Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Divine Revelation" Leads to Cancun Airplane Hijacking

We had a bit of excitement yesterday afternoon with the news that an airplane leaving Cancun en route to Mexico City had been hijacked. Twitter was abuzz with the happenings, the first reports indicating that three Bolivian men had hijacked an airplane out of Cancun and were demanding to speak to President Calderon. We watched live streaming coverage as the plane landed at the airport in DF (as Mexico City is commonly known). In a few short minutes we saw passengers exiting the plane while armed forces and federal police arrived on the scene. We observed the authorities entering the plane and coming out with several men being detained, including a "diputado" (kind of like a congressman) of Quintana Roo. Shortly thereafter it was reported that there was no bomb, no weapons of any kind and that everyone was safe and sound. The whole event took about an hour, a fun ride on the information super highway (only fun once we learned that everyone was ok).

After all was said and done, one man was responsible for the hijacking and the other detainees were released. Jose Marc Flores Pereira, also known as Josmar Flores Pereira was the sole perpetrator of the crime. SeƱor Flores is a Bolivian singer who has lived in Mexico for 17 years, a "reverend" of a fundamentalist cult. He claims that he had a "divine revelation" that he should hijack the airplane on 9/9/09 as it was the Satanic "666" upside down. He threatened to blow up the plane with his "bomb", three cans of hummus with red lights attached, unless he was able to speak to President Calderon and warn him about an upcoming earthquake.

I have to say that I was impressed by the actions of the authorities in Mexico, they took prompt action and ensured the safety of everyone involved without incident. It was a relief to find out that there were no breaches of security in the Cancun airport, if he had actually managed to get a bomb or weapon on the plane it would have been very bad news indeed. In the end, it was just a nut job fanatic wreaking terror on 104 innocent people and while it's an event they will never forget, at least they'll be able to laugh about it soon.

They're probably already printing t-shirts "Sobrevivio el secuestrador loco en el coco" (I survived the crazy in the head hijacker).

Here's a little sample of the song stylings of the hijacker.....


KfromMichigan said...

My phone keeps ringing .. asking .. are you still going to Cancun? did you hear about the hijacked plane? Well .. YES to both questions .. I can't wait to be in Cancun!!

Croft said...

We watched the whole thing, start to finish on CNN. I too was very impressed with the way it was handled by the army and Federalis with no one hurt. Very professional.

Daniel said...

Did you read about the earthquake in Venezuela 1 or 2 days after that? Creepy! No earthquakes anywhere, please!

CancunCanuck said...

Hi all,
It's old news now but didn't want to leave you hanging, sorry for taking so long to reply! (New job is taking away from blog time, sigh).

KfromMichigan, I'll bet your friends have forgotten all about it already, haha.

Croft, the authorities did a great job, I don't think the man ever meant any real harm, but dealing with a mentally ill person is always a little tricky.

IslaLife, spoooooooky, lol! Perhaps he just chose the wrong leader to warn, he should have looked south!

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