Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Am I in Kinder Dos Yet?

Big boys shave to go to school, right mommy?
(Sure son, just usually not their eyebrows.....)

Finally, FINALLY I can answer "yes" to Max's most persistent question of the summer, "Am I in Kinder Dos Yet?" My little guy (excuse me, big boy) officially started "kinder two" yesterday and he was so proud. This is the beginning of his fourth year at the same school, he started out as a wee bebe in Maternal Uno and learned quickly that the "big kids" in Kinder Dos had the power and respect of the lesser Kinder Unos and Maternal babies. He's all set to rule the school at four years old.

Getting ready for the school year was pretty painless, except on the pocketbook of course. How is it that a four year old can have $200 USD worth of books? Math books, Spanish books, English books, French books,computer books, books on values, books on creativity, CD's, art kits, the list was endless. Then we have to buy the notebooks. Now, I really don't know if they do this in Canada or the US, but here each book must be covered in a special shiny paper, colour-coded based on the subject, then sealed in sticky clear vinyl with a sticker stating name and subject. It took us hours to cover all the stupid books, I don't understand why we can't just use a magic marker and write "Max" on it somewhere and be done with it like we did when I was in school. (I promise, I won't use the expression "In my day.....", I'm not that old yet). I am not overly particular about neatness, throw the paper on and get it wrapped up, who cares if there are air bubbles in the plastic? Unfortunately, Hubby is a proud "type A" personality so we clashed over the ridiculous book covers. He asked me to do them, I started whipping through them in my way and he couldn't bear it and re-did the books I had already done and took over the project. My feeling is "Hey, it's coloured and it's covered, what's the big whoop?". He says that doesn't fly in Mexico. I think it just doesn't fly with him. Anywhoooooooo....

When Max got home from school yesterday I asked him what he had done. I hate to be predictable, but that's the standard first day of school question I guess. I was hoping to hear about him learning new words, a new song, practicing his letters. But oh no, he had to tell me that he got to see his girlfriend after a long summer, that he gave her a kiss on the lips and called her "his love". Focus child, focus! Perhaps an all boy school would be good for this kid, his love for the ladies is going to interfere with him becoming the brain surgeon that he is meant to be! Of course, he doesn't know he is going to be a brain surgeon, his big dream is to be the taco delivery guy, he gets to ride a motorcycle you know (and the ladies love a motorcycle man!). If he's serious about that, I guess we could save ourselves a lot of money on private school, just get him his license and a moto and we're golden. At least it's a step up from his goal from last year to be the "viene, viene" guy who helps cars back out of parking spaces at the supermarket. Dream big kid.

So it's begun, another school year, another year of me doing homework, finding costumes for event days, trying to decipher the teachers' handwriting and strange Spanish phrases (why say "anaranjado" when you can just say "naranja"?) and the inevitable visits to the director's office to discuss Max's behaviour. He was number two in his class last year, the only thing that prevented him from being number one was his "comportamiento", he preferred telling the teachers what he was going to do than to listen to their commands. The work would get done, but when HE wanted to do it. This year I am using the "Fear Factor Approach to Parenting" in the hopes that his competitive nature will force him to be "the best behaved" kid in the class. It's working with getting him to eat his vegetables ("It's just like Fear Factor Max, eat the yucky stuff as fast as you can and you win, 3, 2, 1 GO!"). There may not be a $50 000 prize, but I did promise him a cookie for everyday where I don't hear a complaint from his teachers.

Maybe I should change the cookie prize to a kiss from a girl......


Gaelyn said...

Max is such a young gent, and most adorable. Nice that he's excited about school and has many dreams.

The book cost seems outrageous for Kinder 2. At 4 yrs old he's got more classes than I did in college. Oops, not suppose to be the "in my day" thing.

What's up with your new job?

Kelly said...

I just paid $300+ USD for my husband's COLLEGE textbooks! I'm glad things are going well so far, minus the eyebrow shaving. Maybe being a barber is in his future...

KfromMichigan said...

Such a cute picture of Max!

Leslie Harris (de Limon) said...

I love the eyebrows! Maybe he's bringing back the eyebrow cut-outs a la Vanilla Ice and Luke Perry. (Very 90's!)

And covering the books. OMG! All 4 of my kiddies are in school this year. So, I spent the entire week covering books. And let me just say, that your hubby isn't exagerating. When my eldest started first grade, I did exactly what you did. We lived with my in-laws at the time and everyone just looked at the books and notebooks nodding their heads and going "Tsk, tsk, tsk". At the first meeting with the teacher, I glanced at some of the other kids' books. Man, the work done on those things would put Martha Stewart to shame!

Frankly Ronda said...

Well the whole book covering thing we do not miss now that we are back in USA. It is an interesting part of MX school life.

Well, Youngest Son has been in school exactly 1 week and we got our 1st email today on a behavior infraction. It was minor but OMG ... already!

Heather said...

Congrats on having such a big boy, sorry he shaved his eye brow but he is obviously still super cute!

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

LOVE KIDER DOS!!!! Akilean is in the same year. Max looks soooooo cute in that picture-- eyebrow and all.

Cdn Cat said...

Oh... best behaved....Max must have thought you said best shaved....
what a little cutie he is.
I'm glad he is raising his expectations as far a career goes! Let's hope he keeps dreaming bigger each year...what next...a race car driver?
I look forward to reading about his antics this school year!

Alex said...

Now there you go! a kiss from a pretty little girl will do.
Ah I do remember the pain in the butt of "forrar los libros" the day before school started... why did we wait until the last minute?

Anonymous said...

As a mother you will always remember these precious moments.
That does seem like a lot for bucks to spend on books for someone so young. But what do I know? My daughter was Max’s age 31 years ago.

CancunCanuck said...

Gaelyn- He can definitely be a gent, when he is not being a little monkey causing trouble. New job details coming soon (don't want to say anything until papers are signed, I'm kind of superstitious...) :)

Kelly- I felt like I was buying my college text books, seriously! Hmmm, barber? Sweeney Todd perhaps!

KfromMichigan- Thanks!

Leslie- Oh man, so glad I am not alone! I cannot imagine doing FOUR sets of books, ugh, I hope you had some margaritas to help you through.

American Mommy- Thanks, I was not sure that this was just a Mexico thing, I was not around kids living in Canada, for all I knew this was how you do it "in modern times", haha. Hope all is going well for you, Mexico misses you and the family!

Heather- I'm just glad he didn't get the whole eyebrow off, haha!

Tulum Living- I'm so glad your guys are digging school, that's great! And, oh man, it's getting ridiculous that we haven't met yet, haha! The kids would have SO much fun (while the grownups have even more fun....) :)

Cdn Cat- Ha, best shaved! Yes, Max has big dreams, taxi driver, taco delivery guy, paramedic (because he can drive the ambulance of course). He's actually a pretty good driver (of small electric cars), I'll have to post some video. :)

Ale- I am a last minute kind of woman, haha! At least you won't have to do it with Charlie Brown. Big hugs to you amiga. :)

Jackie- I'm so grateful to have thousands of pics and this blog to help me with those memories, some days I think I've got early onset Alzheimer's, I need a little nudge. I'm really curious to know how the book prices compare to other parts, I am lost in the dark here!

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