Friday, March 23, 2012

Meeting Mexico Part Five: Last Day

This is part five, the final chapter in a series of guest posts from the charming Samantha Bennett...see previous posts here...

Last day. My flight does not leave until 7 tonight. A pall hangs in the air, the day, speckled with goodbyes. A final trip into town where I purchase a silver gecko keychain, so each time I leave and enter my home and car I will touch something to remind me of my time here. I write this from the beach, my last few hours here in the sand. I am hyper aware of all the ‘lasts’- last lunch with Mumsy, last swim in the Spanish surf. My heart is already in knots, thinking of saying goodbye to Mum. This has been our first holiday alone together, and we have discovered we are good room-mates, and compadres. Our energies and preferences are similar enough that we weave around and through each other with ease. She sits near me now, reading in our palapa, and I miss her already. Christ. I am such a sap today. I walk to the shore to have a final saunter through the shallows. I go years without my beloved Sea, so I murmur endearments to her, which costs me a suspicious glance from a tourist matron waddling by. I resist the impulse to roll my eyes back into my head and gibber at her.

Right. Time now for goodbyes. I take a deep breath and prepare to run the farewell gauntlet, Mumsy at my side. Out of the condo and down the path we reach Anita-Tata. Candy Kay and Mads say soft, sweet things into my ear as we embrace. Anita gives me last minute hand luggage advice and a hard hug. Then it’s past the pool-side crew, Tequila Bob at the helm, as always, everyone waving and calling out to me, and then the courtyard and the waiting taxi. Angus and Helen Mirren are there and we hug too. I am sad not to be able to say goodbye to Jayme – lovely James- and Cathy, but suddenly they appear, out of breath, grinning, delicious, and right into my waiting arms. At last I turn to my Mother. Mom. Mum. Mumsy. We both fight tears and hold tight. No one is harder to say goodbye to than her. We whisper to each other and pull apart at last. I am so glad to be leaving her in this place surrounded by her adored sun and surf, and the love and protection of so many stalwart friends. Long have I yearned to be in the company of a group of gals a little farther along the road than me, and my wish has come true. These ladies are strong, brave, compassionate, silly and wise. I stare out the back of the cab at Mum as it drives me off. She is grinning through her tears and holding her beer bottle aloft in salute. Thank you, Mum. For making this truly magical fortnight possible. For taking such joy in seeing me happy. For the wonder that is you. Te amo!

Huge thanks to Samantha for allowing me to share her story. I'm honoured to be her friend and to have such a talented person in my life. All the best Sammy, come back to Mexico soon, but closer to Cancun, ok?

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gillian said...

Great blog. I really enjoy reading it from the first part until the end. I love it!
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