Sunday, July 17, 2011

OUT on Isla Mujeres on a Sunday

Sundays were made for getting the heck out of Dodge. Fresh air, maybe some ocean, maybe some jungle, just OUT. The Whale Shark Festival was in Isla Mujeres so that made Max's "Where we goin' this weekend?" question easy to answer. Tia Lisa had to go to Isla for an errand and another sweet friend was going with her so we all headed out together.

Sitting on the top of the Puerto Juarez ferry, the sun coming down hot and hard, a musician started playing his guitar. He even managed to get some of us singing along to "Guantanamera" and "Cancion de Mariachi". We girlies gossiped and caught up and Max hung over the railing looking for I don't know what in the water and the crossing seemed to go by quickly.

We docked on Isla, made our way through the "Snorkeling lady?" guys holding up their fish photos and onto the main (still under construction) street. We were on the hunt for the Whale Shark Fest. We headed over to the Malecon, expecting to find a display/event/entertainment and pft, nada. Hm. We walked down the beach on the east side heading north, the rocky shores creating their private jacuzzi pools and the waves crashing in. Up around the bend at the Avalon, we spied the private boats at anchor, partying in the water with their music blasting. Walking along Playa Norte, we see lots of people, but no nada nothing of the whale sharks. We know there is supposed to be a sand castle contest so we finally just ask someone. "Around the corner, Playa Posada". Ooook. Sweat pouring down now, feet burning, my shingles on fire (see previous post) and dying for water, we drag our dehydrated bodies up and around the corner. Max repeatedly chanting "I want to get in the water, I want to get in the water, I'm going to DIE!"

Playa Posada, finally, fest action. We almost walked on the "sand castles". We had been expecting something spectacular, professional cool. Let's just say to be kind that that is not what we saw. Didn't even take a photo.

Festival hopes abandoned, we make our way back to the beach club with free chairs and umbrellas, dump our stuff, get some drinks and hit the water. I'm pretty sure there was a "SSszzzzzzzzzzzz" sizzle sound as the hot skin met the cool sea. We frolicked and floated, splashed and dove and Max repeatedly jumped off the dock. We ate tacos and guayas, gulped water and Coca Colas and naranjadas. We enjoyed loads of sun and sand and sea and chisme.

It was a groovy Sunday, the festival may have been a bust but I was OUT, with fine weather, the healing sea, good friends and my chango. I can't ask for much more than that. But can I ask for it to be Sunday again tomorrow?

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Dr George Leddick said...

Diving from the dock gives Max the long lines of an 8 year old! Como se dice "growth spurt" ?

CancunCanuck said...

Dr. George, you've got a good eye, he is really sprouting up! His pants are all now the "flood" style, riding up above his ankles. (But falling off his fit little waist, haha!)

KfromMichigan said...

Sounds like a fun filled Sunday!

Steve Cotton said...

That is what I like about Mexico. If you can't find the fiesta, make one of your own.

CancunCanuck said...

KfromMichigan, it's really what Sundays are for, this one was a good one for sure. :)

Steve, very true, there is something about embracing "ni modo" that let's us just go with the flow here. :)

Unknown said...

Hey Tulum friend! The hubby and I have been seeing signs for a vaca in Isla today and decided to google your blog to see how you've been since our encounter at Coco Tulum...anywho Im looking for a place to rent for a few weeks on Isla and thought I would reach out to you....shoot me an email either way, would love to keep in touch! Your Max is a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Can't get over how big he is now. :) Oh, you really do live in paradise, don't you?



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