Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cancun Beach Recovery Dec. 22/2009

The Cancun beach recovery continues on its merry way, working south down the hotel zone strip. Incredible changes? Yes! Controversial? Of course. It's impossible to know what the long term environmental impact will be, but in the short term, this is a project that will keep a million people in the state employed. No beach, no tourists, no tourists, no jobs, no jobs, no food, no food, crime goes sky high. I'm split on this one to be honest, love it and hate it at the same time. The beaches look incredible and I am happy that tourism will come back ($$$), but I hate what this is probably doing to the reefs where they are dredging up sand. Anywho, what I think is neither here nor there, it's not going to change matters so we might as well enjoy the benefits of the project which are really huge, stunning beaches.

I went out to the beach this morning to see what I could see and was once again amazed by the progress. I stopped by Playa Marlin (the public access beach by Plaza Kukulkan and Barcelo Tucancun) and was wowed. Two weeks ago I couldn't walk down that beach, rocks everywhere and water crashing against the wall. Now it's humoungous and I walked all the way down to the Royal Sands. There was a very happy group of guests there as it was the first day they had opened the beach, put out lounge chairs and umbrellas and allowed people to enjoy the new stretch of sand. I drove a bit further south and checked out the area next to Cancun Palace and Le Meridien. The bulk of the equipment is at Le Meridien and the Ritz right now and should be hitting the Cancun Palace and the Marriotts next week (my own guess, I don't have any official word on that). Here are a couple of pics, you can see the whole set by clicking here.

Playa Marlin Cancun Before and After Beach Reconstruction
Playa Marlin Before and After

Beach Behind Royal Sands Cancun
Royal Sands Beach After

Looking out at the beach behind the Royal Sands

Video of the brand new Royal Sands Beach

Whatever you think of the environmental impact of the project, you can not deny that the work is pretty amazing. Now, let's hope they take all the precautions they are supposed to to make it stick and that we never have to do it again! I also urge people to take care of the beach, bring a bag for your garbage and pick up a little bit of what others leave behind as well, keep our beach clean and safe for wildlife and all of us please! I would hate to see all of this being done only to find the beaches full of the detritus of humans.

Peace out!


paul nj said...

WOW that is crazy i have a time share at the royal sands i can remember when it looked like that before the STORM,now it looks like to far of a walk to the ocean just kidding !! How far are they going with the recovery?will they be down buy lahia,because are beach is big enough and every beach after me to the reef ?? i hope the ocean knows how to fix its self,but it has always done it in the past im sure it will be fine??

Kelly said...

Wow! I actually know where that is, I'm amazed at the progress. I wish we'd get more (any) reporting on it here, I'd love to read more about it. Thanks for keeping us posted! Do you get any time off for the Christmas holidays? Either way, I hope it's great!

KfromMichigan said...

Thanks amiga! The beach is looking good .. if only I were there!

Unknown said...

we have an upcoming stay at the hilton first week in january, any way to find out if they will have been restored yet or not? Obviously I would rather not be there during the restoration... any educated guesses?

Thanks for the update

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, photos and videos. We have a time share at the Royal Islander, we go every year so we are happy for the beach recovery. I am a canadian living in Florida and like to read your blog. Viva Mexico!

the kirks said...

No chairs allowed on the beach though, which makes it weird. Apparently there are no chairs allowed on the beach in Akumal either. I was in Cancun and Akumal in March and both places allowed chairs. I guess this is part of protecting the beach?

blogger said...
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Unknown said...

Thanks for your updates. We watched your blog last year before coming down. You kept us up to date with the virus issue. Happy to let you know no one is or was sick. Now we are coming to Royal Caribbean second week in January. Any idea if they"ll be done with the beach by then???

Kevin A said...

Hi there,

I know you don't want to go into the environmental part of it and hope that they do it correctly to avoid repeating the damage down the line. Sadly, that is not the case and they are just pouring sand into a cup with a hole in the bottom.

Hawaii and many other places learned the tough way that to preserve the sand they had to not build on the sand dunes and preserve the beach vegetation. When I first arrived in Cancun (1982) there were loads of sand dunes covered in vegetation as in any healthy sandy beach. Storms would take the sand, but it would recover naturally thanks to the sand dunes and the vegetation. Hawaiian legislation bans any hard walls in the beach area (they knocked down quite a few) and preserves coastal vegetation.

The hotel buildings replaced the vegetation and ruined the stable cycle, and none of the beach refills has addressed how to manage the sand in the long term, other than just dredging some more and pouring it on top.

Sorry to burst the bubble, I'm most sorry for the coral reefs being chocked by the suspended sediment released into the water. RIP Parques Naturales Punta Cancun y Punta Nizuc.

Sara said...

Wow. The before and after photos are like night and day. I did consider the environmental consequences like Kevin, but I don't really know enough about that to comment.

Happy New Year!

Fned said...


May 2010 be a wonderful year for the Mexico-Canuckenses de Cancun!!!


Unknown said...

Anybody know the latest area they are working on.

Anonymous said...

Great Blog! My family and I have been vacationing down there for the past 7 years every Feb. We stay at the Ritz. Have they finished the beach there yet? Or will it be by the end of the month? Also...I keep seeing and hearing many bemoan the "Shelf" at the shorline. Is this going to be the standard at every resort or will it even out over time? or be done mechanically?



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