Saturday, July 16, 2011

Good Days, Bad Luck

Contenta. Herida, pero contenta. The last month has been filled with emotional and physical assaults, but I am somehow content. In the last month I have sprained my ankle, traveled to Oaxaca, spent five days in the hospital after a slip and fall, started work on exciting projects, returned to the hospital for a reaction to the medication, met fascinating new people, lost relationships, had great days with my kid and now I have shingles. Yes, I am a regular at the hospital, I need a danged preferred customer card. I walk in and they smile and call me by name. Sad really. But on the other hand somehow hysterically funny. And there are great things in the mix too.

Laying on the couch this morning, a bag of frozen peas on my back and mixed veggies on my chest, I play music for Max and he dances, doing his best Chayanne or Justin Bieber or Michael Jackson. We go to the hospital and Max says "Again??" but when we get there he knows people and tells the doctor how the blood pressure cuff works. We go to a birthday party for the son of a good friend and he laughs and plays and runs around happily. We have to leave early but he doesn't complain, we're going to a baseball game, Tigres de Quintana Roo vs. Los Diablos Rojos de Quick. (Quick is the radio personality we listen to every afternoon for our 80's music appreciation hour). Max got a signed game ball, met Quick, played on the Tigres field, ran around with a mob of kids and told me he had the best day ever.

So, days like today, that's why I am still smiling. The Monty Python song "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" rolls through my head. All kinds of bad luck, but I am still feeling lucky. Shit happens. We suffer heartbreak, loss, physical pain, but there is always a "bright side". I know, Pollyanna horse hockey, corny, cursi, whatever. There is value to every experience, good or bad, it's only measure is intensity. I would rather have intensely good or intensely bad times, the middle parts where nothing happens is rather boring, don't you think?

The shingles are burning like the demon fires of hell. The only way to describe it. But I have a tiny kitten purring on my lap, an amazing, happy kid sleeping upstairs, Ella Fitzgerald singing, and a bowl of pretzels. I have good insurance, cheap prescriptions and supportive friends. On paper my life is looking like a telenovela, but I'm hoping I come out as the heroine. Standing on the cliff at Punta Sur Isla Mujeres, my long white dress blowing in the wind and a serene smile on my face as the sun beats down. Bring it universe, give me your best shot, I'm ready for it. And I'll take it all with a smile.


Anonymous said...

Shingles? Oh, dear god, hun. Well they say these things come in threes. It can only go up from here. Sending healing vibes your way. x



KfromMichigan said...

Keep that positive attitude going! Things can only get better for you amiga. Praying you stay healthy.

CancunCanuck said...

Thanks ladies, I will survive, stay positive and HOPEFULLY be healthy after these shingles heal! :D

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