Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Olympic Pool in Cancun- Inaugural Day with Governor Felix Gonzalez and Mayor Greg Sanchez

For months and months and months we've been watching the construction of the new Olympic pool of Cancun. What used to be a jungle area is now a community center, with areas for soccer, volleyball, basketball and of course the gigantic Olympic-size pool. We knew they were getting close to finishing the project when they installed stadium lights last week, stadium lights that penetrate our bedroom window so harshly at night that I feel as though I've been caught escaping from jail. Anywho, I digress (lack of sleep). We took a walk over last night to see how things were progressing and we were very impressed by the facilities. We had no idea when things were going to be opening, but the clues were there that it would be soon as they were vacuuming and sweeping and making things presentable all night long.

When I arrived home this afternoon the parking lot was jam-packed with cars and I knew that something was up. Max and I headed over to see what all the hubbub was about and found ourselves at the dedication ceremony, front row center, listening to the Mayor of Cancun Greg Sanchez and the Governor of Quintana Roo Felix Gonzalez speak proudly of the new facility. This was the first time I have been so close to "famous" politicians, and I must say, Greg Sanchez gives a powerful speech. For all the complaints and almost-scandals about this man, he has done some good things in his time in office and seems to be quite sincere in his pride in Cancun (and his accomplishments which he listed in detail).

To christen the new pool, the top ranked swimmers in Quintana Roo were invited to an inaugural race, they all seemed thrilled with the new facilities and excited to be participating in the event. Both the Governor and the Mayor were quite gracious in their speeches, speaking passionately about their desire to create a healthy environment for the people of Cancun and Quintana Roo, particularly creating athletic facilities for young people in order to keep them off the streets and away from lives of crime and drugs. The cynical part of me stayed home today and I was simply proud to be there and proud to be Cancunense and to be a part of a community that is trying to better itself. Viva Cancun! Viva Quintana Roo!

Alberca Olimpica/Olympic Pool of Cancun

Mayor Greg Sanchez (left) and Governor Felix Gonzalez (right)

Mayor Greg Sanchez

Governor of Quintana Roo Felix Gonzalez

Inaugural race

The beautiful new pool

I hope that we and the people of Cancun can enjoy the new facilities for years to come. After so much bad news, it's great to be witness to something so positive for the city and the community.


KfromMichigan said...

Wow .. looks beautiful! Can't wait to explore this new area.

Unknown said...

I like the world class quality of the pool and its setting.
Don't settle for less, gente!

ElleCancun said...

I couldn't agree more - this is fantastic news, and really brings a lot to the community... I have goosebumps, is that wierd? Pride can be a wonderful thing at times like this! It's a really beautiful facility.

CancunCanuck said...

KfromMichigan- It's a really great thing for the city, hopefully a sign of good things to come. I know you love to explore new areas, maybe you'll get lucky and there will be a race scheduled during your trip. :)

DanaJ- Settling for less seems to be the norm, it's nice to see something fantastic like this facility. Of course the governor joked that they couldn't afford the dome to cover it as we all sweltered under the sun, but I think they did a great job.

On Mexican Time- I had a fluttery tummy and goosebumps too, very proud moment! I was so glad we got to be there for the ceremony, I guess technically we "crashed" the event, but I'll be able to tell Max years from now that he was there for the opening race. :)

Heather said...

Good timing chica! lol! Great pixs! Pool water looks just as clear as the ocean water you have down there.

anneke said...

could someone please let me know where the pool is situated I cannot find it on any map. greetings anneke

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