Sunday, September 13, 2009

Xpu Ha Solo Camping

Like all mommies and wives (well, everyone I guess) , occasionally we need a break from it all, a refresher for the soul, time alone to recharge. I had my chance this past weekend and snuck off for a solo camping trip in Xpu Ha. Saturday morning I hopped in the car and cruised south to the prettiest little spot in Quintana Roo. The drive is about 90 km, an hour and a half on the highway if you are lucky (driving through Playa del Carmen is a bit of pain, stop and go at all those lights and maneuvering around gaping tourists in the slow lane). I spent my time listening the the 80´s music station and belting out every song as loud as I could (one of the joys of alone time, no one to criticize my singing!).

I found the rough dirt road entrance and made my way to the chained off entrance. The ¨security¨guy seemed a little surprised that I was camping by myself, but it made him smile. I paid the bargain rate of 70 pesos for one night and spent five minutes trying to get dude to understand what my name was for the receipt. I should have just told him ¨Lulu¨and been done with it (that´s my Starbucks name, I´ve learned that it´s much easier than trying to explain my real name and the barristas don´t have to struggle with the announcement that my frappuccino is ready).

Security dude directed me to the shady spot for pitching tents, pointed out the showers and bathrooms and disappeared back to his palapa and chain duties. I picked out a tree and got to work unloading the car and setting up the tent. I was pretty proud of myself, got everything up zim zam zoom without hurting myself or causing a ¨look at the funny white girl with the flying tent¨scene¨. It was time to relax and enjoy the scenery.

I went for walks, I read one and a half books, I drank two beers and six Coca Colas, ate some sandwiches and jumped in the waves. The night time sky is almost indescribable, there was no moon so everything was pitch black (no nearby resort lights, yahoo!) but there was a blanket of stars from one end of the sky to the other. I lay on the sand, watched the stars and listened to the waves. I was kind of hoping to see some UFO action, alas, it wasn´t my night for the visitation.

I woke early the next morning and continued my relaxing ways, missing my boys terribly by this point. Around noon I started to pack up, not quite as successfully as the unpacking process. The winds had been high since I got there so taking down and folding a big tent on my own was tough. I´ll confess, I could not get it folded well enough to fit back in the bag, but at least it was close! I got the car loaded and was on the road again, more 80´s tunes, more traffic in Playa and finally home to my guys. I was glad for the break but happy to see them again, I´ll take them with me next time if they´re good.

My home away from home

The reading lounge

Xpu Ha Bonanza Camp Ground

Bring yer own hammocks

Early morning kite boarding

Crab tracks



Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

It looks like you had an amazing time. I am a little jelouse. I have heard that having time to yourself is a good thing. I could not tel lyou - it has not happened yet. :) I am glad you had a good time. But next time you are that close--- let me know !!!

The pale observer said...

Looks beautiful, peaceful, amazing... but I do know that feeling when you've left the family behind and then you find yourself really missing them - even though you went away to get a break!!!

That's life as a wife and mother.

Keep it up - love the blog ever since I found it!:)

Kelly said...

That sounds amazing! I'm glad you got some time to decompress from the job debacle. Hope everything is going well on that front!

Cameo said...

Looks like we should have gone to Xpu Ha when we were last at the MR, like my hubby wanted to. Next time. And yeah, I don't care for PDC either. I did not like Cozumel, maybe because I had a panic attack on the ferry, I don't know, just a thought :)

KfromMichigan said...

We all need some alone time. Glad you had a relaxing time in that beautiful place!

Cdn Cat said...

Glad you got to have some premium "ME" time in the best place that I know. I love to lay and watch the stars at night there....nothing like it, except maybe watching the sunrise in the morning.

Gaelyn said...

What a delightful place to get away from it all.

Hope the new job thing is coming along.

Heather said...

Cheaper than a spa i suppose.

CancunCanuck said...

Tulum Living- Alone time is not a common thing for me, I always feel so guilty when I take it but it is soooo necessary! I'll let you know next time we head south FOR SURE!

The pale observer- Thanks for stopping by, it certainly is the life of wife and mother to have conflicting emotions, it's an hourly switch between love and frustration sometimes. :) I appreciate the kind words, thanks!

Kelly- "Decompress" is a great word, I totally feel like that is what happened. I'll be posting about the job soon, still haven't officially got permission from INM so don't want to say too much, might get me in trouble! :)

Cameo- Don't get me wrong, I like Playa when it is my destination, I just hate having to pass through it when I am going somewhere else, lol. I guess a panic attack on the ferry would be a big turnoff from the island excursion, don't blame you a bit!

KfromMichigan- Gracias amiga. You're almost here, aren't you????

Cdn Cat- The stars, oh the stars, absolutely stunning, I felt like they were pressing down on me (in a good way only of course!) When is YOUR next trip??

Gaelyn- Job is coming along, holding my tongue for now, but let's just put a "happy face" on my comment and leave it at that until my papers come through. ;-)

Heather- Ooooh yes, way cheaper than a spa, haha! And perhaps more relaxing, no need to make chit chat with anyone, just time for ME. :)

McH said...

Love the "Starbucks name" I do the same thing in the States as my name, Humberto, is too difficult and not worth the extra effort just to get a latte.

Samy said...

Lukcy you Kelly I'm glad your having so much fun out there in Cancun. Love the pics.

Rouja said...

Hi, that sound great! I'm reading it two years later though... Do you know if it's still possible to camp there? Does this campground still exist? We're leaving in for Mexico 2 days and I need to know is it worth it bringing the tent... Please help! :)

CancunCanuck said...

HI Rouja,
I haven't been in a while (someone stole my tent!), but as far as I know, Bonanza Xpu Ha is still up and running. Last time I went it was 70 pesos per person to camp, I'm sure it can't be much more than that now. Good luck!

Rouja said...

Thanks so much, Canuck! We found it, it's still there and it's great!

Unknown said...

Hi Kelly, I'm Kelly too, a canuck from vancouver living in jasper...

i was in playa 2 years ago and spent an afternoon on xpu ha...loved it and i'm headed to holbox in december but want to camp for 1-2 nights at xpu ha too...

do i have to book the campsite ahead of time or can i just show up with car and tent??

any info you have is appreciated!

Unknown said...

oops just saw the post above about bonanza xpu ha...i'll look into it!! gracias!

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