Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Mix

Well hello Monday and hello readers. I have been totally slacking on the blog front, just not feeling really "bloggy" lately. Seems to be going around, in reading some of my favourite bloggers I've noticed similar comments about just not feeling "it", I wonder if it's a moon phase?

Things around here are moving ahead, perhaps not at the pace I would like them to but ahead nonetheless. I've hit a block on the immigration front, for the first time in my six years here they are asking for documentation of my education. Of course they give me a very limited time frame to get these documents, making me extremely tense. In the 20 years since I graduated high school, no one has ever asked for proof! It's not like I carry my transcripts with me. So I've got friends and family in Canada jumping through hoops to get the papers, get them apostilled/notarized and sent down to me as quickly as possible. Once they get here, I'll have to have them translated into Spanish and notarized again. Incredibly frustrating, expensive and stressful! Cross your fingers for me please!

On the Max front, things are fantastic! He has gone through a big change lately, especially with his school work. He actually ASKS to do his homework and gets excited when he gets things right. He counts everything, I mean everything he sees and he feels he must do it in English and Spanish. "Max, let's go, get a move on!", "But I have to count my socks mommy!" He had his first two exams last week and did alright, though the teachers said he was just "so so" on his math exam. I was surprised as he had been nailing everything in practice at home. I asked him what happened and he just told me he didn't feel like doing the exam. Alright kid, you're four years old, I hear ya. The most amazing Max moment happened this past weekend, I can't believe the amount of emotion I felt when he really read his first words. We've been working hard on letters and vowel sounds, and on Saturday night we sat with a story and he picked out actual words. His face lit up, tears rolled down my face and we did a little victory dance. He wanted to stay up all night reading, fell asleep with a story at 12:30 am. I shocked myself with just how strongly I felt about the moment. I'm a huge reader and hope to teach him to love it too and it seems we are starting down that path. Way to go Buddy! Any moms of little ones out there, we have been using a website called "Starfall" and it has helped immensely, do check it out!

And lastly for today, it looks like I'll be making a trip to Canada soon. The last time I was there was back in 2004, to show my parents my pregnant belly and to renew my driver's license. Five years later, it's driver's license time again and they won't allow me to renew from abroad, sooooo, guess I'll be looking for a couple of sweaters and that scarf that is buried away somewhere! I won't be able to bring Max with me, we would have to get visas for both the US and Canada for him, a solo trip it shall be. Tim Horton's and Twizzlers and rare roast beef sandwiches and kosher dill pickles and salt and vinegar chips and mint chocolate Peps and a long visit to Shopper's Drug Mart are in my near future, yahoo!

So, hope you are all well, I'll try to get back into a bloggy mind set. Lots of Cancun news to share, I'll hopefully have some time in the next couple of days to spread the word about beach recovery and so on. Ciao for now!


Alex said...

Is there a way you can get Max his dual citizenship? (not for this trip of course, but in the future it certainly will be useful) I did that with my son as soon as he was born and he has both American and Mexican citizenship. Anyway, enjoy your trip to the white north! it is cold already!

Sue said...

Don't forget Harvey's (the only hot dogs I ever eat, and you can order EXTRA dills on the side) and Swiss Chalet (Miguel swears it's the best chicken in the world). I'll be heading back too, always a chance to stock up on stuff I can't get here (i.e, lavender bath scents).

Miguel is taking forever to get his papers together for his Visa. He really doesn't want to bother, but I already paid for the ticket so he'd better get his act together. It's a pain, for sure.

Oh - I did my driver's license last December, and got a notice in Feb that I needed to redo the photo. So back I went, and the woman in the office commented that I was wearing the exact same sweater I'd worn in December. Yeah, I have a limited winter wardrobe!

comitan said...

This might be of interest.

Gaelyn said...

Sorry to hear about the immigration hassel.

That Max is a star. What a marvelous thing you've shared, the wonder of reading. Yet I don't know about that "didn't feel like taking the exam" thing.

