Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hurricane Rina Update- Wed. Oct. 26th 3 pm

Hurricane Rina has weakened to a Category 1 hurricane this afternoon, though she is still on track to hit the Yucatan Peninsula on Thursday at hurricane strength. Not much news this afternoon, Cancun remains on "yellow alert" while the southern part of the state continue on "orange alert". Though Rina may have lost some of her strength, authorities are urging people to remain vigilant and to rush to finish preparations before the winds arrive. The region should start to feel tropical storm force winds today before the full hurricane force winds of Rina arrive on Thursday. Hurricane Rina is expected to make landfall  in Cozumel before moving north to Cancun.

The weather today in Cancun started out as hot and partly cloudy. I took a trip out to the hotel zone to photograph preparations and found myself very, very sweaty as I tromped up and down the beach in my "Happy Hurricane" boots and wearing my work uniform. The clouds began to roll in towards noon and as I left the hotel zone the rains came down. It has currently cleared a bit, not raining but definitely cloudy. Here are some photos of the hotel zone of Cancun this morning, anticipating the arrival of Hurricane Rina.

My "Happy Hurricane" boots in a big muddy puddle 

Preparing "The Columbus" galleon for Hurricane Rina 

A little futbol before the storm while workers prepare
"Chilis" and "The Hard Rock Cafe" in the background 

Haagen Dazs is ready, Carlos n Charlies was working on it 

Beautiful surf waiting for Hurricane Rina 

 Surfer may be a little lost in the party center instead of the sea

A smile from a friendly worker removing lights from behind the Hard Rock Cafe Cancun

I am just about ready to leave the office, we are shutting down and will not return to work until Monday. I will continue to update from home on Twitter, Facebook and Google + (after a nap, I'm beat after all that walking in the sun!) My friends in Canada can see me tonight on the CTV national news at 11, I had a nice chat with Tom Walters while I was out this morning.

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