Wednesday, July 6, 2011


So, if you've been following along, I had just had a happy happy joy joy weekend in Oaxaca and was feeling great. The Sunday night I returned home I was chatting with a good friend and mentioned that the universe wouldn't allow me to be this happy, that something bad was going to happen. (Duuuuuuuh, it might be true or what you think, but never, ever say this out loud, er, type it in chat). I went to bed content and looking forward to going to work the next day to share my tales.

It was a dark and stormy morning (I have always wanted to say that) and the streets of Cancun were flooded. I had on my pink flowery happy boots though, and was in a good mood. I walked into the little store at my office to get my coffee and suddenly both feet were in front of my eyes and I landed on my arm and back on the floor. I imagine it looked hysterical really, like the ole banana peel slip and fall without the banana. People surrounded me, told me not to move, called the ambulance. While the paramedics checked me out I kept saying, "Take my phone and take a picture!", thinking like a blogger or an idiot. I got to ride in an ambulance, neck brace, back board, the whole treat. (And nobody took my picture, I was being serious, ahem).

(Finally convinced someone to take my picture!)

X-rays, poked, prodded and hooked up to an IV and drugged mightily. Nothing broken. Whiplash, small dislocation of the shoulder and contusions and pulled tendons. Crap. They bring me up to my deluxe private room, roll me on to the bed and knock me out. I woke up occasionally to eat, always papaya and jello and papaya and jello. Friends came. Papaya. Bed pan. Dear Goddess a bed pan. Papaya.

How high was I? I have no idea what was so funny when my friends visited

Five days later.....I beg to be let out, must go home. I get discharged, my Super Heroine friend comes to pick me up in her car of many colours and got me out of floaty dreamy Druglandia. (Valium and a morphine-like drug all week).

So you think everything would be cool, get better, rock on. But oh no, I have to have an intense reaction to the pills they'd sent me home with. Back to the hospital today where I was greeted like an old friend. (Did I mention that the week before I went to Oaxaca I sprained my ankle and was in Galenia for treatment?) Yeah, a bit of a run of bad health luck. It's bad when orderlies treat you like an old friend.

I am ready to be well again, so ready. I have things to do! Places to go, people to meet. Litter boxes to clean. I am trying to have a sense of humour about the whole thing, I mean it is kind of funny, painful but funny. I will forever have the image of my happy boots flying before my eyes, but dangit, all you peeps with your Blackberries and there is no video or photo? Shame......


Carlos Ponce-Meléndez said...

Sorry about your accident. It's good that you are taking it with a sense of humour.

Steve Cotton said...

OK. I really do empathize and hope that you are feeling better.

BUT -- what a cool blogging experience! Civilians just do not understand the importance of a good blog photograph during these incidents.

Anonymous said...

5 days in the hospital? Your injuries most likely would have been treated as an outpatient here in the US. Glad to read though that you are feeling better.

KfromMichigan said...

Sure hope you are feeling much better. What a terrible experience after such a wonderful weekend. Wish I were there to help!

norm said...

On the mend is good, the boots are pretty cool as well.

beachfront4you said...

You're a trooper! Allow for some rest and you'll be back in that happy place soon

Anonymous said...

"take my picture" hahahaha

Get better soon!

St. Dickeybird said...

Glad you're okay.

minshap said...

¡Ten cuidado mujer! Te queremos sana y salva!
I'm also wondering about that 5-day stay in the hospital. Couldn't have been in the Seguro Social... they would have had you out the same day!
Love those boots by the way... absolutely adorable!

Anonymous said...

Oh noooo. Poor you. And, in all fairness, that so sounds like something that would happen to me too. I am constantly falling over banana-peel style. ;-)

Sending you well wishes, hun. Heal fast! And I absolutely love your wellies! :D



Maria Karras said...

Hi Kelly,
I love your blog and really appreciate the way you help the reader feel as if we've been friends forever. I was very sorry to hear about the mishap with your happy boots. Glad to hear you're well again.
Maria Karras
Pasadena, CA

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