, the best. Xpu Ha coming up soon!

Cdn Cat- I'll try not to give away the farm so to speak, haha, it's a little gem! We're looking forward to going camping there in a couple of weeks, can't wait!

Heather said...

Cant believe what a great snorkeler Max is. Love it!

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