Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back to the Beach

For a girl with a beach addiction, the last couple of months have been torture! Between health issues and cold temps, we haven't had any beach frolic time since November 22nd!! No wonder I've been miserable. Sure, I've run out to the hotel zone to catch photos of the beach recovery for work, but a short hour in my uniform is not the same as playing in my bikini for an afternoon. Yesterday the sun was out and it was warm enough for a quick trip to the new beach at Playa Delfines in the hotel zone, oh thank you Mother Nature! I picked Max up from school, made him promise to do his homework when we finished with the beach and dashed out to la playa to catch the last couple hours of sunshine.

The beach project is almost done, they should be finished in Cancun this week so I knew we'd have a wide stretch of sand. The work is currently behind the Solaris hotels, probably a kilometer away from where we were, but the pipes were still on Playa Delfines. No biggie, just toss Max over and make a little jump myself. There is a big ledge of sand near the water's edge, but it was scalable and Max had a ball scrambling up and down all afternoon, making sand angels, "Just like in the snow in Canada mommy!". Apparently the Christmas movies made an impact, he's never been to Canada let alone made snow angels.

Within ten minutes of being on the beach we had some excitement. The lifeguards started blowing their whistles like mad then made a beeline for the water. A teenager had got in trouble in the waves and was going down. Baywatch moment (without the ripped abs and great hair) ensues, they rescue the boy and drag him onto the beach. They pumped his chest for a minute, he vomited water and all was well. Good lesson moment for Max to treat the sea with respect and to be grateful to the lifeguards. We both went up and thanked the guards for their quick action and attention and they listed the rules of the beach to Max. Number one (I thought this was a good rule, but number one?), no wearing street clothes in the sea. The kid who went down was wearing JEANS. Number two, don't swim where no one else is swimming. Makes sense to me. Number three, ask the guards where it's safe to swim. Number four, don't drink and swim. This was in response to the second big whistle moment of the day when two idiots walked into the sea in their jeans hoisting their beer bottles over their head. They didn't understand why the guards kicked them out and said they would bring the cops down if they went in the water again. Overall, I was impressed by the guards and their attention and care to what was going down.

When the sun started to go down and the clouds started to gather, I got a chill and realized our adventure was coming to an end. Max insisted he wasn't cold, but he actually got up and left without a fight (a big deal these days). We walked up to the top of the hill, had a little kibi snack and were on our merry way home practice to our sums. An afternoon on the beach refreshed our bodies, minds and souls and we thank the goddess of the ocean for her perpetual ability to renew.

Now, mother nature, listen up, no more "nortes", we need our sun, sea and sand! Just look at that little boy's face, see what happens when you bring us nice weather?

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Anonymous said...

One more rule I would add to that list is no playing like you are drowning. It drives me nuts when I see kids playing in the water and yelling “help me I’m drowning”. I have told kids not to do that because obviously their parents had no problem with them.

Maxine said...

Sounds like a wonderful day and the beach looks amazing! Much better than when we were there last year.

Coby said...

I'm right there with ya CC -- the cold, overcast days were crippling! Yay for the heat and sun!

Unknown said...

So excited to see your post today...hope you are feeling better soon. You made my day when you said the work is behind the Solaris resorts. I'll be there on Thursday so I'm hoping it will be close to finished when I get there.

Gaelyn said...

Sure glad you both got a beach fix, and good lessons also. You must be feeling better now.

KfromMichigan said...

About time! I got my fix too .. thanks! Hope you are feeling better.

CancunCanuck said...

Jackie- Good rule indeed. "The boy who called wolf" is a horrible game to play with drowning.

MAJL- The beach is very different, huge in fact! I was happy to get out and enjoy even for a couple of hours.

Coby- It's incredible how quickly we adjust to hot temps all the time. My body just doesn't cope with cold anymore!

Tara- I hope you have a great trip and that the work has moved on. You may still find the pipes on the beach, but it's easier enough to get over. Have fun!

Gaelyn- Wellll, feeling emotionally better after a trip to the beach, but the physical health battle is still being fought. On another round of antibiotics, sigh. :(

KfromMichigan- I always think of you when posting beach pics, glad I could scratch your itch a bit, lol!

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Mic said...

So HAPPY to see you and Max enjoying beach time again. Max is growing up soooo fast!!

Take care and don't over do it until you are all better.

minshap said...

You and Max enjoying the beach, complete with adventure, excitement, and life-lessons, made me enjoy your enjoyment of it, and left me with a lovely feeling... here's to many more days like the one you just described!

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