Friday, October 28, 2011

Adios Tropical Storm Rina

Tropical Storm Rina making her entrance on Oct. 27
(thanks to webcamsdemexico for the photo)

She came, she blew, she left. Hurricane Rina/Tropical Storm Rina played more havoc with our minds than our environment this week, teasing us with the possibility of a major hurricane before disintegrating into a simple storm. Yes, the winds blew hard last night, we lost power and we had a terrific lightning and thunder storm, but overall she was just a pussy cat compared to other storms that have passed through Cancun.

Waking up this morning to very little damage and clearing skies, I took a jaunt around town and out to the hotel zone to see what damage she may have wrought. My discovery? NOTHING. A few branches down, trees at an angle but nothing serious at all. The hotel zone was getting back to normal, businesses taking down the boards from the windows and opening for business. Tourists on the beach enjoying the sunshine and surprisingly calm seas. Today I am proud to be Cancunense, the authorities took no risks, they were fantastic about advising everyone of the latest news, warning people to stay safe and protect their homes and families and ensuring the safety of everyone. Citizens did not panic, took care and took cover and started the clean up of blown leaves immediately this morning. The city is back to business as usual and except for piles of leaves and branches waiting to be picked up, it looks as though nothing ever happened.

Since there is little left to say, I will let the pictures do the talking, here's a look at Cancun this morning...

"El Mirador" at Playa Delfines Cancun 

Playa Delfines Cancun 

 Tourists enjoying the sun on Playa Delfines Cancun

 Back to suntanning at the Riu Cancun

Playa Caracol Cancun 

The Riu Cancun 

The Party Center Cancun (ready to party tonight)

It was a fun ride, though lots of work covering a hurricane, I am exhausted! Happy to see Rina gone and to see Cancun back to normal. Come on down, the water is fine, wish you were here!


Marc Olson said...

Wow, gorgeous day there today. Thanks for the informative reports from Cancun.

Barb said...

This is fabulous news. We fly down on Sunday and we were concerned our flight would be cancelled due to airport closure. So glad things are doing so well. Thanks for the update. It's muchly appreciated.

Steve Cotton said...

I was going to come through Cancun on my way to the bloggers conference, but cleanup over here will keep me on the Pacific coast. Isn't it great how little time it takes to get things back to normal?

KfromMichigan said...

Thanks for all the great updates! So glad Rina was a wash-out!!

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Royal India Tours said...

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