Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cancun Beach Recovery Update

Just a real quick update on the beach recovery project in Cancun, things are moving along! I went out to have a look at the action this week and my jaw quite literally hit the ground. I started talking to myself, just one word over and over "!" We had been in the area a week previously and the difference is astounding. Check out these before and after pictures (as close as I got to being in exactly the same position, close enough that you get the general idea). These photos were taken from the Playa Cabana beach club behind The City discotheque.

Lifeguard Chair Before
(there is literally zero beach below there, water
was crashing against the wall)

Lifeguard Chair After
(Just a bit more beach)

Looking towards Punta Cancun Before
(here you can see the water hitting the wall)

Looking towards Punta Cancun After
(can't even see the sea!)

This is truly an impressive project, incredible what they can do in a week. The project is full steam ahead now, all the protests that were being put forth by environmental groups have been overturned and the sand moves on. I'll be honest, I am of a mixed mind on this. I know that it is absolutely essential for Cancun to have a beach in order to keep thousands of people employed. I also know that this will have a negative impact on the environment as they drag sand from Isla Mujeres and Cozumel. One can only hope that the partners in this plan do try to minimize the damage to the reefs and the eco-system. On another note, since we have already "been there, done that" with beach reconstruction only to see it disappear, it's essential that the partners follow through with their maintenance plan and to ensure that safeguards are in place to prevent further erosion of the beaches. While I support the project this time around, I would be against them trying to do it again if it fails, throwing millions of dollars away and destroying the eco-system. Do it right, maintain it and bring us all the joy of these gorgeous white beaches (and let us keep our jobs hallelujahamen).


Islagringo said...

Hotel owners: 1
Everybody else: 0

OHmommy said...

Wow, what a change.

I've been following you for well over a year since we went to Cancun on a family vacation. Just wanted to thank you for all the fun updates on this project and your family. I enjoy them very much.

Gaelyn said...

Wow, that's a lot of sand. Doesn't even look like the same place. What will keep it from happening again?

Louise said...

Wow - what a difference a week can make!

Chicagotom said...

I really appreciate your positive sunny outlook. Too many posters have such a constantly negative attitude. Your outlook is fair, positive, and hopeful. We have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and one of them is your blog.

Anonymous said...

I have very mixed feelings about this project.I hope it works this time and doesn't need to be done again.
How do small children and anyone with a disabiolty get into the water? It looks like the only way in is stepping over the barrier.

ElleCancun said...

Wow - what a difference is right!

I remember just over 5 years ago... the first time I lived in Cancun that is how the beaches used to look! Those exact spots - of course minus the barrier.

I hope it works as it is essential to so many families incomes down here. Including mine to a certain point.

i love the antes y despues fotos! gracias!

Kelly said...

Here's to hoping that the lessons of the past will keep the new beach in tact, and that it won't have too big an impact on Coz and Isla Mujeres! Thanks so much for the beach recovery posts, we don't hear anything of it here in the states even though we will all benefit from it!

george said...

I don’t understand, are those huge pipes going to stay like this?

CancunCanuck said...

Gringo- I know how you feel, but remember that the entire state of QRoo relies solely on tourism, so it's millions of residents who can benefit as well. Until the govt finds another way to bring money into the state, everyone lives and breathes tourism (and thus beach).

OhMommy- Hello and thanks for stopping in, I appreciate your comments! I checked out your blog, love it!

Gaelyn- There are various protections that they say they are going to install, one is a series of concrete barriers sunk into the waters off-shore to try to stop the sand from moving back out to sea. I hope to heaven it works.

Louise- I was so shocked when I saw it, truly incredible.

Tom- Aww, thanks! I appreciate your comment, sometimes I get criticized for being too positive, but I really can't change my personality. :)

jackie- While the project is active in the area, you cannot pass onto the beach, the sand is not stable, it's kind of like quicksand. When the pipes move, people are free to use the sand but until then it's off limits.

On Mex Time- The beaches do look like "pre-Wilma" beaches, I hope they stick around! When I first moved here, the Bay View Grand was not even there and Chac Mool was a fantastic public beach with huge stretches of sand. We never go there now with the huge condos blocking sun in the afternoon and no sand (well, a few weeks ago there was no sand!)

Kelly- I'm with you, hoping the impact is more positive than negative. Happy to share the news!

George- No, the pipes are there only to move the sand from the barges to the land, once the sand is spread, the pipes move on to the next section of beach.

Sara said...

That's a pretty insane makeover. I'm happy it seems to be working out well. Nice pics as usual.

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