Sunday, September 18, 2011

And She Was.....

I must confess, I am "ochentera" to the bone, a real 80's kind of gal. My "go to" music when I am happy, sad or angry is always something from the decade of leg warmers and parachute pants. One of the finest bands OF ALL TIME (well, in my humble opinion) is "The Talking Heads". One song in particular comes to mind as I make my way through this crazy thing called life, a song that makes me feel at peace with the world and connected to the planet. "And She Was" was written by David Byrne about a chick he knew in high school who would go drop acid by the Yoo Hoo factory, but I always feel it is less about a drug trip and more about accepting and embracing and enjoying where we are in life and the simple moments of just "being".

I have been somewhat stifled the last few months, not making enough effort to embrace being single and the new life I have. One of the things that I must do is make this house MINE. It is time to take down the old photos and bring new energy to my daily environment, do a spring cleaning and maybe even bring in a shaman for a "limpieza". To that end I have been going through the last nine months of photos to select a few to print to create an environment that will allow me to feel like the girl in the song, happy with where I am, in a place where I can just "be".

And so I bring to you a picture post, if it was in a gallery the show would be called "And She Was", a selection of photos that make me happy that will soon be adorning my walls....

I am "Sirenita", happiest under the sea

Happier still when I am having adventures with my boy

Good times with GREAT friends

Connecting with culture and history, powerful moments

The edge of the world at dawn

The biggest fish in the sea allowed me to "be"in his world

Appears to be one soul in this photo, but imagine
all the LIFE under that water

My amazing, incredible, most perfect creation
(He brings me more joy than anything on the planet)

And she was. I think surrounding myself with these images, moments of bliss, times of adventure and times of relaxation can only bring good things into my home and into my life. Let the spring cleaning begin, let the new life burst into action, it can only get better from here....


Barb said...

I love the photos you've chosen. I could feel the peace in some and the energy in the others.

Mic said...

Beautiful photos Kelly ! With your experiences and talents and friends, life for you can only get better with the right attitude....which you have :-) Looks like the redecorating is going great. Go Girl! You've got a cheering section :-)

Scott said...

Very cool photos. Looks like your life is in a really good place and although los ochentas weren't my decade I can dig some talking heads.

Heather said...

What great photos! Good for you to redo photos, Im excited for you and can already sense so much more happiness in your writings! Be you girl!

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