Can't you get a Mexican or International drivers license. Yet another hassel. But, it's great to be able to see friends, family and Canada.

Keep us posted, if you feel "bloggy."

Jonna said...

Yay for Max!! Really! Hip Hip Hooray!!

Oh, is it time for us to bug you again about registering Max for his Canadian citizenship? Just saying...

CancunCanuck said...

Ale- Yes, I know, I must get his citizenship, it's just so much money! It's got to be a priority now though, gotta start saving! I am not looking forward to the cold of the north, brrrrrrr!

Sue- Oh bless you, Harvey's and Swiss Chalet, dreamy! All those pickles. The Body Shop too now that you mention bath scents. I can't believe they made you go back to re-do the photo (and I would have to wear the same sweater too, haha). Kick Miguel in the bum to get a move on, I know it's all a pain but as you say, ticket is paid for!

Comitan- Thanks, I do keep up with Tom's blog. :)

Gaelyn- The "didn't feel like it" I am still trying to work out. Part of it is he's pretty smart and gets bored with too much repetition, we may have overdone the studying in the days before the exam. Yes, I can get a Mexican license, but the Canadian laws are such that if I allow it expire, I will need to go through a special "graduated licensing system" to renew it, three years where I would not be able to drive alone (like getting a learner's permit all over again). Less of a hassle to just go up and renew!

Jonna- Thanks! And yes, I do need that kick (and a few hundred dollars to do the papers, lol!) Nice to see you round these parts, hope life is great for you and Mimi, hugs to you both.

Steve Cotton said...

I just returned from the cool north with my renewed driver's license. As much as I hated the bureaucratic necessity, I fully enjoyed the trip. I wish you the same.

Unknown said...

Immigration is certainly a pain the butt. We've faced some of our trial and tribulations during the whole approval process. I can't say we were every asked for a high school transcript though. Might be a bit difficult to get all the way from Poland!

Pawel from
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Heather said...

Yeah for reading! I cried wen thais did all the sounds of the alphabet. Such a moment to know we are doing something right with these kids, Congrats! I have only been here in San Diego 5 days and Im having serious Tim Horton with drawls. Safe travels!

Brenda Maas said...

Ah Twizzlers lol. I brought 3 bags of them home to Mexico with me for Roy and we ate them in about 3 days lol. I also brought back Werther Original hard candies and we are doling them out slowly to make them last lol.
I missed eating Ketchup chips while I was up there, so have some for me OK.
Have a great trip.
Just a thought, not sure where you fly to in Canada; but Mexico City has a direct flight through to Edmonton without a stop in the USA so you would only need 1 visa for Max that way.
Yah for the reading thing, way to go Max, greatest thing being able to read.
Oh yah, try a Tims strawberry blossom donut, way toooo good lol.

CancunCanuck said...

Steve- Thank you kindly sir, it's funny that a little thing like a driver's license can compel me back to Canada after such a long absence. I suppose I am lucky my parents make it down here every year, too bad my mom couldn't sneak in to renew my license and save my airfare for another vacation in Cancun. :)

Pawel- I am surprised that this is the first time in six years they have asked for these documents. I have to shake my head, apparently you can teach without any credentials, but not write about tourism. I can't imagine trying to get everything from Poland, yikes! Thanks for dropping by, hope all is well in Cozumel. :)

Heather- These kids are going to make us emotional wrecks, aren't they? Hope San Diego is great and you found a somewhat suitable replacement for the Timmy's!

Brenda- Awww, it's the simple things, isn't it? Flying back to the parents house is a bit complicated, they live in Windsor which is 20-30 minutes from the Detroit airport (USA obviously). The closest Canadian airport is Toronto, four hours away and an expensive train trip. The cost to fly to Canada is double (or more) the cost to fly to Detroit. So even with skipping the US visa, we'll still pay more for the trip by going to Toronto. C'est la vie! (I'll have to try the strawberry blossom, sounds great!)

The Life of a Footballgoddess said...

Don't forget The Penalty Box !

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