Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Xpu Ha Beach- Shhhh, don't tell anybody!

After our terrific dip in the extremely refreshing Cenote Azul, we popped back onto the highway to head further south in search of a beach. I thought we were close to Xpu Ha (prounounced "schpoo hah") and voila, there it was, not even five minutes away! We made the turn and found our way to the entrance. There was a rope across the road and a couple of ladies sitting at a table collecting entrance fees. As they say, "We don't own the road but we own the rope". They charged us 25 pesos per adult and we were past the barricades and on our way down this road......

The road to Xpu Ha

Whee doggy, almost like off-roading, we were bounced and jiggled around and I swear even with my seat belt on I hit my head on the roof of the car. We found a fairly full parking lot and made our way down to La Playa beach club. We got settled in, ordered a couple of chelas, got Max lathered up with sunscreen (always a battle and a half for some reason) and set him free to terrorize the land. There was some great salsa music playing and we noticed that a band was setting up their gear. When they started playing I was thrilled, they were very good! Nothing like a gorgeous beach, live salsa music and a couple of cold ones to make a Sunday grand.

We chilled, we frolicked, I went for a long walk down the beach. The ocean at Xpu Ha is absolutely, without a doubt, the clearest, most beautiful water I have ever been in. No seaweed, no rocks or coral, no silt, just pure crystal clear blue waters and white sands, quite stunning. It's hard to impress me with beaches now, but this one knocked my socks off (well, if I had been wearing socks they would have been knocked off for sure). Some black clouds started to roll in from the sea, but we pshawed them and stayed put. It rained for a few minutes and then all was clear and hot again. The band didn't stop playing, no one packed up and left, the rain didn't phase anyone. Just another day in paradise.

Live band (can you see the rain drops?)

"Fea" means ugly. Certainly not a word for the beach!

Muchos turtle nests

Ominous looking clouds. You don't scare me Mr. Stormy!

Back to blue skies

Sweet spot behind an abandoned resort

There is a camp ground right on the Xpu Ha beach, we're hoping to spend the weekend there very soon, can't wait to go back and fully enjoy this prime spot in the Mexican Caribbean! This fantastic little place is not very well known to tourists, so shhh, keep it our little secret please!


Laura said...

I love, love, love it there!

KfromMichigan said...

So you let this secret beach spot be known to all .. ugh .. I hope they can't find the road leading to the beach. It is a perfect beach.

Jordy said...

He.. wow! I used to go camping there with my family... almost 23 years ago.. great memories.. I thought it was all full with big resorts.. Is good to know is not.

Gaelyn said...

OMG, it hasn't changed a bit in 13 years. I camped at Xpu Ha beach and agree with the clearest waters. Thanks for that memory. Wish I was headed that way soon.

Sara said...

Lovely pictures as usual. I think you are inspiring me to take my camera with me around Santiago. Unfortunately, I always forget and end up snapping awkward shots with my cell phone camera. Not the same.

Islagringo said...

I never tire of hearing about all the places you visit. I am rather jealous though that it is such a hassle for me to get from the island to any of them. Maybe I should learn how to camp? Do they have internet? LOL!

Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful beach. A few years ago a friend and I checked out a couple of hotels there but decided one was too run down and another was too expensive for how very basic the room was. So we didn’t stay there. We did have a drink and sat and admired the beach for a bit though.

Heather said...

If it impressed you, then you know it really impresses us.

Anonymous said...

Yo Canuck!
Did you take these photos with your new toy?
These are REALLY good photos. The color and contrast look great!

John in LA

Kelly said...

Your pictures look especially pretty! You might see THIS tourist there, but don't worry - I won't tell my friends!

CancunCanuck said...

Laura- I can totally see why you love it, fab place!

KfromMichigan- Yes, I let it slip, ooops! Well, a very special slip for readers of the blog anyway. ;-)

Jordy- There was a resort to the north of the beach and an abandoned resort to the south, but XpuHa itself is still fairly untouched. I'm glad they still have a camping area and not a forty person jacuzzi with waiters in white jackets!

Gaelyn- I don't think it's changed much at all, thank goodness! Here's hoping that the winds in your life blow you down this way soon. :)

Sara- The camera is ALWAYS with me, I take a bazillion photos. Most of them just end up on the hard drive, but I'm happy when there are some worth sharing.

IslaGringo- Hmmm, not sure about internet, but camping for sure! It's harder for you guys to get over for a day trip, but a weekend would make the journey worthwhile! (We've got a tent and an air mattress whenever you desire!)

Jackie- There were some "rooms" there, but we didn't check them out. If we're going rustic, we're going all the way in a tent. Rather pay 70 pesos per person per night than 500 for a lousy room. :)

Heather- Yep, hard to really blow me away with a beach anymore. When did I get so spoiled? :P

dwntwnlft (John)- Yes, the new toy took these photos! I have to sit down with the manual and really learn how to use the bells and whistles, but even on auto I am happy! Glad you like the pics, thanks!

Kelly- Do check it out if you are down this way, worth the drive for sure!! (Thanks for keeping it under your hat). :)

ChicagoStaci said...

mmmmmm xpu ha! My first and maybe only time camping on the Caribbean! I was the envy of my friends and family! love it.

Alejandro Angelico said...

Hi Canuck (and everybody else)

Great post. I live in the area too and I alway rated XpuHa beach as the best beach in the Mayan Riviera (including Tulum)

The restaurant ( owners are Don Chalio's daughter and son in law. You can check with them about the small deparments they rent for a week or so. Its very basic, but the beach is all you need.

There are many other things to do there, like Scuba Diving at and also water sports.

The Catalonia Royal Tulum ( is half a mile to the south, and Hotel Esencia ( half a mile to the north (this is a boutique hotel, very expensive at least for me)

CancunCanuck said...

ChicagoStaci- Aw man, you've camped there and I haven't? I envy you too! :)

Alejandro- Hola y mucho gusto! Gracias por su comentario y bienvenida. Those hotels are expensive for me too, ouch! We'll just share Xpu Ha with very special people, no? ;-)

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