Thursday, April 29, 2010

Excuses, Excuses

Argh, I really don't know what's wrong with me lately. I have this huge sense of guilt for not writing for the blog but I can't find motivation for writing! I guess guilt just isn't enough. Since I left my teaching job I have far less time by myself and I think that's a contributing factor to my lack of posting. I used to have 2 to 3 hours a day that were just for me, just for the blog and now I have zero. My "new" job is writing, managing four blogs, 15 Facebook pages and 6 Twitter accounts, I think at the end of my day job I just don't have the "oomph" to keep writing. I need inspiration, I need motivation, I need an assistant, I need a few more hours in the day!

I've realized that there are some psychological factors at play here too. The last few months I have been feeling rather "meh", depressed and just not very excited about anything. No one wants to read a blog full of moans (well, at least I don't think so) so I when I have nothing good to say, I just don't say it. "Poor me, I'm so miserable, blah blah blah", yawn! We haven't been doing many exciting things, not enough adventures in our lives to share with you either. Work, same old, same old, school, same old, same old. I don't go out much at all, don't have much going on at all, how boring is that?

I think the final part of my lack of blogging is a little bit of fear. About six months ago we received some pretty terrifying phone calls, extortion calls from a scary sounding man who provided great detail about the horrible things he would do to us if we didn't pay up. We know that it was a prank, they are just waiting for people to fall for the scam, but it sure put the fear in us and I think I started laying REALLY low because of it. Keep your head down, hold your cards close to your chest and you can deceive yourself into thinking that no one can touch you or your family. Silly really, if something is going to happen, there's not much you can do to stop it. Information I put here on the blog might come back to bite me one day, but I am very careful about sharing anything that might lead someone to our front door. The one thing that is clear, we are poor people, we don't have anything that the bad guys might want (ie, money). Well, I hope that's clear anyway!

So, I guess this is part apology, part explanation, part excuses and part "here's a post finally!". I'll do my best to keep up better, I miss the blog and I miss writing, I just need to put fingers to the keyboard and get rolling. I hope you are all well, take care friends!


ElleCancun said...

Yyyyyyikes!!! What kind of prank call is that??? I've often pondered the thought "am i sharing too much", makes me double think things.... especially when I get information from blogreader that photos are being downloaded off my page, can you say creepy????? Hope you get out of this "blah", and we enjoy reading anything you have to say!!!

Steve Cotton said...

Like you, I had my "Threat" call last year. I even changed my photograph and took my name off my blog. But my town is small enough that a lot of folks already knew me. So, I went back to my old identity with little trouble. Hiding is simply too hard. And for little effect.

Thomas Johnson said...

Take care of you and the family,and don't worry about the frequency of writting the blog. Sure we miss you, but whenever you write, we're always here to read what you have to say and show us, with a great big smile.

Thomas Johnson
Fort Washington,

R.G. said...

I was an interpreter at a conference where a guy talked about phone extorsion. He talked about preventive measures and what to do once you get one of those calls.
He said those phone calls come from people who are already in prison. They get a cell phone, the white pages and start making phone calls in hopes that on out of 100 will fall for it. If you have caller ID, you can report that number so the authorities will investigate it. Always have the phone numbers of those close to you handy so you can call them after you get one of those calls, just to make sure they are safe, and give the criminal fake "facts". Like "my daughter has a cast one, please take good care of her and I'll give you whatever you want". If they say they will and she is safe as long as you play by their rules, you will know they're lying because you obviously don't have a daughter who has a cast on.

I hope you blog more often,I love reading your posts and they make me miss Cancun like you wouldn't believe!

Jonna said...

that sucks! I was reading about those calls in the Diario the other day, they are happening here too. I like the above idea of giving them false facts so you can tell right away it is fake.

Take care of yourself and your wonderful family, that's what is really important.

love ya,

Ashlie said...

What a frightening experience! YIKES!! I hope that the calls stop soon.I can relate to you about finding the energy to blog at times as like you I also manage twitter accounts, facebook pages etc. and though I like to use my personal blog as a creative outlet sometimes at the end of the day there just aren't any creative juices left flowing anymore. Take care of yourself.

CancunCanuck said...

