Thursday, November 17, 2011

Best Riviera Maya Video Ever

Every morning I start the day checking the bazillion social network accounts I work with on Facebook, Twitter, and G+ in addition to my emails and Google Alerts. This morning I came across a video on one of my Riviera Maya pages that simply blew my mind. Not only is the video technically beautiful in gorgeous HD, but in a very eerie way it is an encapsulation of my life here in the Mexican Caribbean (and it was made by fellow Canadians). Every step the hosts took were on paths I have gone down before and plan to visit again. I have a friend coming down next week and the itinerary I have set out is pretty much exactly what is in this video, Tulum, Coba, eating in Playa, snorkeling, cenotes, it is spooky, this video seems to have covered my upcoming vacation in an extremely precise way, like they were reading my mind.

I feel as though I never have to write another email response to "What should we do in the Riviera Maya?", I can simply forward this video and say "Study this". If anyone asks me about safety in Mexico, I can simply share this link. Where to eat in Playa del Carmen? Watch the video. What is a cenote? Watch the video. What ruins should I see? Watch the video. What do you do living in Cancun? Watch the video.

The video is long, 45 minutes, but trust me when I say it is worth every single viewing second. If you want to know why I live here and what I do and what I the video.

Big thanks to Tripulu for creating such a beautiful masterpiece. Next time you guys come down here, look me up, I'd love to work with you! And hey, I feel like Steph is my soul sister, please send her my saludos.

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Cdn Cat said...

Great video... showing so much to see & do! I never get tired of traveling to Mexico!

Anna Sonata said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

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