OnMexicanTime- The "prank" was terrifying the first time, truly awful. We just received yet another call on Tuesday night, we've finally bit the bullet and changed our number and made it "unlisted". It sucks that we have to pay a monthly fee to have it unlisted, but hopefully it will stop the harassment. Ugh!

Steve- Unfortunately in small towns (and on the internet!) it's not hard to find information. We know that we have been the victims of the extortion gangs who randomly go through the phone book, doesn't make it any easier to hear what they have to say. Luckily it was Hubby who answered three out of the four calls, the one that I received made me want to cry it was so awful. Hopefully with the unlisted number we can rest easy for a while. The sad thing is that many people fall for it and actually give money to these people.

Thomas Johnson- What kind words, thanks so much. Taking care of the family is definitely a priority, I just have to find my way back to the blog, this is something that is really just for me (well, my readers too, but mostly me, haha) and I need the outlet!

D.R.- Thanks, we know now that it is random but it's still a way of instilling terror and fear in residents. I am certainly more paranoid than I ever was before receiving the calls! All the calls come from "private numbers" so they can't be traced. The first caller actually gave us a bank account number and a cel number which we reported to the police. Unfortunately, the police told us this happens 30 times a day in Cancun and didn't think much would come of our report. So sad.

Jonna- The only thing to do is hang up and unplug the phone. They'll try to convince you that they know where you live etc, but they are bluffing. You wouldn't believe the things they say, it's just horrible! New number now, hopefully the calls will stop. Love you too!

Ashlie- It's true, creative juices only go so far! At times I feel as though I have lost my voice in blogging for a corporation, time to get it back! Take care! :)

Sara said...

Wow. That's insane about that caller. That was someone who found you in Mexico? I've never had that in Chile, but now I'm worried.

I agree with the lack of motivation part. I've been working a lot lately and my engery and motivation are there.

Oh, I don't know if I told you that my new blog is

Unknown said...

I just so happened to stumble across your blog just today and boy it has made me feel a lot better about my possible future in Cancun Mexico! Being an American citizen with only basic Spanish skills, the thought is quite nerve wracking. My husband (we are newly weds been married for a year) is Mexican as well from San Luis! We hope we can get a house down there for personal reasons soon! It is just difficult to save and a little scary for me. Your son Max is so adorable! I am jealous! I hope whenever we have a child that he or she will be as healthy and adorable

- Savannah-Rose from Texas

Unknown said...

Very common in Honduras, too. I had a male harassing my cellular for weeks, not wanting money but very disturbing ideas he put forth. I finally am free of the calls. Put it out of your mind.

Joanna van der Gracht de Rosado said...

Hi there,

When I read your sidebar bio I thought, "This is me... 30 years ago!" Except for the extortion stuff... That never happened "in the good old days"

But at our business we too got those messy calls last year... and then some! If we ever meet, I'll tell you about it.

Anyway, what can I say? It IS very scary. And especially for those of us who have never had any kind of violence in our lives.

However, it is "parte de..."

I am Canadian too and have lived in Merida for 34 years. Visit my blog and we'll compare notes sometime:

Joanna van der Gracht de Rosado

CancunCanuck said...

Sara- The calls are pretty common here, when we reported it to the police they said they get 30 reports a day (and they got another report of the same while they were talking to us). Glad I am not alone in the lack of motivation department! (Going to check out the new blog, thanks!)

Tiramisu- Hi, welcome! It's a big change moving to a new country and certainly the anticipation of the event can cause stress. Best advice is to "go with the flow", it will all work out the way it's meant to work out. Spanish will come through time (and work, ugh), you'll find that when you really want something, you'll find the language skills! Best of luck to you. :)

Laurie- Glad to hear the calls have stopped, somehow it's more disturbing to know the guy wasn't after money. At least with extortion calls here you know what they want, stalkers are another matter (shudder!). Peace! :)

Joanna- Pleasure to "meet" you, welcome! 34 years in Merida, you are bien Yuca now. We sometimes talk about how frightening it must be to own a business here, particularly one that is successful. The "bad guys" seem to have their fingers in every pie, the "protection" racket is huge. It is terrifying and I am so sorry you had to go through it. Will go check out your blog too, thanks for stopping in here!

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